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"My dad said I got another letter from this prince-guy. Guess the guy doesn't know how to take a hint, huh?"

"Sounds like it," The red-haired kunonichi replied, readjusting in her chair before she spoke again, "I wouldn't worry too much. He'll give up like the rest."

The blonde Hyuuga smiled knowingly at her friend, holding back a devious giggle from the memory of the other numerous suitors that gave up trying to court her. She flipped her pale blonde hair over her shoulder and leaned into the table, eyeing her Uchiha friend playfully.

"Here's hoping." Sorami purred in a sing-song tone, Reika couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Anyways, thanks for coming over this morning to see me, I missed you." Reika spoke sweetly, her tone meant to be meaningful, Sorami smiled back in response.

"Of course Rei," The blonde replied in a honey-dipped voice, "It's good to see that you are doing well."

The redhead nodded, her ebony eyes drifting from her friend to the half-cracked doorway of the bedroom, where she could see Etsuo pulling a shirt over his head. Her gaze stayed on him; it was dreamy and lost, mostly in thoughts of the night before. The male turned, finding Reika's eyes fixated on him, at first he was caught off guard, an openly surprised look graced his handsome face momentarily, then a sexy smirk, which made Reika giggle softly.

The Hyuuga grinned to herself, catching the two exchanging flirty looks. Her mind instantly traveled to thoughts of Norio, at least the thoughts she allowed for that moment in time.

Etsuo exited the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He flashed Reika another dazzling smile before lazily making his way to the kitchen on the opposite side of the room. Reika enjoyed his appearance, a simple t-shirt and a pair of lose fitting sweat pants that sat on the edge of his hips; the occasion flash of his lower abdomen was much appreciated. His raven hair was disheveled, he looked domestic and completely sexy at the same time, it blew her mind. His bare feet drummed against the wood floor of the kitchen as he circled the island looking for a particular cabinet.

"Whatcha' looking for?" Reika called to Etsuo from the other end of the room, he turned to acknowledge her.

"Where's the spatula?" He asked while continuing to rifle through the kitchen drawers. The Uchiha thought for a second, glancing around the kitchen from her seat across the room.

"Try the second to last drawer down, towards the back." Reika answered, sharing a look of amusement with her friend.

Etsuo followed her instructions, finding the item he was looking for; he held it up for her to see, smiling at her.

"Bingo!" He cheered to her as he set up area to cook.

"Thought so," Reika hummed, smirking at her blonde haired friend, "He'd be lost without me."

"Ain't that the truth?" Sorami agreed happily, reaching for her glass.

"Isn't that right love?" Reika called out to the male busy at work in the kitchen.

"Yes dear." Etsuo instantly answered, not even turning, only kept up with his preparations. Both Sorami and Reika laughed heartily from his response.

The Hyuuga took another sip from her glass, empting it. Reika blinked, noticing that Sorami's glass had run out, she reached her hand to the girl.

"Here, I'll get you some more." The redhead offered kindly, taking the glass from Sorami's hold and standing carefully.

"Thanks Rei~!" Sorami purred, leaning back into her chair.

Reika nodded at her with a smile, once she her feet she took an awkward step forward, cringing slightly before swinging the other leg forward in a wide motion. Sorami glanced at her friend in a questionable look, pinching her eyebrows together in confusion as she watched the strange new gait her friend now acquired. The redhead kept at it, walking bow-legged and slowly, she looked like she was having a hard time.

"…Reika are you alright…?" Sorami asked slowly, eyeing her still, "What's up with your walk?"

Reika's cheeks colored ever so slightly, she clenched her teeth together as she struggled to walk forward again. Sorami's question earned a curious look from Etsuo, who instantly burst into laughter as he seen Reika trying to walk towards the kitchen.

Sorami was truly clueless as to what was going on, Reika whipped her head back around to glare at Etsuo, her face now fully flushed.

"Shut it Etsuo." Reika growled at him, her voice more embarrassed than angry. Etsuo responded with more laughter, he doubled over.

"HA-Hey-HAHA-You got-HAHA-what you wanted after all-HAHA!" Etsuo struggled to speak through his deep laughs, having to leave to the bedroom to calm himself down.

Reika bit the inside of her cheek, her face beat red.

Sorami sat in silence, trying to understand why that was so funny.

"…Did I miss something?" Sorami asked dumbfounded, "You wanted…to not walk well…?"

Another roar of laughter echoed through the house as Etsuo started back up behind the bedroom door, Reika frowned, groaning in reply.

"YEAH SHE DID!" Etsuo yelled from the bedroom, making Reika slap her free palm against her face.

The blonde was only confused further; she gazed at Reika with a look of being utterly lost. Reika returned the look, only she was completely mortified. After Sorami analyzed Reika's expression, realization suddenly hit her. The blonde blinked a few times, blushing slightly, raising her eyebrows at the Uchiha.

"Oh, it's a sex thing."



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