Judy walked into the left of the two suites. There were 2 rooms and one bathroom for 3 girls to fight over. Pandora by no shock took the single room, which left Judy to share a room with Casey. They set their belongings on each of their beds. Casey sat down next to Judy on her bed and sighed. "Welcome to the family, Judy," Casey started, "it's nice to have another girl amongst the group. As you've noticed, Pandora isn't much of the social butterfly…" Judy smiled, "Well she seems nice. I'm sure I'll get along with you so well, though. You're such a sweetheart," Judy smiled, patting Casey on her leather-coated thigh. Casey stood up and helped Judy back to her feet. "Let's go see Pandora," Casey urged. Judy knocked on Pandora's door and for the first time, saw Pandora's eyes looking into hers. "Hi, Pandora!" Judy giggled. Pandora slammed the door in her face. "Harsh," whispered Judy, as she slumped onto the couch. Casey sat beside her.

Judy perked up slightly, "So this Axel guy… tell me about him!" Judy looked at Casey with anticipation to hear about the handsome, metalhead. Casey rolled her eyes and huffed silently. "He's okay," she said. Judy looked around awkwardly and after a few more seconds of awkward silence, spoke, "I'm going to go visit the guys!" Before Casey could say anything she was out the door.

Johnny was laying on the couch snoring loudly while Lars and Axel were drinking beer and tapping their feet to Megadeth. When Judy pranced in, Axel quickly got off the couch and turned the music down. "Hi Axel, hi Lars, hi Johnny!" she squealed. Johnny awoke cursing, Lars nodded, and Axel approached her and smiled, "Hey, Judy." Judy smiled back with a silent giggle. Judy sat down on their couch (which had numerous stains that she didn't want to ask about) between Axel and Lars. "So, Judy, how you like being vith und band now?" prompted Lars. "I like it a lot! You guys are really awesome," Judy answered looking strictly into Axel's eyes. Lars chuckled and nodded and spoke again, "Und how are you and other girls getting long?" Casey came in and interrupted, "Just fine, thanks Lars…" They all looked at her somewhat disgusting. Johnny spat on the ground. "Why ah you always getting in ouw business, Casey?" Casey just laughed. "Let's go Judy, we don't want things to get out of hand here," growled Casey. Judy went out the door and Casey turned to the boys. She grabbed Axel by the Anthrax shirt. "Look, Axel, I see you're getting a little cozy with our new friend. Guess what, I'm not okay with that. Face it, none of us have seen a beauty like that in ages, and I want her. Stay away if you know what's good for you," Casey growled and spat on Johnny's shoe. "It's a bad habit," she scowled and smiled maliciously. She walked off, her leather-coated glutes glistening in the dim light.