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Chapter 4 Joshua and the Legions

"Hey," Dean suddenly said. "Did you ever call Josh?"

"Yeah," John answered. "He sounded rather concerned. I think he thought something was messing with my head. He should be here anytime, probably with back up in the form of Caleb or Jim, or both. Hopefully not Bobby, though. He knows we don't get along."

"'Scuse me, but I happen to be extremely grateful to Bobby. He's like, a second father or something," Dean snapped.

Before anyone could answer, the door was suddenly under a vicious attack from the outside.

"John! Let us in!" an urgent voice half begged and half commanded from outside.

"They're here," Sam announced. "I haven't seen any of them in years. 'Scept Bobby, of course."

"Gimme a second," Dean yelled at the door as he strode through the house to reach it. "Whoever decided the kitchen needed to be so far from the door should be shot."

"You're such a drama king," Sam teased.

"Some of us actually enjoy eating, you know," Dean snapped. He had a bowl of cereal in one hand, and was eating even as he moved towards the door.

"I see that," Sam snorted.

Dean yanked the door open, and almost got his nose broken as someone tried to pound on the space the door had previously occupied.

"Dean!" Josh gasped. "Where's your dad? What's all this about older selves, and younger selves, and pre-school Deans?"

He barged purposefully into the house, followed swiftly by both Pastor Jim and Caleb.

"We're all eating," Dean announced, holding up his bowl as proof. "Would you like to join us?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever. Seriously, though, what's wrong with your dad? He was babbling on the phone," Caleb informed him.

"He was going on and on about angels, and Sammy being cursed, and how he gets so much taller, and I don't know what else," Josh added in.

"Y'know, Dad, when I said to call Josh and tell him what happened, I actually meant for you to be semi rational about it," Dean laughed.

"For your information, I was rational," John sneered. "I can't help it if no hunter has ever heard of an angel before.

Caleb, Josh, Jim, and Dean entered the kitchen, and the new arrivals froze.

Dean simply continued back to his own place. He had to admit that it would be a startling scene to people new to the whole time travel gig.

Mary was feeding Deano while Jonny watched with a smile.

DJ was attempting to get Sammy to eat while younger Adam watched them like they were aliens. That was until he decided that Sammy definitely needed to eat and joined DJ.

John was shoveling cereal into his mouth at a slightly unhealthy rate.

Older Adam was sitting on Sam's lap as Sam attempted to pretend he was eating by pushing things around his bowl to create an "eaten" look.

"Dude, you gonna eat that on your own like a big boy, or am I gonna have to feed you?" Dean threatened.

He would do it too. Everyone who knew Dean Winchester knew how he got when it came to his baby brother.

"You suck," Sam mumbled gloomily, but he didfinally lift the spoon to his mouth.

"What. The. Hell?" Caleb inquired flatly.

"See, Dad wasn't quite as incoherent, or under a supernatural influence as you thought," Dean revealed. "I am from 2011. So's Sam, over there, and Adam. Then there's Mom, Dad, and me from 1981. Our dead ex-friend named Castiel brought us all here because an angel went rogue, and we are apparently always needed to help correct that type of mistake," Dean explained.

"This isn't the first time something like this happened?" Mary asked worriedly.

"Oh no," Dean beamed. "See, this other angel named Balthazar unsunk the Titanic awhile ago. That was interesting to try and fix."

"And you're so casual about this because-?" Jim left the question open ended.

"We've been through much worse than just having to protect family or try and fix a timeline," Sam laughed. "This is practically elementary."

The three new arrivals started at him like he had gone insane.

"This is your definition of elementary?" Josh queried blankly.

"Course," Sam acquiesced easily.

"What happened to not wanting to hunt at all?" Caleb asked.

"Oh I tried," Sam assured him. "It didn't work. Actually got the woman I was going to marry killed. Not very encouraging, if you know what I mean," he recalled sadly.

"Oh honey," Mary practically whimpered. That was the mother Dean knew. She felt bad for cats stuck in trees; there's no way she wouldn't feel bad for her own son losing his intended wife. It would never have mattered to her that said son wasn't even born yet in her time.

"It was a long time ago," Sam tried to dismiss. "I miss her, but I'm not the same person I was before she died. I highly doubt she would even recognize me anymore."

