Real Love Ch. 1

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This story is about 16 year old Hinata Hyuuga. A girl with waist-length midnight black hair, silver eyes that look like pearls, flawless skin fair skin that's taken well good care of and hourglass figure that every girl would die to have. Hinata is one of most girls with a very shy personality.

She is kind, loving and caring. She loves animals, drawing and photography. Hinata is very passionate about her drawings and is very good at. She does well in school. She averages at least a B+ or higher in every class. Hinata is the child that a parent would dream of having but that doesn't go exactly for one Hiashi Hyuuga.

He has long black hair, fair skin, and silver eyes but his eyes are very cold to everyone especially to Hinata. He's very cold to Hinata. Hiashi couldn't stand the sight of Hinata, let alone be in the same as her. He berates her, talks down to her, calls her a worthless failure, and makes her insufficient.

Hiashi wasn't always the bitter and spiteful man that he is. When he was younger, he was full of life and love. All the life and love in him disappear when Hinata was born and his wife died in childbirth. In the first few years of Hinata's life, Hiashi tried his best in caring and loving as best as he could but he couldn't look at her.

Hinata looked too much like her mother. When Hinata was 7, Hiashi changed started drinking heavily and was drunk most of the time. Hinata made most of his meal and tried to get to hold down it. Hiashi stayed in his room and only came out to get a beer or to go to the bathroom.

Hinata left his food next to his door and leave. After a year, Hiashi started to resent Hinata for taking his wife away from him. He called her the devil child or the devil's spawn. Hiashi couldn't stand the sight of her. He went out to the bar every night and wallowed in his misery.

He hated being at with that child. Hinata cried herself to every night because she knew that her father hated her so much. She didn't even know what she did wrong. Hinata tried her best to get his love and approval. Hinata pushed herself academic wise to get him to notices her but after so many years it was no point in trying to please him anymore.

Hinata still love her father and wanted him to be proud of her. What she really wanted from is for him to tell her that he loved her. She learned a long time ago that there was no way that her father will never tell her that. Hinata got early that cool September morning and got dressed.

She dressed in a simple red shirt with a long-sleeve white shirt underneath, blue jeans, and red/white sneakers. Hinata left her hair down and made sure that she had all of her school supplies. She walks downstairs. Hiashi was passed out on the couch. He reeked of liquor and still had the bottle in his hand.

Hinata shook her head and carefully took the bottle out of his hand. The last time she did this, Hiashi woke up so fast that he smacked her hard and yelled at her about touching his liquor and that she was a…well that can wait for different time. Hinata threw that bottle away and made him eggs and bacon.

She poured him some orange juice and sat on the coffee table next to the couch. Hinata was a decent cook and made food was pretty good, according to some people. She quietly walked out of the door in order to not wake up her father. Hinata sighed and walked to the bus stop.

She took a 15 minute bus from her house to school. The bus wasn't too bad because she got to meet interesting people. Interesting was an understatement for some of the people that got Hinata's bus. There were so weirdoes, lunatics, and mentally ill people.

The weirdoes seem to love sitting next to normal people for some weird reason. When the bus came, Hinata was about to get on when she saw a woman trying to push her handicapped son who was in a wheel-chair onto the rail in the back. The boy was no older than 7 or so.

He had shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, a baggy green jacket, a white shirt, and jeans on. Hinata walked back there and helped her.

"Thank you so much, Miss" The woman said happily.

The woman looked about 25 years old, had pale skin, a simple green dress on and heels to match, and brown eyes.

"You're welcome" Hinata said sitting down next to her.

"You have really pretty eyes"

"T-thank you" Hinata said blushing.

That was a first that complimented her on her eyes. In her opinion, she thought her eyes were weird. How does someone get silver eyes? The whole ride, the little boy was playing with her hair which Hinata didn't mind because he wasn't pulling too hard on it. When the bus came to her stop, Hinata was stopped by someone holding onto her wrist. It was the boy.

"I think he's gotten attached to you. I'll would love it you come to visit him on your free time" the woman said smiling.

"Ok I will" Hinata said smiling at him.

"I'm Ms. Wilson and this is my son Sammie" Ms. Wilson said introducing herself.

She gave Hinata her number and address. Hinata put it in her pocket and waved goodbye to them. She got off the bus and down the street to her school. It was called Konoha High School. It was a decent school and a lot of a teenagers go there. This was Hinata's junior year and she was determined to make the best of it. Hinata got her schedule at the front gate.

Hinata's schedule:

English: Kurenai

Algebra 2: Asuma

Chemistry: Ibiki

Government: Baki

Photography: Jesse

Jesse? Who was Jesse? He must be a new teacher that the school hired. It's better than the last teacher that the school hired. Mr. Snottbutt was an old man in his 60's with gray hair a huge bald spot at the top of his head, glasses, short and deaf. The guy was legally blind.

What was this school thinking when they hired him to teach chemistry? The guy's named was pretty funny. What kind of name is Snottbutt? Hinata walked to her locker and put her stuff in it. The locker next to hers opens and she was appealed to see who she will be seeing for the next for 2 years.

Hinata hoped that it wasn't a cheerleader. That would be the worst. The locker closed and it was a tall blonde guy. Hinata stared at his face. He was gorgeous in her opinion. He has flawless tan skin, shaggy blonde hair, 3 whisker marks on his face and ocean blue eyes.

The guy has to be at least 5'11 or 6 feet tall. He stared back at her and smiled back. Hinata felt her heart skip a beat and she was blushing.

"Hello? Are you okay?" He asked with his voice full of concern.

"Um y-yes, I'm s-sorry" Hinata said cursing her stuttering.

"Hehe it's okay. I'm Naruto Uzumaki. What's your name?" Naruto asked smiling.

"I'm H-Hinata Hyuuga" Hinata said blushing.

"Well Hinata-san, it was nice meeting you. Can you show me around? I'm new here and I don't know my way around" Naruto asked smiling.

His smile made her heart skip a beat again.

"S-sure" Hinata said nodding.

This was going to be an interesting day.

End of Ch. 1