Lightning in a Bottle

Chapter 7: The inevitable Tabliod chapter

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I was shopping for the Titans at the local Publix, and as I stood in thw checkout lane, I browed the tabliods. Being the abnormally normal teen girl I am, I grabbed a couple of key trashy magazines.

On the bus back to docks-from which I would go through hat horrid underground tunnel to get to the tower-I sat alone and opened up one of my magazines to a story about a heartthrob hero named Kid Flash offically dating some chick who-from what I could gather with the pink hair and black attire-was goth.

"Can you, like, totally sign this, like, copy of CelebTattler? It'd be,like, totally epic, ya know?"

I looked up to see a girl who looked about 15 chewing bubble gum rather annoyingly. I grabbed the magazine and pen, readin the head line. "Is the newest Titan in love?"

I gasped involuntarily. Had they found out about my secret identity? Had Jason toldthem? My eyes looked at the picture, expecting a blown up glossy print of me and Jason, but I saw only "Shocks"-as they had named me-bending interestingly close to a knocked out Red-X.

I sighed in relef and signed the magzine. They had just morphed my picture to make it look like I was about to kiss Red-X, I thought as I hamded the giggling girl her magazine. Wait, what di I mean "Just"? Shaun would never let me forget this, The Titans might start to distrust me, and Jason might think that I actually am dating this Red-X.

This was bad. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E, bad. I searched though my magazine bag and found the offending tabloid. I looked at the article author's name and grinned. They had even left an address to send letters to. Well, Miss Kayla Som, this would be trip I would never let you forget. You don't mess with a Titan. Ever.


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