It was true, too. Sammy was such a different person now than he had been all those years ago when Dean picked him up from Stanford.

His baby had been through so much since the girl's death that- Hold it; Dean hadn't called Sam his baby in years. Maybe his surroundings were affecting him more than he thought. He shrugged to himself. Maybe that was a good thing.

Sam needed all the support he could get right now, even if he would never ask for it and was trying to hide it from Adam. Dean often tried to hide how hurt he was from Sammy so his baby brother wouldn't worry, so he figured it would be unfair to penalize Sam for doing the same.

"So, um, if this is elementary, what's difficult to you guys?" Jim asked carefully.

"Uh," Sam trailed off. "I think the hardest was the devil, but the leviathans (current threat) are giving him a run for his money. What d'you think, Dean?"

"I think that Lucifer was definitely the worst, closely followed by Michel, and then the leviathans," Dean decided. "Lucifer is the worst simply because he continues to bother us to this day."

Breakfast was finished by now, and they were moving towards the living room as they talked.

"What!" older Adam cried. "What do you mean he's still bothering us?!"

"Well, Sam brought some of the dude with him when he left Hell," Dean deadpanned.

"I did not," Sam denied. "He isn't actually there, Dean, so that means I didn't bring any of him with me. He just kind of…likes to hang around in my head," he mused.

"…Normal person definition," John finally demanded when Adam simply stood there with his jaw hanging open.

It was obvious his kids all understood what Sam was saying, but he hadn't the slightest idea. He did know that it didn't sound good, however.

"I'm insane," Sam volunteered when no one else spoke up. "I was tortured for too long. Part of me fractured off and broke into a personification of Lucifer. He follows me around, taunting, hurting, playing with my head…..pretty much the same things he did in the cage," he summarized.

Dean slid an arm around his baby's shoulders when Sam suddenly stumbled. He hated how Sam could be so casual about that. It wasn't right. Sam should never have been tortured at all, much less for a hundred and eighty years.

"How-how long?" Jim asked.

He and Sam had always been particularly close (maybe it was because Sam was the only one who actually listened when Jim talked about God) and Dean knew it had to be pretty horrible for him to hear this. Hell, it was horrible for Caleb, and he hardly knew Sam.

They reached the living room and dropped into random chairs. Jonny and Mary shared a love seat, John, Caleb, Josh, and Jim dropped into random chairs, and DJ sent Sammy, mini Adam and Deano off to play before dropping into the only remaining seat.

Dean sat down on the last open sofa and pulled Sam's wrist. Sam rolled onto the couch, stretching full length and settling his head in Dean's lap. It was a familiar position, one they often took as kids.

Adam completed the picture when Sam pulled his wrist and the boy dropped onto Sam's chest. Dean could tell this was also something that happened often, and figured they had done it in Hell.

He carded a hand through Sam's hair as they all adjusted themselves for maximum comfort.

Dean was a little wary at having tiny sick Sammy out of his sight, but he figured mini Adam would take good enough care of him for a little while. Just a little while, mind you.

"Depends on whether you're talking about above time, or time downstairs," Adam remarked, turning his head so he wasn't talking to Sam's shoulder.

"See, they run differently. In Hell, Lucifer plays with time. He can stretch one minute on earth into a hundred years in Hell, or he can make a day outside one second down under."

"You mean time doesn't necessarily go at a ratio of ten years to one month?" Dean inquired.

"Of course it doesn't," Adam told him, head tilting at an awkward angle to fix his oldest brother with a confused look.

Suddenly the younger boy's face cleared. "I forgot, you only got the beginners guide to Hell. Sam and I took the full course," he mumbled, dropping his head back down.

"You got what's called the 'fast track'. The fast track is almost always administered by Alistair. Or, it was until Sam killed him," Adam continued. "The fast track is designed for the specific purpose of breaking someone as fast as you can."

"Most people don't last ten years on it," Sam added in. His eyes were fixed on Dean as Dean continued to card a hand through his hair. Sam's own hands were busy gently scratching up and down on either side of Adam's spine.

"You were the longest, and you lasted longer than you thought. It took thirty five years on the fast track to break you. That's unheard of. It's like a beginning hunter besting a long time hunter at everything. It just doesn't happen."

