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It had been awhile since Christmas, but the air outside was still cold. Tavros' surgery was upon him, and for the first time his excitement had been taken over by anxiety. Since he received his "gift", he had been only excited with an underlying fear inevitable before surgery. There wasn't much of a risk for the surgery to go wrong, but it was still nerve-wracking, and also a long time until recovery. His therapist had talked to him a few days ago and told him some helpful things, but he was still nervous.

He was in Gamzee's living room, presently, watching television absentmindedly. He knew Gamzee could sense his anxiety, because he was dotting on him more than usual. It was almost irritating, but he couldn't be too annoyed. The whole thing was endearing, and Tavros wouldn't even be having the surgery without him.

The previously mentioned man was on the couch, leaning over the side of the couch to look at him. "You okay?"

Tavros sighed, "Just, uh, nervous, y'know? Big surgery."

Gamzee smiled his sweetest smile, "It'll be all okay. Don't up an' be all worried about it. Soon You'll be one your motherfuckin' feet in no time."

Tavros frowned at Gamzee; he couldn't simply just shrug something like this off. Not surgery that could potentially go wrong. He couldn't help but be nervous and think of the worst that could possibly happen.

"I'm going to go shower," he meant bath of course, "The hot water might help me relax. Mind if I use your tub?" he added as a question, knowing that Gamzee wouldn't mind so there wasn't really any point in asking.

"Shit bro, do what you want, my pad is yours," Gamzee answered, sauntering over and pushing his wheelchair through the small hallway and into the bathroom. The wheels got tangled on the many pants, shirts and dirty boxers that laid strewn out across the tiled floor.

Once at the tub's side, he reached into it and plugged it up before turning on the hot water. He had sort of a blank face as he hung his hand under the water until it steamed. Suddenly he yelped and pulled his hand back, "Shit, man, that's hot." He cradled his hand as he stood up and kicked the toilet seat down, plopping down on it.

"Wwell, I would expect it to be seeing how it's, uh, on the hottest setting." Tavros told him, raising his eyebrows slightly.

"Oh... you're right. Haaaa, Tav, you're so motherfuckin' observant." He replied, still holding his scolded hand.

The water rose, and Tavros was engrossed within his thoughts of fear for tomorrow over the surgery. Next to him, sitting on the toilet, Gamzee was just staring off into space not appearing to be thinking anything whatsoever. After a while of his dreaded thinking, Tavros finally turned to Gamzee, "How long are you going to, sit there? Because the water is already risen and-"

"-shiiitttt motherfucker, it's nearly to the top. Didn't take very long at all, huh?" he grinned, reached over, and turned the knob until the water ceased coming out of the tap. He pushed himself off the toilet and began taking off his shirt.

"What, are you doing, Gamzee? You do not have to come in, with me."

He didn't answer as he threw off his boxers and pants in one go and turned to Tavros, whom glanced away, trying not to stare. "Shit man, hope you don't mind me joining you."

"I guess, not. I don't really mind, it is uh, your house after all." Tavros replied. He began pulling off his shirt as well, and started wedging off his pants when Gamzee intercepted and took them off way easier. Tavros was till getting used to the whole not-wearing-clothes around his boyfriend, so he glanced off to the side as Gamzee helped Tavros to the side of the tub.

The older man slid down into the hot water, then waved his hand to invite Tavros into the warmth. He didn't hesitant as he clumsily slithered into the water, awkwardly wedging in between Gamzee's legs and resting his back against the other man's torso. In comparison to the heated water, the skin against his back was cool, causing shudders. Gamzee interpreted this as something different, and lifted his dripping arms out from the water and curled them around Tavros' chest. Warmth radiated from the liquid-warmed skin against his skin now and it helped him feel a bit more at ease. Steam wafting around them as they sat in the loose embrace. After they held this position for a few minutes, Gamzee withdrew his hands and began gently massaging Tavros' shoulders. They felt tight with tension from all the recent stress, and he tried to hold back the loud sighs he wanted to exhale.

