Judy had been waiting for this moment all week. Her fingers twitched with anticipation as she tuned her guitar to drop D and changed her amp setting to "Crunch." She waited in line for the "Guitar Hero" auditions. It was a program designed to scout out the World's best guitarists and by God's grace, they were holding auditions in Judy's hometown of Steubenville, OH.

Judy had been playing the guitar since she was 11 and now after 8 years of vigorous, finger-callusing practice, she was ready to face the God of Rock and the Devil of Rock, the tour's manager (AKA Lou.)

Judy stood there gnawing on her cherry and ebony locks and tugging at her denim. She heard a voice call out, "Judy Nails, get yourself in here." She bolted in the room with no hesitation and saw before her a large spirit and a large… half man half… goat? She knew he must be Lou. Lou nodded for her to start playing, so she did without an ounce of fear. There is no way to describe its splendour. It was unspeakably flawless. The two were obviously impressed by her skill and awarded her with a plethora of applause. She curtsied with a protruding tongue and her fingers making devil horns. "What a beauty you are, girl. I think you'd be great on our team," Lou rolled.

Judy smiled with delight and shiny eyes. She opened her mouth to speak when the God of Rock boomed in her face, "Judy, Dear, we will call you back in shortly. Please wait outside."

She started out the door with Lou behind her to pleasantly grab a cheek before her exit.

She sat in the shabby brown waiting room chewing on her nails and crossing her fingers. "Judy!" the voice boomed again. She pranced in the room with a lump in her throat and butterflies in her organs. The God spoke, "Judy, we'd like to have you on our team and we would…"

"YES! Oh, thank you so much!" Judy squealed and hugged Lou in excitement. He embraced her with a sleazy look on his face. She tugged away. "When do I start?" Judy asked in anticipation. Lou handed her a business card and a plane ticket and grabbed one more handful before she was on her way to L.A.

Judy was a Guitar Hero now.