Oh my god. It's here.

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The first chapter. The prologue. The teaser. The promise for more to come. Of course, I have to remind you I make no promise about how frequent the updates will be. I am stuck in real life and whatnot. But I promise, I will update when I can. I'm excited for this story. Especially this first chapter. I hope you all like my little tease.

So I hope you enjoy it and please be patient with updates. I promise, they will come.


Rogue flopped down on the bed, choosing not to think about how filthy it was. She ground her teeth in frustration, hating everything about where she was at.

She hated that she was sore. She hated that she was tired and only had a vague idea of where she was. She hated that she was hiding away in a rundown motel. The kind of motel where the walls are paper thin, the rooms small and unclean. The kind where people go in a pinch, out of desperation. The kind of motel where unsavory, illegal acts take place. She hated the way the bed had creaked and moaned under her weight when she sat down.

She hated that tomorrow would be no better. She hated that she had left a woman unconscious on the ground, having drained her. She wondered if she was okay. If she would be okay. If she was in a coma. If she was, she wondered how long she would stay in one. She wondered how long she would have the woman's powers. She could feel them surging through her. It was not like when she absorbed someone like Remy or Scott. She could feel their power. Remy's warmed her. Scott's burned her eyes.

Whatever she had taken from the woman earlier that day was something that was more subtle, but she was aware there was strength behind it.

She just wished they would go away already.

Rogue also wished she could get the woman's thoughts out of her head. Now that some time had passed, she was able to suppress them with more ease, but they were still there. A whisper in her mind. She wished the whispers would shut up.

Feeling herself on the verge of some sort of emotional breakdown, she pulled her knees up to her chest.

She hated that so many emotions were swirling around inside of her and she had no clue how to stop or control them. She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. She wanted to punch something. She wanted to sob. She hated that her emotions were in such a whirlwind. She hated that she was supposed to have a source of comfort and he was doing a damn poor job of comforting. She lifted her green eyes to look at Remy, who stood on the other side of the room, leaning heavily against the opposite wall.

More than anything, she hated Remy for doing this to her.

She watched him, the picture of ease. That was not unusual. He was always at ease. What was odd was how…detached he was. Did he care so little for what he asked her to do? Did he not realize what they had done? What it was doing to her? Or did he not care?

In that moment, Rogue hated Remy.

It was as if he were someone different. So set on his mission he stopped having regard for…anyone. Even her. So unaware of her spiraling emotions. So far away. Physically and emotionally. It was true they had been fighting a lot lately, but this was something utterly different.

Her eyes narrowed as she watched her boyfriend dig into the pockets of his duster and pull out a carton of cigarettes.

"I thought you quit," she said, finally breaking the silence that had settled between them.

He glanced at her briefly. "'M stressed. Give ol' Remy a break."

She just stared at him as he lifted a single cigarette to his lips. Then she watched as his hand returned to his pocket, pulling out a lighter. He flicked it open and a small flame appeared. He carefully lifted it to his cigarette, lighting it before he took a long drag.

Rogue tilted her head watching him. Something….

Something wasn't right.