Hari POV

The next year was spent with getting to know Sebastian again and working for Ciel. Along with that I also helped control the Shinigamis as was part of my duties. The year after was spent in near constant chaos with the arrival of Alois Trancy and his demon servants. It ended with Ciel becoming a demon himself and after a while agreed to become a hatch-ling to myself and Sebastian. Soma also become a full demon as Sebastian excepted him as a hatch-ling as well. For most of our time we spent it in either Hell at Sebastian property or in the Shinigami realm. Grell, William, and Undertaker visited at times as well. We were currently in England again and Sebastian and I's oldest true hatch-ling was off to Hogwarts. Ciel and Soma on the other hand were going to take control of Ciels company once again by informing the current owners, decendents of Mey-rin and Bard, of who and what they were. I glanced over at Sebastian from the corner of my eye while he fixed our sons robes.

"Now remember Finnian, no matter where you are placed you are still are son. Understood?" The young boy nodded.

"Father~! I thought I asked you to call me Finny!" I smiled.

"It won't work Finny. I've been trying to get him to call me Hari for years. You see how well that worked out for me." The eleven year old pouted but smiled when his younger sister, Elizabeth often called Lizzy, Ciel named her after his log gone fiance, hugged him.

"I'll miss you Fin-Fin. Pwomise you won't do anything bad?"

"Yes Lizzy I promise. I should be going if I don't want to miss the train..."

"Very well. We will write every week."

"Okay! Goodbye Father, Bye Papa! By Lizzy! Tell CC and Soma that I said bye!" We watched as he waved from the train window. I smiled sadly until a hand tapped my shoulder.

"Excuse me but...are you really Harry Potter?" I turned around to face the grown image of my once best friend.

"It's been a long time Ronald. I would have thought you had forgotten me by now."

"I couldn't forget you Harry...I tried writing you know. To apologise. Mione did too. Said that even if you were half...demon, that I shouldn't hold it against you and...well...I'm really sorry that I said all that stuff. Although I was worried that one of us was going to call the unspeakables on you." The glare I had been directing at him softened only slightly.

"Well as they say, I think we should let bygones be bygones. We should talk sometime again Ron. Were is Mione?"

"Right here Harry. I couldn't find anything on where you went or the letters may have arrived better."

"Well writing a letter to hell and ancient India would be rather hard..." A familiar hand rested on my shoulder.

"Who are your...friends Hadrian?"

"Sebas-chan," He scowled "This is Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly. Two of my friends from Hogwarts. Guys this is Sebastian Micheals and our youngest child, Lizzy Micheals." The young girl waved shyly from her spot on my hip. Hermione cooed and introduced their youngest, also a girl, named Rose.

"Perhapes a play date sometime then. But Hadrian we must be going. Grell (Another scowl) and William are coming over today." I nodded at my two old friends and with my mate and daughter left the platform looking towards a brighter future.


DMC- "Well there you go. This is the end mostly an epilog though cause I ended up liking where the last chapter finished. Bye!"