Thoughtlessly Mello twirled the ever present rosary around his fingers. His thumb stroked the pendant as he flipped through the TV channels sprawled on the couch. As he flipped past another infomercial for something Swedish he couldn't pronounce he glanced down to his lap, half hoping that his empty chocolate wrapper had regenerated more of the bittersweet candy. Instead of chocolate he caught a glimpse of the Holy Mother staring up at him from the rosary. By the flickering light of late night television with her hands clasped in prayer she almost looked disapproving.

With a sigh Mello tossed up his hands and sank to his knees on the carpet. Everyone needed to call on the Virgin for forgiveness now and then, he more than others. It couldn't hurt to toss in an extra. Sliding the rosary from around his neck he twined it between his fingers and bowed his head and began to recite the words the way he had been taught to do.

"Hail Mary, full of grace."

He looked up in surprise at the soft thump beside him. Matt settled on the floor beside him. Assuming he had woken to the sound of that woman shouting about her collapsible colander Mello ignored him, put his head back down and began again.

"H-hail Mary, full of grace," he faltered when fingers shoved their way down the front of his leather pants. They found purchase on sensitive skin as the blonde had on nothing underneath. Refusing to be deterred Mello squeezed his eyes shut, took a deep breath and tried to focus, more convinced than ever that he needed to pray.

"Hail- fuck!" he shouted with a gasp. Two hands now, one cupping his quickly hardening shaft and the other tweaking one of his nipples. His eyes flew open. He was ready to yell at Matt for distracting him but before any words could escape those fingers tweaked his nipple again and all he could do was groan.

"Now that is something I can hail," Matt whispered huskily, leaning in to nibble Mello's ear.

"Stop it, Matt. Don't be so blasphemous." It came out breathy instead of accusatory like he had intended. That hand working in his pants was the devil for concentration. It was cupping and rolling his balls and stroking that spot just behind. It was driving him mad.

"I'm blasphemous?" the redhead smirked.

The hand retreated but only to work on the laces on the leather pants. As he worked Matt moved close and kissed sucked the skin on the hollow of Mello's throat. The fire burned deep in is gut and it would not be denied. Fuck it; he would just go see the Priest tomorrow. No one could distract him there.

He began to assist in the removal of clothing, yanking off Matt's classic striped shirt and tossing his own aside. There was barely anything between them when his lover looked down at his bare chest and frowned. He lifted Mello's rosary from his neck and throwing it over the couch.

"I don't want her watching."

Mello chuckled and shook his head. "She's always watching." Matt shrugged at the comment and crawled on top of him.

"Then she's just a voyeur."