This is my first story on Fanfiction! An explanation to my story is this is basically a compilation of one-shots, each chapter will deal with a different event or different characters. Unless I say otherwise, this is a prologue to chapter one so this and the next chapter are connected.

The characters are my original next generation characters, they are either offspring of the canon characters or entirely new.

The pairings in this story include: ItaSaku, SasuIno, NaruHina, ShikaTema, NejiTen, GaaMats, LeeOC, ChouAyam, KibaKaru, ShinHana, SaiOC, KankOC, KonoMoej and that's it for now. The OC stands for a random women, this story is more based on the CHILDREN of these pairings.

The characters will still be present in the story as the parents but not the forefront of this story.

Go to my deviantart gallery and it has all the children, their information, looks and everything you need to know- .com/gallery/34130187?offset=0#

The first character I'm introducing is Reika Uchiha, she is the daughter of Itachi and Sakura. In my AU world, Sakura finds Itachi after his fight with Sasuke and saves him from the brink of death. Thus developing their relationship and ultimately falling in love with each other and marrying. Reika is their first child, she is exceptionally strong and smart, and she is an ANBU captain.

Reika is nineteen years old, her boyfriend is Sadao. He is a random OC I've made up for her.

Now on with the story!

Lately the fighting between them has been bad.

I mean really bad.

Lover's quarrels had turned into heated screaming and broken house hold items. Little things set him off, the way she looked at him or a harmless comment, they all ended in disaster. Reika never thought it could feel this broken between them, she found herself wondering how they got to this point every moment she had. She loved Sadao, she knew this for certain, but now she hesitated to even reach out and touch him.

This last week was the worst.

Sadao confronted her, furious about how late she'd come home from her mission. He called her a cheater; he accused her of seeing another man. Reika was dumbfound at the even notion, how could he settle on such a ridiculous idea? Sadao began to scream at her, throwing his fists around like he'd gone mad. It took quite a bit to make Reika feel threatened, but in that moment she feared for her safety. She argued back, infuriated with the accusations. He swung around with a right hook and cracked her right in the ribs; she gasped and doubled over with pain. She couldn't breathe, couldn't move or even think straight.

The unexpected became the reality; she threw her arms up to defend as he came at her again with his left arm. He hissed insults at her, she returned with an upper cut to his jaw, knocking him back a few steps and stunning him for the moment. Sadao laughed bitterly and straighten his form, cracking his jaw back in place and wiping the traces of blood from the corner of his mouth. He picked up a vase and took aim at her; she dodged it with ease and avoided the broken shards of glass. Reika then charged him, throwing her arms up and grasped his forearms tightly to control him. She screamed and cried, pleading with him to stop this madness, he refused to listen. He wrestled her backwards onto the coffee table; it shattered instantly under their weight. Reika, being on the bottom, took the full brunt of the damage; her back cut up and already oozing blood. She rolled him off through the wooden frame; he stumbled on the glass giving Reika a chance to get back up. She had faltered in that moment; the pain she felt was immense, but not as strong as the pain she had felt knowing what caused it.

Ignoring the jabbing feeling that ran up and down her spine, also within her heart, she forced herself to her feet.

Reika had tensed for another attack; this image of Sadao burned forever in her memory. She took a few quick steps towards the door. He caught her immediately, reaching out and grabbing a fistful of her red locks and tugging them down with a bruising force. She yelped out, recoiling into Sadao, he pulled her hair downward farther forcing her to tilt her head back, his face merely inches from hers. She could feel his hot breath against her mouth, she remembered when it once made her stomach flip flop in anticipation, but now his breath smelled heavily of alcohol and she wanted nothing but to escape his grasp.

She felt sick, her face paled with every cruel moment between them. Sadao bared his teeth at her before he threw her forward to topple over the back of the couch, her head making contact with the corner of his side table. When she came to, Reika had found she'd been stretched out on the couch staring at the ceiling; Sadao's steps were getting closer. She chanced a blink of her eye; he was standing over her now, staring down at her with a look that puzzled her further.

"I-I…I'm so sorry." He had rasped; he then was suddenly breathless with a torn look on his face; she'd stared up at him in confusion. He had reached down, she froze on instinct; he then brushed his swollen knuckles across her bruised cheek softly. She blinked again; he had fallen to his knees and bowed his forehead upon hers, she felt his body tense and begin to tremble.

He had begun to cry.

She had been crying the whole time.

She cries every night now.

It's terrifying.

People are beginning to notice the toxicity of their relationship, but no one says a word. Reika hides the problems from her family, friends, and most importantly, from herself.

Itachi knows something is wrong with his daughter.

She lately is emotionally distant and her eyes hold nothing but emptiness; he often hears her crying late at night. Her vibrant personality and spirit seem to be dwindling away before his very eyes. His beautiful creation is suffering and won't tell anyone. He sees more and more injuries on his ANBU Captain daughter, she claims her missions are getting more dangerous, but he knows for a fact it is incredibly hard to touch her with her Sharingan activated. Her injuries tell the story; she didn't fight back.

What could have caused her to lose her fire?

Sakura knows something is wrong with her daughter.

She sees herself more and more in Reika, she knows that her daughter will close herself to the world, just as she did in her youth. But this has to be more serious than the everyday let downs. Reika is becoming a shell of her former self and Sakura just can't let that happen. She refuses to talk about Sadao, only over exaggerating how well they are, she knows it's a deliberate lie. Sadao himself has been acting very strangely lately, something is going on between them and it's not healthy.

What's going on between him and her daughter?

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