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Chapter 8:

Fionna woke up and stretched. She could smell something really good. With last nights nightmare completely forgotten, she got out of her bed and changed from her orange nightgown; it was the closes thing to a dress that she is glad to wear. She was glad that Cake got it for her.

She put on her favorite outfit of a blue blouse and a darker shade of blue skirt, and went to the kitchen to find not only Cake, but Marshal there showing Cake how to bake a red loaf of bread. He was also baking red velvet cupcakes with red frosting, red mashed potatoes and a red thing of ice cream. It was like red was going out of style or something.

She thought it was the lumping weirdest thing ever, those two getting along for the first time in ever. It had to be the first time that they weren't at each other's throats.

She couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face. Two off her favorite people finally getting along with each other. It made her happy.


"Um Lsp, where are you taking this story?" Gumball asked holding Snowflake on his lap. He rubbed her back gently.

"Let me tell the lumping story, glob." Lsp said putting his hands on his hips, err lumps. He started to get irritated.

"Now as I was saying..." Lsp said as he started the story. Again.


Fionna just giggled at the new friends. This was a funny sight to see. Cake used to be terrified of Marshal, now they are cooking together.

Who knew that cooking would bring the two closer than ever before? Not Fionna, that's for sure.

Marshal looked really easy going when he cooked. Then cake gave him a copy of her spaghetti sauce. They continued to exchange cooking tips and more. Then they finally noticed Fionna just standing there and they blushed, even though you couldn't tell with Cake.

They all stood there for about a minute before Marshal 'cleared his throat'. He didn't need to, it was just for show, and they all knew it. Fionna smiled.

"So you're finally up? We were just cooking and teaching the other one our tips and tricks to the other. Hopefully I can get your mother's pickle recipe from you." Marshal said slyly.

"Not likely, Marshal, its a secret." Cake said. "Why do you think it's called a secret family recipe?" She asked. Marshal laughed as he help set the table for three.

After breakfast the three all hung out and watched Heat Signature (who cares how many times they have seen it, right?), until Gumball came over... with a girl with white hair and looked like she was from the ice kingdom. Cake and Marshal narrowed their eyes at her. Fionna smiled to her.

"Oh, hey Gummy, who's this?" Fionna asked as she got off of the couch. She felt a twinge of jealousy. She didn't know who this girl was but she was pretty. Fionna held out her hand to the girl. She looked at if for a moment, unsure what to do.

The girl took it and shook it once.

"This is Snowflake, my girlfriend. It turned out that she is the niece of Ice Queen, but she is nothing like her. She loves science and how the world once was. She also loves art." Gumball explained. Fionna was surprised that Gumball would hang out with her, the niece of Ice Queen. But if Gumball likes her, what could possibly go wrong, right?

She just did NOT know how wrong she was. Like seriously she was SOOOOO wrong.

Cake and Marshal, on the other hand, were suspicious of Snowflake. Any girl related to Ice Queen had to be bad news, right. I mean, Ice Queen is coocoo baneighneighs. Would that make Snowflake cray cray too?

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