"Hi sorry to interrupt you but I was just wondering if you need some help with your work." A tall handsome guy with bleach blonde hair and a heart warming smile said as he bent down to look at me. "Ummm..hi..yeah sure." I answered with a smile. "I really don't get this question." I said and looked him in the eye shyly. He had deep hazel brown eyes. I blushed. "Yeah sure I can help you with that," he said and winked at me. "Really that's great thanks," I said with a bigger smile. "No worries," He said. He looked at the sheet of paper in front of me and said "that's easy." I rolled my eyes and gave a little laugh. "What's funny?" he asked with a confused look on is face. "Nothing," I said and looked away and choked out a laugh. "There is something behind that nothing," He said. I rolled my eyes and looked at him. "I'm funny aye," He said and smiled. At that moment I felt like I'm starting to love his smile. I pushed my thoughts aside and said "Funny looking." We both laughed. I felt like I've known him for a very long time. "I'm kidding," I said and nudged him. "Anyways I'm Andrea you can call me Andy if you want," I said and held out my hand to offer him a handshake "Well nice to meet you Andy slash Andrea I'm Jake," he said and took my had and we shook hands. His hands was tough but it felt like it belonged here holding my hand.

As I got home I went straight to my bedroom. dropped my bag on the floor and the books I'm holding on my bed. I have a normal sized bedroom. I'm just a typical girl with Black hair and Brown eyes. I faced the mirror my hair wasn't that messy today. "Thank God," I said. As I lay on my bed I closed my eyes remembering Jake's heartwarming smile and his hazel brown eyes. When I saw that smile I felt like I was home, somewhere I wanted to be. I felt like Jake was a person who could make me feel whole.