~ Sins of Youth ~

Summary: Sam and Dean let more out of hell than they thought when they opened the gate. As they are finding, the deadliest of foes strike with little warning and always with unsuspecting force.

Warning: violence, slash, overall demonic bitchiness.

Pairings: Castiel/Harry

Disclaimer: Supernatural and Harry Potter are not my own otherwise I'd be making millions.


~ Parseltongue ~

Author's Note: This story takes place after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (excluding prologue) and during Supernatural Season Three. Also since Castiel is the pairing with Harry you can assume this will be lengthy.

~ Chapter One ~

Dean was highly sceptical about this hunt. Normally he didn't care much about whether or not something was real. It didn't really matter in his line of work. Everyone believed that what he fought on a daily basis wasn't real. Many merely thought that they were fantasy creatures that belonged in books or on a screen. How wrong those people were…

This however, was nothing like they'd ever seen before. But it was the only hunt they'd managed to find since they'd opened the gates of hell and released at least a hundred demons so they'd eagerly taken it.

Sam was resting beside him in the Impala. It was only now hitting home that he had a year to live. Yet it had all been worth it. He'd do it again in a heartbeat. As long as Sam lived everything that happened to him no longer mattered. His brother would live whether that was hunting or college life didn't matter in the scheme of things. Sam would have a chance at life.

His grip on the wheel tightened. Dead was determined not to let Hell dwell on his thoughts. He didn't want Sam thinking anything was wrong and moving into a chick flick moment. Besides, they had a job and they were going to do it no matter how ridiculous it sounded. After all they had a hundred or so demons to kick back downstairs so if they could start somewhere at least it would be something to be thankful for.

"Hey Sammy, we're almost there."

"Sam not Sammy…" his brother muttered as he woke.

Dean didn't comment as he pulled into the only motel in the small town. As far as they were aware the town hadn't been on the map until five years ago. It had been a time for celebration after that success for the small population of two thousand. However nothing demonic or supernatural had occurred during that time. Then about a month ago, the same time they had opened the gate, a Manor appeared overnight on the hill a minute or so out of town.

That was the first thing that set up alarm bells in the mind of Sam Winchester. The newspaper article he had discovered had been small. But it was enough for them especially when it mentioned that the manor, Peverell Manor, had been destroyed by fire in the early 17th century along with the town below it. Something was suspicious about that and as Sam said,

"We've looked into things for a lot less."

From the Motel they could see Peverell Manor. It looked amazing. Anyone would want to live in a Manor that sparkled in the sunlight. Everything from the windows to the walls was pristine and compared to the town it looked even grander. The appearance screamed wealthy royalty. Why did something like that have to be cursed?

"Dean, you ready?"

He nodded. They'd already decided that walking in to something like this as FBI agents wasn't going to cut it. Supernatural Investigators however would fit in with this perfectly especially since there hadn't been any disappearances or murders in the area. For once they didn't have to pretend to be something they weren't and for Dean it was kind of a relief. You could only play an FBI agent so many times before it lost its thrill.

Upon entering the motel lobby the first thing they did was rent a room for a week. They highly doubted they would be there for that length of time but one never knew. Anything could be happening up there so they were preparing for every situation they could possibly think of. Then Dean nodded at Sam to begin the questioning. With their skill level at deceiving people, it shouldn't take long before they gathered the necessary information.

"So, what is with the manor on the hill?" Sam broached.

The manager of the Motel, a stocky man with a lengthy beard, raised a brow at his brother. He didn't look impressed at all with that sentence. In fact, he looked like he wanted to snap Sam in half.

"'Scuse me?"

Knowing, he had to step in quickly, Dean moved forward.

"Forgive him, he's just a little eager to get started." Dean laughed. "We're supernatural fanatics and heard about the Manor in the paper. We just want to snoop around a bit. See if we can find anything of interest."

The manager relaxed and nodded.

"By my guest. You ain't the first people been here for that reason though. Many o' them come back not knowin' why they went up there in the first place."

"You don't say…" Sam murmured diligently writing on a sheet of paper.

Nothing passed by Sam and the fact that there was something up there erasing people's memories was a huge hit on his supernatural meter. Yet it didn't help connect his memory to any creature. After all what creature erased the memory of a victim and allowed it to walk away? For that reason alone he was rather interested already.

"Yeah, they all come back, always with the same memory loss. Nothing more I can really tell y'all. It ain't really anything to worry over. No one's been hurt." The manager explained.

"No one from town's been up there to see what's doing it?" Dean asked.

The manager shook his head explaining that they figured they'd just leave it be and use it as a tourist destination and rake in the dough. Seeing as how many people had passed through their town, Dean would say it was definitely working.

