Author's Note: I realized that Chapter Seven had so much more potential than I allowed it to use, so I went back and rewrote it. Much better now, yes?

Wash Out the Crazy

The first thing Kevin remembered was long fingers interlocked with his own. He wasn't screaming anymore, he realized; his throat felt raw and his mind couldn't focus one way or another, bouncing round and round in circles that made him dizzy. Mom-tablet-fingers-tablet-trials-demons-gate-hell-fingers-mom-fingers-hell-who-trails-Crowley-fingers-who. He stared at the fingers interlocked with his own, the ones laden with silver rings that he couldn't place an ID on despite their familiarity. He blinked several times, numb and confused. One of the hands let go of his and he stared at the space where the fingers had been until they returned, wrapped around a plastic cup filled with water. "Okay, Prophet Boy, little sips," a sing-songy voice said. "Come on, you're dehydrated and some water will help wash the crazy out of you. I promise it's just water. Scouts honor and all that crap."

Kevin parted his lips slightly, letting the hand press the cup to his lips. Before he could drink too deeply, the cup retreated. "Easy now; you need to take it slow or you'll choke. Or puke and I honestly can't decide which would be worse." The cup vanished and was replaced with a damp rag that wiped his face clean. "When was the last time you slept?" The voice didn't wait for him to answer, just kept chattering calmly; the smooth voice lulled him into a state of calm dazedness. "Or ate a good meal, or…talked to anyone about anything except that damn tablet? You need to relax and take it easy or you're going to go completely out of your head, do you realize that?" the voice chastised. "You need more than just hot dogs and stimulants and tablet-talk, so when you have your head on straight I'm going to bring you a movie to watch. I don't really have many but there's a guy at the motel we've been staying at who sells bootleg copies of movies out of his car and I think he has the Underworld series and Lord of the Rings and he might have some other movies that are good. I don't even know what's out right now; I don't really keep up with movies until they're in Redbox. And I'm going to bring you some shirts that aren't rags and find you a Laundromat because your clothes stink. God, you're such a mess right now. If you don't start getting a good night's sleep, I'll knock you out with a baseball bat. I saw someone do it on this TV show I've been watching at the motel called Teen Wolf. It's really bad and totally inaccurate but it's kind of fun to watch because of Dylan O'Brien; you know, the total hottie factor is a bonus." The hands pulled him to his feet and led him toward his bed. "Come on, into bed with you. Sleepy time and all that jazz." The hand ran a thumb along his temple until his eyes fluttered shut, and when he woke, Adrian was gone.

Easy and Sleazy

Of everyone, Kevin realized, it was Fake-Adrian who was the most obvious. Sure, the girl walked and talked and dressed like Adrian. Fake Adrian even tilted the right corner of her mouth down when she was reading something, particularly anything in Kevin's disasterous handwriting. But there was a look in her eye that wasn't right. A smirk or a glint of courage when she leaned over his desk, a playful glint when she bent down to tie her shoe and exposed her long legs to the world. So when Crowley realized his demons were "too nice", Kevin found the need to clarify. "And Adrian. She's not some pornstar's wet dream. She's cocky and awkward. She can't flirt to save her life. That was another real indication that it was fake."

Crowley raised one eyebrow. "So the dodo heads were too nice and the cancer brat was too easy?"

Kevin just nodded, a smirk plastered across his face.


Kevin could hear them talking near the door from where he stood. Adrian's voice quaked and wobbled when she spoke; it shook in the same way it did when she was doubled over with a migraine. "But Dad, what happens if you don't come back? What do I do, then?"

Dean's sigh was heavy enough that Kevin heard it as clearly as if he'd been standing with them. "Adrian, you never have to question if I will come back for you-I will always come back for you. I would fight my way out of heaven for you; you know that. I'm not asking you to stay out of the fight. I need you to keep an eye on Kevin, keep him from going batshit again. And I need you to stay safe. This is going to get ugly, Adrian."

"I know it's going to get ugly," Adrian said. "That's why you need me with you. You need someone else to watch your back. You need me."

"I always need you, baby girl." Kevin could hear the smile in Dean's voice. "But right now, I need you here."

"You don't believe I can do it, do you? Dad, I'm better with a gun, now. I mean, I don't like them but I can do it. I hunted the whole time you were away. I could-"

Dean's voice was firm when he cut her off. "Adrian," he said. "This is not about you being capable or incapable of hunting-no matter what my views on you doing so may be. The fact is, I'm not keeping you out of the war zone to keep you from hunting; I'm asking you to stay here because I know I can trust you to help Kevin keep us alive. Can you accept that? That I need you to be the one in the control room, calling the shots?"

"Like Ingrid Hannigan?" Adrian asked. "You've got yourself a deal, Agent Kennedy."

The door opened and shut, and Adrian wandered into the living room area, where Kevin was sitting with the tablet on the table in front of him. "Dad and Uncle Sam are gone," she said. "Coffee?"

Ms. Bossy Pants

The tablet was swimming in front of his eyes: not just because it was a tablet, but because he could barely keep his eyes open. He nearly jumped out of his skin when Adrian appeared out of nowhere and said, "All right, Prophet Boy. On your feet." She tried push the tablet away from him, but he clung to it. "Kevin, give me the tablet."

"I'm almost done," he muttered. "Just a little bit longer."

"No," she said. "It's not 'Kevin the Prophet' time. It's 'Kevin the Sleepy Teenager Needs to Go to Bed' time." She yanked the tablet out of his hands and pushed it to the far end of the table before hauling him to his feet. "Go brush your teeth, wash your face, and put on your pajamas."

