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I've read other BoM fanfiction, and 'Connor' seems to be the fan-accepted first name for McKinley, so that is what I am going to use. Also, this first chapter is a bit of a prologue, so it's going to be fairly shorter than the others. I will probably also use some direct dialogue from The Princess Bride. My first fic, btw!

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Chapter 1

The elders of Uganda District 9 were generally very happy. Now that they were "about as far from Latter Day Saints as it gets", they were pretty much allowed to do start doing things their own way; they had more time to themselves and began paying less and less attention to the rules. Quite conveniently, they chose their days off according to how nice the weather was. It was on the days where the sun was partly hidden by wandering clouds that they chose to ignore their duties as missionaries and just relaxed with their Ugandan friends. These days were the best because the unforgiving Ugandan heat finally gave in and became sympathetic to their sun-blistered bodies. It was unfortunate for Elder McKinley however, that on one of these particular days, in fact the best weather they had had thus far, that he felt absolutely miserable with a feverish wave overtaking his body. He had gone to the doctor earlier that morning and was told that it was nothing serious as he was handed a plastic container of antibiotics. He went straight back to bed under the suspicion that he just had a nasty bug or food poisoning or something of the sort. Before collapsing back into a healing sleep, he hastily scratched a note on a stray piece of paper and left it in the main room of the mission hut:


Have not been feeling well. Spending the rest of the day in bed. Hopefully, I will feel better to join you tomorrow!


That all happened quite early in the morning as the sun was just gradually appearing from the horizon. And then he fell asleep for what seemed to him like days.

The next thing Elder McKinley remembered was a gentle hand pushing down on his side and whispering.

"Connor," the voiced whispered.

That voice.

That sickeningly sweet, thick voice. Connor loved it. The voice belonged to none other than Elder Kevin Price who first came into Connor's hazy view after his eyelids fluttered open, still heavy with sleep. After a moment of catching each other's eyes, Connor finally spoke, his voice cracking with tiredness.

"Kevin, what the hell?"

Kevin's features took on a slightly offended stance.

"Huh? I was just checking on you," he pouted.

"What time is it?"


"In the morning?"

"No, at night. Of course in the morning, dumbass!" Kevin rolled his eyes even though he smiled.

"Well aren't you lovely in the morning," Connor remarked flatly.

Kevin shifted uncomfortably and cast his eyes downward as Connor propped himself up on the pillow.

"I figured I could just stick around here while the other Elders were out. You know, in case you needed anything," he added hastily as he noted Connor's puzzled expression.

Connor nodded slowly. He did think it was sweet of Kevin to offer, but there was no way he could let Kevin know that.

Elder Price arched an eyebrow as he scanned Connor's face.

"So, can I stay?"

Connor smiled playfully. "Yeah I guess. But you better not bore me!"

The relationship between these two boys was by no means a simple one. Elder McKinley had feelings for Price that were more than platonic, and the feeling was completely mutually. It sounds simple, but the complicated part was that neither of them knew nor would they admit it to anyone. An outsider could see the way they flirted with each other and whether it was intentional or not, it was painfully obvious.

For McKinley, he had slowly learned to not turn his feelings off quite so much, especially after meeting Price. He was absolutely smitten with him from the moment they first met even with his unchecked ego. Connor gave up his longtime philosophy, thinking that if turning it off kept him away from this, then he seriously needed to re-evaluate his life. Kevin was gorgeous, and there was no way he could continue to deny the feelings he had for this man.

As for Price, he had never found anyone as attractive as Connor McKinley. Throughout his high school years, he had ignored the girls who flung themselves at him, and focused on himself. Because, Kevin Price didn't' need them; he was great on his own. Truthfully though, he had never been attracted to anyone before, male or female. Price's ego had deflated quite a bit since his arrival in Uganda; he had initially thought he knew everything there was to know about himself, and there was absolutely no room for improvement. But even within the first few weeks of his mission, all of that had completely changed. The thing he hated most about his crush on Connor was the fact that he had been wrong; he had in fact learned something new about himself. He wanted to tell him, to tell Connor everything- about the way he made him feel, about his oddities and quirks that Kevin adored so much, and mostly, about the way his chest constricted every time Connor looked at him. But even with his slightly dampened ego, Price could still not bring himself to admit to Connor just how much he hated someone else having control of his feelings.

He didn't know quite what possessed him to do it, but when he saw the note he felt an inexplicable obligation to make sure McKinley was going to be okay. And maybe, just maybe drop him some subtle hints that he would hopefully pick up on so Kevin wouldn't have to go around sappily professing his love.

And now, here he stood. Next to the insanely attractive Connor McKinley's bed. With Connor in it. They were alone. Never had he simultaneously relished and feared a moment with such intensity. He didn't know what to say to Connor. Suddenly, Connor spoke and jolted him from his thoughts.

"Tell me a story," Connor demanded casually.

"A story? What, why?"

"I dunno. I'm bored." Connor crossed his arms and frowned like a small child.

"I'm not any good at telling stories!"

"I thought you were good at everything, Elder Price," Connor drawled, enjoying the look of embarrassment that overcame Kevin's face. Price was not about to be challenged. He was good at everything. Price bit his lip as he thought hard of a good story to tell Connor. It couldn't be just any story. It had to be the best story. He could be the best storyteller if he really wanted to be. He remembered a story his father used to tell him and siblings growing up. He remembered it well, and he loved this story. In fact, Kevin vaguely recalled his father telling him this story once while he was sick. It would be perfect. But he had to make it original and exciting. He had to change it up a little.

"I know of a story," he said slowly. "One that my father used to tell me,"

"Oh nice, and now you're gonna tell it to me, huh?"

"Yes, but I'm giving a Kevin Price spin to it."

"Oh, I can hardly wait!" Connor gushed in a mock-loving tone. He arched an eyebrow when Kevin didn't immediately shoot back with his own smartass remark. Kevin usually loved their never-ending game of verbal abuse.

He sighed. "No, please, please keep your fake enthusiasm level up. I really am just making this up along as I go." Kevin sat down on the edge of Connor's bed and cleared his throat.

"What's the story called?"

"The Princess Bride. But-"

Connor snorted, cutting Kevin off. "The Princess Bride?" You've got to be kidding me, Kevin!"

Kevin scowled. "BUT I'm changing the title to "The Mormon Bride" for appropriate reasons. It's a story of adventure and romance and best of all, revenge!" His face lit up with excitement; he was getting excited for this. His brain slowly formed a plan for his story, and he knew exactly how he was going to tell it.

"Huh. Doesn't sound too bad. I'll try not to look too bored," McKinley teased.

"Oh well thank you. Your vote of confidence is overwhelming," Kevin said dryly.

And so begins Elder Price's story that would change his relationship with Elder McKinley forever.