The long, skinny fingers of the other man ran along his muscles, avoiding the bones and tender parts of his back.

"You're so tight," Gamzee murmured into Tavros' ear. His breath was warm against his sensitive earlobe. He sighed longingly and leaned forward, allowing for easier and more sensual contact. The steam of the hot water was clouding his mind and tunneling his thoughts to only one thing: Gamzee.

His hands seemed to trail lower until they were rubbing along Tavros' lower back. Being touched in such a place was still unfamiliar, but he yearned for it, craved it, to be physically stimulated in ways he was unknown to. Memories from a few nights ago filled his mind, causing blood to pool into his crotch. Gamzee seemed to notice his, and his fingers trailed around Tavros' ticklish hips to his developing hard-on. The tall man placed his chin on Tavros' shoulder and kicked the side of his neck. Tavros lifted his chin in response and began to breathe heavily as Gamzee curled his digits around his swollen cock. His strokes were sluggish, like a dream. It might have been the water, or the steam embracing them, but it felt amazing. His chest heaved as his thumb rubbed against the small slit on his head, coaxing the pre-cum out and allowing it to dissolve into the bath water like a wisp of white smoke.

Another hand snuck lower and took a grip of one of his balls, and the contact felt comforting and arousing. Tavros jolted a little at the touch and gripped the side of the bathtub until his knuckles turned white. Teeth grazed his neck and his hot, red ears. His face was flushed, and suddenly everything felt too hot. He pulled away, (or tried to within the confines of a cramped tub), and brushed Gamzee's arms away.

He turned to meet the other man's confused gaze, but before he could say anything, Tavros turned his body fully around (rather clumsily) and dipped dipped his head under the water. He wasn't entirely sure what he was doing as he opened his eyes under the water. It stung, but they only needed to be open for a moment before his mouth found Gamzee's erect member. He had never given a blowjob, let alone one under water, however he already started so there was no stopping it.

The appendage in his mouth seemed strange and foreign, and the taste was diluted by the water, but it felt hot against his tongue. There was a salty sensation against the back of is tongue as well, but he couldn't taste anymore than that. He made sure his mouth was wide and that his tongue barely grazed the sensitive skin as his tongue explored the unknown. He could feel the bumps of veins beneath his tongue. The body against him tensed as his appendage stroked the other along the sensitive nerves. He drew back, curling his lips around the head. He could feel the end of the shaft and the small, salty slit. Tavros finally felt his lungs burn and he came up for air, releasing the swollen cock. For the first time he felt fingers tight in his hair and another one on his shoulder. Tavros looked up at Gamzee, who was panting. His pale face was flushed deep red and he had a hungry gleam in his eyes.

Their lips met, and Tavros tasted Gamzee's mouth. The other man smelt faintly of weed and very cheap body spray, probably an Axe rip-off. His mouth was flavorful and hot, and the younger man couldn't get enough of it as his tongue met Gamzee's. He felt his fingers curl around his cock again and he shuddered, moaning around the other man's mouth. When they broke apart for air, Tavros only took a moment before diving back into the water and almost greedily taking Gamzee's member into his mouth. It was hard to give a blowjob under water, but it was also an exciting new experience. The older man's hips bucked and Tavros barely avoided being chocked. He came up for air before returning and running his tongue along the shift. His fingers tripped the base so he could move around and make sure his tongue found every piece of skin on the swollen cock, but his trips for air was more frequent.

Gamzee noticed his and lifted his hips partially out of the water. Most of his member was sticking out of the water by now, but it was probably difficult to keep his hips out of the water, so Tavros would have to finish it quickly. Not that... he knew HOW to do that. He was just winging it at this point, or copying what he has seen out of porn.

His mouth closed around Gamzee's head and began to suck the tip. It was way easier out of water, but not as thrilling. Still, it was a new experience for him and he didn't want to ruin it. Now, with the member out of water, he could taste it better. It was salty and musky and tasted like Gamzee. He wanted to come so bad just from his mouth engulfing the hot, swollen cock. He never thought it would have tasted, or felt, so amazing and stimulating.