"Yeah," Adam agreed. "I don't really blame the poor people. The fast track is one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen," he sighed. "And I watched Sam's torture, so that's actually saying something."

"Anyway," he picked up his story. "Sam and I got the whole damn course. Everything from the rack to a frigging time loop watching everyone we love die over and over again without being able to stop it."

"That seems to be somewhat popular with angels," Sam mused. "Or maybe just Gabriel and Lucifer. I got the idea that they were kind of close before Lucifer fell."

"Yeah, me too," Dean agreed. "Did you hear how he was talking about the guy? I think he just missed his brother."

"Uh-huh," Sam confirmed.

Dean suddenly switched his gaze from Sam to Adam.

"But you said Sam's torture like you weren't part of it," he half asked.

"Oh yeah, he didn't tell you?" Adam almost gasped. "Lucifer wanted to play a game and see how long it took to break us. My torture was watching Sam get tortured. Sam's torture was anything else Michel or Lucifer could think of. The only way anything would change, would be if Sam let them take him off the rack and put me on."

"That's not true," Sam denied. "They tortured you sometimes."

"Yeah, when they thought you were getting off too easily and should get a chance to see what would happen if you would just give in," Adam snorted. "That was only, like, every half a year or something."

"It was more than enough," Sam chided darkly.

"For you," Adam agreed.

"For anyone," Sam corrected.

"Whatever," Adam murmured. "I'm going to sleep. I haven't slept since you left Hell."

Sam's hand momentarily stilled.

"They didn't torture me," Adam snorted. "Apparently Michel has issues with physically torturing his own vessel. They just kind of neglected to allow me to eat, sleep, pass out….you know, all the essentials of life."

"Sleep," Sam gently ordered. "It's been a long time."

"Mmmmm," Adam made a vaguely concurring noise as he drifted off.

"You know," Dean spoke, switching to Greek as he did so. "I know another little boy who could also really use some sleep."

"Oh really?" Sam teased. "I can't imagine who that could be."

"Go to sleep," Dean repeated his own advice back to him.

"No," Sam objected. "I don't wanna leave you alone to deal with all of this."

Dean snorted. "Who says you are? A little more sleep couldn't hurt me either."

"I don't want to," Sam whispered. He hesitated for a few seconds, but Dean could tell he wanted to add something and kept quiet. "Will you stay?"

Dean smiled. "Be kinda hard to move without waking you up, baby boy," he rationalized.

Sam blinked up at him through hooded eyes. Exhausted eyes.

"Sleep," Dean reiterated. "Adam's already out, and you know you'll wake up if he moves," he added when Sam sent a glance towards their youngest brother.

"Fine," Sam sighed.

"Ok people, it is officially nap time. When we wake back up, I'll answer all your questions. And yes, that does include why Sammy is so little, anything you want to know about Adam, and any questions about Hell. I suggest you all take this opportunity for a siesta too," Dean voiced, switching back to English.

He dropped his head back against the couch exhaustedly.

His fingers kept up their journey through Sam's hair even as he drifted off. He knew Sam's hands were still pursuing their path up and down Adam's back, even though Sam was already sleeping.

The last thing he heard as he drifted off was his mother's slightly stunned question about just how many languages her sons knew. Dean's smile was drowsy, but happy.

It was good to be able to make a parent proud.

And then the comfort of dreamless sleep overtook him, and he was gone.

Wow, it's been a long time. It's done now, though. I love Adam. I don't know why, but I just adore him. He's in a couple of my stories.

I have officially started public school. It's interesting. A lot easier than what I'm used to. Half the people there think I'm crazy smart, which is kind of hard to deal with.

Twice now the team I'm on has been accused of cheating because I'm on the team, and that's like having the book to look through. Like seriously, we do review games in groups, and both times we did it someone said, "that's not fair; they have Rebecca."

I'm not sure whether to feel insulted that they think of me like a textbook, or flattered that they think I'm so smart. In one of the games, we were supposed to raise our hand if we knew the answer to the question, and the girl in our group raised her hand before she even asked if I knew the answer. She just assumed I would know because I always know.

On the other hand, I have recently recovered from what we think was West Nile. The doctors never found out what was wrong with me. I slept all the time, couldn't think straight, and was dizzy. Not fun.

Happy thanks giving everyone!