Lightning in a Bottle

Chapter 1: California and David

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans or else it would still be showing

I sat on a rock by my aunt's small "house" on the sea. The "house" was really a one floored, one bedroomed, one bath-roomed boat that my crazy aunt and I lived in. It had 3 beds, one for both of us and one for—no, I won't do that to myself. I hated the boat. I hated the water, churning and waving, tossing the boat as I slept. I hated that we had lost my mom to insanity five years after my dad died. I hated that we had left Boomshook Docks to go live with our "eccentric" aunt

"Lilla Sidney Gull!" yelled my aunt Marie, "We're setting sail for the shores of Point Arena, California! And you didn't do your chores! You gotta remember, ever since David disappeared, we all gotta take up more work!"

The sound of my missing little brother's name made me flinch, but I just calmly walked to the boat and did all my chores and all of David's chores, and silently swore to find him. I finished the chores and turned on the small TV that had an odd dish and picked up shows from the other side of the world, so I wasn't surprised at all when I saw a commercial for this team, the "Teen Titans" they called themselves. They were taking down a "baddie". Red-X was his name, and by the mug shot they were showing, he was quite cute.

I slept in front of the TV, dreaming of a cute guy with an X on his suit saving me from villains…. until he tried to kill me and I had to be rescued by the titans. I looked at the GPS—we were hovering outside of Point Area, but the tides didn't seem to be pulling us in. The next morning when we docked I saw why, It was the kind of town that when the tide went out, it refused to go back in. They had nothing but a few shops and residential places. We immediately left and I secretly set the GPS for the boomtown of Jump City. There I would run. There I would find the Titans. There I would beg them to let me join them so I could control this power that I had discovered.

I could make lightning zap out of my hand when near metal. When I was sad and I cried, it rained in a perfect circle with a radius of 2 miles around me. When I was angry, it stormed. I obviously had some kind of powers and the Titans would help me hone them. Then I would use my talents to find David. To save David. We were slowly moving away from my birth place. The place where my dad died in a surprise storm the same night I said I hated him. The place where I last saw David run towards a slide, then I blinked and he was gone.

And off we were, one step closer to the Titans. One hundred steps away from my brother David.

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