A hand trailed down his back, managing to reach his plump rump. A finger slid down between his ass cheeks, and he almost choked when a digit rubbed up against his entrance. It pressed against the tight ring of muscle, and Tavros shook at the new feeling. He never knew that his anus could so sensitive, but he had to sit up and moan. A hand guided him back down to Gamzee's erect member, and he went back to sucking it. The finger on his behind twirled around his entrance, pressing a bit harder until the digit managed to enter the tight ring of muscle. It began to burn at this point, having something go into a hole that is strictly used for having things go out, but it felt so natural, so right. His thick, rushed breath embraced Gamzee's erection, causing deep groans to arise from the man. His scrawny, pale chest heaved, and Tavros' hand drew up the older man's sternum and to his chest. He curled his fingers against the thin chest hair, using it almost as leverage.

While his jaw and head moved, he ran his hand all along Gamzee's front, occasionally landing on one of his nipples and squeezing it between his digits. When he did this, he could feel Gamzee's reaction more than he heard of see it. His body tensed, and he leaned eagerly into the fingers for more stimulation.

Gamzee's hips had begun lowering back into the water, and once again he was submerged. He ignored the small inconvenience as best he could and just continued bobbling his head, coming up for air every few moments. His hand did a lot of the work by now, since he was distracted with getting enough air. He could almost sense that Gamzee was close to coming. His breaths were short and quick and his hips moved with Tavros' hand and mouth. The hand that had been fiddling with his entrance was now squeezing one of his cheeks, almost painfully. His other hand was moving through his hair beckoning him onward.

"Ngghh... Tav-" He groaned, tipping his head back.

Hearing his name be said in such a desperate tone was almost unreal. His erection begged to be tended to, but with both of their hands occupied, nothing could be done about the pressing boner. He bit his lip and took Gamzee's head, pressing his tongue against the warm shaft. He sucked the tip before putting his head down, testing to see how much he could take. It wasn't much since he was inexperienced, but he was determined to make Gamzee happy. He could hear the other one moan and pant despite the water in his ears.

Gamzee's hips rose again, predictably because he was close to release. He could hear it in his hushed murmurs veiled in loud moans of pleasure. He tried to work faster, but with Gamzee bucking his hips, it was hard to stay focused. He nearly chocked with every thrust, so he lifted his mouth off it and pumped with a strong grip. The room was hot, the water was hot, but mostly importantly Gamzee was hot. He was panting heavily, deeply, and pressing his fingers into Tavros' scalp.

"Ah... n ahhh don't motherfuckin' stop – Tav – nngggh – " Gamzee growled, suddenly his grip tightening. Tavros knew it was here and he did the last few thrusts with both hands.

The climax was blinding, mostly because it ended up all over Tavros' face and into his open mouth. The taste of another man's semen coated his tongue, and he swallowed what was in his mouth. He was close to his own climax, but before he could finish himself off, Gamzee helped Tavros out of the warm water and onto the edge of the tub where he engulfed his swollen erection and sucked him off until he came as well. Gamzee's mouth was warm and wet, and he kept the cock in his mouth even when Tavros came. He swallowed it without even gagging, and licked it clean. His face was flushed, and when he was done he pulled Tavros back into the water where he embraced him tightly, kissing up and down his neck.

"You feelin' anymore at ease?" He murmured into Tavros' ear.

Tavros was still seeing stars, so he closed his eyes and rested his cheek against Gamzee's shoulder. He let Gamzee take a cloth and wash him off. The warm water and suds felt nice on his back, but not as nice as what they just did. When Gamzee was done washing him off, he helped him out of the tub. They dried off, not all the way, and moved to Gamzee's bedroom where they laid naked in the light of Gamzee's lava lamp collection, entwined in purple sheets. He felt euphoric, but the excitement and anxiety of tomorrow's surgery was still fresh in the back of his mind. But he knew Gamzee would take care of him, and he knew he could trust him. He felt himself fall asleep, tired from release, his last thoughts of how warm the other man felt.