"I'm not a child," Kevin said indignantly, trying to get out of her vice-like grip. "You can let go of me and let me get back to work."

"You're going to bed and that's the end of it," Adrian said, dragging him to the bathroom. "My dad made me promise to take care of you and I intend to do just that. You're going to bed. And you will sleep a full eight to ten hours. And I will hide the tablet so that you can't have it tomorrow until you've eaten breakfast, held a full conversation with the only other actual human being in this place-that being my lovely self, and showered. Understood?"

Kevin scowled at her as she shoved him toward the bathroom. "You're bossy."

"Teeth, face, bed," she snapped, pointing. He made a face at her, but did as he was told. "Do you want me to tuck you in and read you a bed time story?" Her voice was thick with sarcasm.

Kevin's face was thick with exhaustion. "Your jokes suck, Adrian."

She smiled. "I know. Go on and get some shut eye. I'll hold down the fort."

"You mean you'll watch Doctor Who on Netflix until you're sure I'm asleep," he mumbled, stumbling toward his bedroom.

Adrian's smile widened into a cheeky grin. "Exactly," she said.

Brain Drain

"You need a break," Adrian said, coming to stand behind Kevin. She skimmed the notes he'd taken, expertly reading the chicken scratch he called writing. "This is making my head hurt and I'm not even the prophet. Come on, take five and spend some time with your terribly bored batcave roommate."

Kevin rolled his eyes and stood up slowly, his head swimming from reading the tablet. "How long was I under this time?" he asked jokingly.

Adrian shrugged. "I'd say about 11 hours, give or take a few minutes. You've been at it since breakfast and it's seven, now." She threw herself dramatically onto the couch. "Join me, and feast on pizza that the Pizza Hut service staff valiantly fought to make for our consumption."

"What'd they have to do to make it that was so valiant? Fight a dragon?" Kevin raised an eyebrow.

Adrian's face was completely serious. "Yes, actually."

Kevin stared at her for a moment before shaking his head. "What do you want to watch?" he asked, gesturing to the TV.

"I was planning on letting you pick." Adrian picked up a slice of pizza and contemplated the stuffed crust.

Kevin shook his head. "I can't even remember the names of any shows right now. My head's all stuffed up with tablet...stuff," he finished lamely. 11 hours would have been nothing back on the boat, but two weeks with Adrian had somehow made him soft. Her strict schedule of required-for-living tasks had thrown off his ability to go at the tablet for long lengths. She'd made him feel like an actual human again, and his brain was protesting having to adapt to a normal schedule again.

Adrian grinned. "I see you are in need of mindless entertainment, then. Let me introduce you to the wonders of Zooey Deschanel and New Girl..."


They've been "roommates" for three weeks before Kevin manages to crack through her all-business mask. They're sitting on the sofa-he's taking his "daily mandatory tablet break" and they're on the fourth episode of Arrow when he says, "You're allowed to worry about them, you know."

Adrian turns sharply to look at him. "I know. But my dad and Uncle Sam are tough. They'll be fine."

"You check your phone too much to not be worried," Kevin answered gently. He slid closer to her on the couch. "I know that look. You look how I felt-worrying about my mom day in and day out."

Adrian stared at the screen of her phone, turned the disposable flip phone over in her hands multiple times before setting it aside. "I can't lose them again. Either of them." And then the words are spilling out of her like blood from a deep wound. The car accident, where she'd been the only one to walk away without a scratch on their body; the first time Sam died; the betrayal she felt when her father made that stupid deal. ("He should have picked me. But he didn't. He picked Uncle Sam, and I get it. Uncle Sam is family and Dad needs him...but I needed Dad and I was a little girl. I didn't understand, yet. And he left me. Alone.")

She talks about Dean's return and how she regrets not speaking to him for a week because he left her and she tells him about meeting Castiel for the first time. She tells him that she called him a jar-bucket and about the first time she called him "Uncle Cas." She talks about watching Sam "fall down the rabbit hole of hell" and about living wih Lisa and Ben, and how having a mom was cool but she missed being on the road, and felt like a shitty daughter for wanting to be back on the road even though her dad was happy with Lisa. When it becomes too much, Kevin brings her tea and in that break she gathers her thoughts. When he comes back, she tells him about Sam's return and what it had bee lke to live around hm without a soul. She talks about Castiel taking in the Leviathan. ("I know Uncle Cas remembers it. I kept screaming at him to stop and then I said...I told him he disgusted me. And then he died.") She talks about how tired she is of losing her family, of how cool Charlie is (she's never wanted a mom but maybe a cool aunt like Charlie would have been nice, especially when she needed "The Talk" back in middle school.) She talks about living on the road, and how it was never a problem for her that she didn't get to have the things other teenagers got; things like proms and first loves and staying out all night with best friends. She's never had any of that, but she doesn't mind.

In return, he tells her how afraid he's been. He doesn't talk about his past because there's no point; instead, he tells her about how afraid he's been, especially since losing his mom. He talks about the tablet, about being a prophet. They bend their heads toward each other and empathy flows between them. They leave their fear with another person for the night.

When it's over, when they're both out of words and emotions, they leave their now icy mugs of tea on the coffee table and sleep. But for once, without the pressure of fear.


The first time they kiss, it's unexpected. The tablet's making him crazy again, as it always does. He's starting to delve too deep into it, to get too involved. When she pulls it away from him, he just sits and stares at his hands. She leans down to check on him as he looks up and in some clusterfuck of confusion their lips touch. But they don't stop, and the last word on his lips when Gadreel burns him is her name.