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Albus Dumbledore was not a man to be trifled with. Harry Potter was well aware of this. He had never forgotten the reaction of the former Headmaster when Harry's name had come out of the Goblet of Fire. That was just a small taste, Harry imagined, of what the wrath of Albus Dumbledore could bring.

Minerva seemed not to be overly worried as the couple made their way up to the Head's office to inform Albus of their relationship. Harry had been somewhat worried about the man's reaction to their relationship already…and that was before finding out he and Minerva were more than friends.

"Relax," Minerva said, kissing his cheek as they came to the staircase leading up to the Head's office. "It'll be fine."

"Right," Harry nodded, following her lead. "I'll just…"

"Let me do the talking." Minerva smiled.

"Way to make me feel like a student, Minerva," Harry growled.

Minerva paused. "I didn't mean it like that, dearest. I just thought Albus would take it better coming from me."

"But he won't respect me as the man in your life if I don't act it," Harry argued. "Take it well or not, I think he needs to hear it from me."

Minerva smiled gently. "As you wish, Harry. I realize it can't be easy for you to take the lead in a situation where your lover is much older, not to mention your former teacher. I want you to feel comfortable doing so, however. If our relationship progresses as we wish it to, then you will need to be respected as the head of the household. You are the Potter, after all."

Harry grinned. "As we wish it to?"

Minerva rolled her eyes. "Out of everything I said, that it what you found most important?"

Harry kept right on grinning. "You had only said things about the future with the word 'if' in the equation. As if you still weren't sure if you wanted it to last. But you just said 'we'."

Minerva kissed Harry with such force that he nearly banged his head on the stone wall. "Never doubt that I want this to work out, love. I did not enter into this relationship lightly. To be honest, I kind of had a crush on you anyhow. I would never have acted on it, but you've always been...special to me. And it had nothing to do with you being The-Boy-Who-Lived, or the Chosen One, or any other such nonsense."

"But I was the Chosen One," Harry said, twisting in such a way that Minerva was now pinned against the wall where he had been.

"My chosen one," Minerva said softly.

Harry's heart melted on the spot. "I love you," he murmured, pulling Minerva close.

"And I you," the older woman replied, burying her face in his shoulder.

"Sir, I am courting Minerva," Harry said bluntly.

Minerva stood by her young beau calmly. She would not react, she promised herself before they walked in. She would just let things play out.

"I see," the portrait of Albus Dumbledore replied stiffly.


Minerva held back a smile. It was good that Harry had called Albus by his given name. It would tell her former husband and lifetime friend that Harry was a man now.

"I am not asking your permission to be involved with Minerva," Harry continued. "I am aware of the history between you, and I think that you can understand why we've come to tell you in person. You mean a lot to both of us. Like I said, not asking permission, but your blessing would mean a great deal to me, and Minerva."

Albus gave Harry a calculated look. Oh, how she knew that look. She knew by the twinkle in his eye that he fully intended on giving his blessing, but he was thoroughly enjoying tormenting Harry at the present. "Harry, what makes you think that you are good enough for such a woman as she?" he asked quietly, still not giving away any emotion.

Harry smiled, and pointed to a bowl in Albus' portrait. "Have a lemon drop, sir. I imagine they are laced with a Calming Drought, as usual."

Minerva grinned. Harry had him.

Albus chuckled. "You know Harry, I did just that for many years, and no one before you has ever insinuated that they were laced. How long have you known?"

Harry shrugged. "It just always made sense to me. And to answer your question, I don't know if I am good enough for Minerva. She is an incredible woman, and I haven't the foggiest why she said yes when I asked permission to court her. But I want to be god enough for her, and if it takes the rest of my life to become so, I will."

Albus nodded. "Good answer, m'boy. "Yes, you have my blessing. I reserve the right send Voldemort back to get you if you break her heart, however."

Harry's eyes widened. "You wouldn't do that to the Wizarding World, just to get me, would you?"

Minerva had serious doubts about Albus' inability to do anything. He was, after all, the most powerful wizard of his age. She crossed her arms. "Albus…" she said threateningly.

Albus waved his hand in dismissal of Minerva's warning tone. "Harry, there is absolutely nothing that I would not do for her. However, I will spend serious time thinking about less destructive ways to bring you to the other side, should the need arise. I'm sure I could come up with something."

Harry gulped. "Yes, sir."

Minerva rolled her eyes. "Cut it out, Albus. As Headmistress, I am more than capable of ripping your portrait off the wall. I may even move you to McGonagall Manor, and let my father have a go at you. As absolutely mad as it sounds, I love Harry very much, and if you touch one hair on his head…"

Albus shuddered. "Please, anything but Richard."

Minerva huffed. "You have been warned."

Harry took her hand, and she suddenly felt measurably more calm. Ridiculously calm, actually. "What the bloody hell?" she muttered.

Harry's eyes twinkled. "Lotion mixed with a paste version of the Calming Drought."

"Copycat!" she accused.

"No Minerva," Albus' amused tone interrupted. "His idea is better than mine. I am impressed, Harry. I should have thought of that years ago. Might have saved me a few scars, perhaps even my marriage.

He paused.

"You are aware of the depth of a Scottish woman's temper, correct?" Albus inquired.

Minerva huffed. "If the two of you start ganging up on me, I am doomed."

Harry leaned over and whispered so quietly that only she could hear. "I don't want to doom you…I want to do you." He hissed. "Shall we go?"

Minerva could feel her pulse starting to pound. "Albus, we'll catch up with you later. Harry has just reminded me of a…very important meeting that we must attend to."

Albus nodded. "Very well. Do come by to visit without her sometime, Harry."

"Harry, come." Minerva said, practically dragging the young man toward the door. If he was going to get her worked up like that, then he better damn well do something about it.

"Yes, ma'am," Harry replied with a grin. "Later, Albus!" he called…just before the office door slammed behind them.

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