Adventures of a Harry Potter Background Character

(Authors Note: I know this one isn't as popular as my Hetalia fanfiction, but I have no idea how to continue that one. My mind is just going everywhere with this one. Also, this takes place four years after the events of the final book. I know that's a bit sketchy, but I really made this so I could have a character of my own experiencing Hogwarts. Got it? Okay, lets continue shall we? I'm also still foggy on Harry Potter related things, so I may get a few things wrong. Sorry about that...)

Chapter 2: The Boy in the Owlery

It was a sunny day out, and I was rolling down every hill that I saw. The only bad thing was, I had to leave my glasses on the bottom of each hill I rolled down, making me even more dizzy. After about the third hill, I just flopped down in the grass, watching the entire world spin around me.

"If I get this dizzy from rolling around, I should never drink alcohol." I said to myself, laughing slightly.

After a little while of lying on the grass and giggling to myself, I got up and started venturing towards the Owlery. It was always my favorite place to go, I loved watching the owls going back and forth with letters from all kinds of people. During my first year, I would go to the very top floor and pretend I was waiting for some prince. But now I just walk around the place aimlessly, making friends with all of the owls. I usually walk around there until Crystal comes and gets me. As I entered I saw another Ravenclaw. It was a tall boy with brown hair and blue eyes, he was sitting by a window as if he was waiting for something.

"Hi!" I said, sitting next to him.

"Hello" He said, slouching a little.

"Whats your name?" I asked, facing him.


"Well I'm Caroline. I've seen you before."

"Well...We're both in Ravenclaw..."

"Tell me about yourself!" I stared at him with expectation

"Um...Okay..." He raised his eyebrow "My parents are photographers, my dad came from America and met my mom here in London. Now, I want to be a psychiatrist when I grow up, but I may end up having a magic based career. I also love coffee and all things cut-" He stopped himself

"Coffee and what?" I asked, staring directly at him.

"...Cute things, I love cute things." He said, slightly embarrassed. "What about you?"

"Me? Well I like lemon pudding, anything sweet, birds, clouds, my trusty purple prose, rolling down hills, sunny days, and generally being weird!"

"...I can see that..."

"Wanna be friends?" I asked

"...Really?" He looked shocked

"Yeah! You can sit with me and Crystal and eat with us! Then we could have wacky adventures! It'll be great!"

"...That does sound pretty cool... Sure! I'll be your friend!"

Just then Crystal came in to get me. She looked at Sydney and stopped.

"Who's this?" She asked, looking at me

"This is Sydney, he's gonna be our friend and have wacky adventures with us!" I said, glowing with happiness.

"...Hey." She said to Sydney


"So, I was just gonna say that dinner is starting in the Great Hall pretty soon, so get your butts up there! I'll meet you in a bit." Crystal stated, leaving the Owlery.

When Crystal left my vision I turned to face Sydney. "She's right, we better get up there."

He nodded

When we got to the Clock-tower Sydney started to ask me questions.

"So, what do you want to do when you get older?"

"I want to take Hagrid's job once he retires. Speaking of jobs, why do you want to be a psychiatrist anyway?"

"My dad always tells me this crazy story of a psychiatrist he met in Japan. You see, he traveled a whole lot and has a lot of really funny stories. That one is my favorite. I'm also really interested in why people go crazy, its intriguing."

"Also, about your love of cute things. You seemed kind of like you were embarrassed about saying it. Why is that?"

"...I got teased a lot for it, apparently if I'm a certain gender I'm not allowed to love cute things."

"That sucks"

"I know, right?"

Once we entered I saw that Crystal had already saved a few spots for us. As we sat down I noticed something strange about Sydney. One his eyes had more green in it than the other one.

"Hey, are your eyes two different colors?" I asked, starting to eat.

"...Sort of. My right eye can turn a dark shade of green in different kinds of lighting." He said this like it was normal, so I went along with it. "Hey, you said something about a purple prose earlier, can you elaborate on that?"

"Oh that!" I said, bouncing in my chair with excitement.

"Oh god don't get her started..." Crystal said, rolling her eyes.

"Its a purple feather pen that my parents gave to me when I was little! It helps me make my writing sound pretty." I took it out of my pocket to show him. "It turns 'She had long blonde hair' into 'She had long, flowing golden hair like sunshine.'"

"What a pretty shade of violet..." He said, admiring the object in my hand.

"It helps me a lot when writing reports or letters." I said, blushing slightly at his compliment.

After dinner we were sitting around the Common Room, I saw a cat stroll over to Sydney and rub all over his leg.

"Is that cat yours?" I asked

"Yeah, his name is Shirley."

"Why that name?"

"Its a funny story actually. My mom gave me Shirley one day and said I could take care of it. I said 'Surely you can't be serious!' and then she said 'Yep you can keep him, and don't call me Shirley!' That's when I decided I would call my cat Shirley."

And right then is when I realized that my new friend was the best person ever.