Merrol sat there for a while thinking about what had just happened. The unfortunate problem that came to his mind was that he had never heard of those systems. Up to a few days previously, he had never left his homeworld, Altia, and therefore had a severely limited knowledge of space. He went over to the bar to speak with the barman. The barman was short and had a small scruffy beard that was streaked with grey. The barman spoke without looking up from the cup he was cleaning.

"Do ye got my money for yer drink?"

Merrol tossed a few credits on the counter in response.

"Much obliged good sir. Is there anythin' else I can do for ye while yer here?"

"Actually, there is," Merrol began. "Have you ever heard of the Rimshot or Nerse Primus systems? I need to get there for a job but have no idea where either one is."

"Yeh've never heard of either of them systems? Where've yeh been yer whole life laddie? In a hole somewheres?" When Merrol just stared he continued speaking. "Rimshot is home to GLi-Tech-nia. Don't tell me yeh've never heard of GLi-Tech."

"The weapons company? The ones that make the majority of Federation weapons?"

"So yeh haven't been livin' in a hole yer entire life," the barman said, turning. "That's the one. As fer Primus, its only one system away from Sol. One o' the first worlds people colonized. Didn't yeh pay no attention in school laddie?"

"That's not the sort of thing they teach in schools nowadays."

"Well that's a real shame. Yeh ought to read up on the galaxy a bit more it would do yeh a lot o' good. Anyhow, if yeh want to know where they systems are yeh might as well jest go an' buy a map from the outfitter. It's on the same level as the main hangar in this station. It's a fair bit costly, but worth it all the same."

"Thanks," said Merrol a bit of a chill in his voice. He stood up and walked out of the bar into the grey hall beyond. He began walking down the hall towards a lift. He thought about his conversation with the barman. Perhaps he ought not to have been so cold with the man. Looking back, Merrol thought more about the words the man had spoken. Merrol noticed that despite his uneducated way of speaking the man had a shrewd intelligence of his own. The lift beeped and the doors opened. Several people got out of the lift and Merrol stepped in. Merrol cursed himself as he stepped past a balding man in a maintenance jumpsuit. Being a captain was already going to his head. He should know better. He'd grown up right next to the underworld of Jarsin, Altia's main port. Just before the doors opened on his stop, Merrol made a mental note to show some humility and to pay more attention when people spoke regardless of how useless their words seemed.