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Ichigo sighed as the hot water from the shower cascaded down her back. It has been such a long time since she was able to relax, considering how long she has been running.

While Ichigo stepped out of the shower, she could only think about how the things, no not things, the person that pushed her into the situation she now found herself in…

"…Aizen! I don't care how much you own, you can never own me. I'm unlike the people you can threaten; I have nothing to live for. You took it all. My parents, my sisters, you have nothing to bargain with anymore…"

"Hmmm, I have nothing I can bargain with…I beg to differ, unless you don't remember your friend Rukia." Aizen stated with confidence blazing through his eyes

Ichigo's eyes widened at this statement.

"You leave her out of this!" screamed Ichigo "Haven't you done enough to the people I care about."

"Apparently not . I want you, Ichigo and no matter the price, I shall have you." He pressed his hand against her face and gently whispered in her ear

"All of you. You will have 24 hours to think about my offer. If you agree, your precious friend shall remain untouched, if not, well then the Kuchikis are going to need to find another heir."

Her hand punched the wall of the bathroom in the hotel suite she rented.

"I am so pathetic and weak." sobbed Ichigo "I thought if I ran than everything would be okay. I can only hope that Aizen has left Rukia alone in search of me. I wish I knew what to do."

After waiting a moment to clear her head, Ichigo opened the door of the bathroom to walk to the main room of the suite. As she opened the door, she halted, soft hazel eyes meeting hard, calculating brown ones.

"Ichigo. Ichigo. Ichigo. How long did you think it would take for me to find you?" asked Aizen with a smirk? "Come, sit down," he said pointing to the bed

Ichigo was struck frozen. Thoughts ran through her head how to get out of the mess she was in

"Running is futile, Ichigo", Aizen stated as if he were reading her thoughts, "Plus it would only make me more angry." As Aizen said this, his eyes blazed with barely controlled rage. "Sit down, Ichigo."

Aizen took a step toward Ichigo, and Ichigo took off running in her towel to the suite door. I hope that she would be able to find someone, anyone to help her fight of the monster that is pursuing her.

She barely grazed the doorknob before she was knocked to the ground, an angry Aizen standing before her. Her hair splayed around her face like a golden halo.

"Ichigo, I'm going to have to teach you a lesson on listening to your master." Aizen said. A gleam of mischief appeared through his eyes.

As if woken from a stupor, Ichigo retaliated.

"Fuck you Aizen! Why are you here? Leave! Why don't you understand that we will never be together?"

"Ummm…" Ichigo froze as Aizen made one of the most primal noises she has ever heard. "You knew what most drew me to you Ichigo? It was your fiery personality. Now, looking at you, spilled out on the floor, makes me want you more. I think I know the right way to punish you." He smirked "I'm glad that you've already gotten a hotel suite," he said as he reached for her towel.