"Thanks for your help." Sam smiled.

Once outside both brothers cast a look up at the now imposing image of the Manor. It looked as magnificent as ever and they both believed that was one of the first appeals. No one would turn down the chance to scope out a place like that. Any finery was likely to be stolen during that time as well without the owner's notice. That was if there was even an owner to post a complaint.

Together, they gathered their belongings and moved towards their room. It had a rusted label seven on it and paint peeling away from the door frame. All in all the place wasn't the best kept they'd ever been to but it was something which meant they didn't have to sleep in the car… again.

"Well that was interesting." Dean commented as the entered the room.

It had to queen sized beds with pretty boring brown covers. A bathroom was off to the side and once again no kitchenette so they would be eating take-out for a while to come. Was it so much to ask for a home cooked meal even if that was merely a sandwich from Bobby?

"Do you think that only people who know about the supernatural and I mean have encountered the real deal can return with their memory?" Sam asked.

They were attempting to make sense of all this but it continued to become stranger and stranger. What sort of demon or creature erased someone's memories without even laying a hand on them? It was quite a dilemma but not one of any desperation. They had time to think this one though before attacking whatever it was head on.

"I don't know Sammy. Is it something we really want to mess with?"

Dean was all for hunting but with the threat of erasing his memories; he wasn't sure about this anymore. Though it did sound like it had some upsides. If he couldn't remember hunting then he wouldn't remember making the deal and his approaching stint in Hell. He could lead a normal life until then… but he didn't really have anyone to spend it with that wasn't a part of this life…

Sam frowned. "Dean, we've got nothing else to go on. We don't even have any idea where Lilith is and all other supernatural seem to have gone into hibernation. No omens, no demons, not even a measly poltergeist!"

Deep down, Dean knew this. He knew that this was the first break they'd received in a while. With everything supernatural seeming to take a back seat, their jobs were pretty much forfeit for the time being. Without anything to hunt, they were just ordinary people once again. This however was what they were trained to do and they did a damn good job at it to.

"Alright, Sammy, we'll continue to look into it. We'll start gathering more information in the morning."

It had after all been a long drive there. So with that reassurance they unpacked their belongings and crawled into bed, ready to tackle the job head on tomorrow. Little did they know what they would find the following day.


Upon rising, they both decided what would be done. Dean was going to go round town and question anyone that he could possibly speak with while Sam was going to do what he did best and research. Splitting up for a time wasn't difficult though it did make them rather nervous. Being apart left them vulnerable to anything that was around and knew they were present. However the sooner they figured this out the sooner they could move on and search for something new.

Dean had to admit though the town was doing ridiculously well. For a small town that wasn't well known, it had quite a few attractions that would garner attention easily. Of course it helped the girls here were rather attractive as well.

Flirting and finding a girl to sleep with however was at the back of his mind. There was a hunt here and quite honestly with something unknown so close he wanted to keep a low profile. That meant no bar fights to attract anyone that might be interested in a one night stand. Nope the only thing he was hoping to find in the bar was more information.

"Hey, do you know anything about Peverell Manor?" Dean asked directly.

The bar tender snorted knowing immediately that this was another one of those hocus pocus investigators that wanted in on their little mystery. He'd seen so many that he already knew what information to give him. If that meant they bought something from his bar as well while they were here it was only a bonus.

"All I know, boy, is that Peverell Manor isn't a place you'll be wanting to be near."

Dean merely shot him a questioning look. He wasn't backing down that quickly.

"At night, there be some awful screams coming from the Manor. If I didn't know any better I'd say they be using the Manor as a location for a horror movie."

"You've never been up there to have a look?"

Of course, it was well known that anyone who went up there didn't return with their memories. The fact that this man knew of the sounds was intriguing and mighty curious.

"Don't have to go up there. I live in a small house nearby. Can hear everything from there."

It was said in an ominous tone and Dean couldn't help but wonder what exactly he was speaking about. What noises from a horror story was he speaking specifically about? There were so many and could lead down numerous paths for his search. He posed the question to the bar tender.

"Torture," was his only reply.

Frowning, Dean thanked the man before moving on to the others inside. They spoke with him, many giving him more information than he bargained for but they all had the same back story. Peverell Manor had appeared suddenly and all they had heard since then was the sound of torture victims screaming. The sounds would start at ten o'clock at night and continue to two o'clock in the morning before everything went silent.

It was strange and certainly wasn't something Dean had even heard before. But whatever was happening in Peverell Manor, they needed to find out swiftly and stop it before it continued or worsened.

Returning to the motel, Dean immediately told Sam what he'd heard. The entire time, Sam sat and listened trying to piece everything he had gathered to this as well. If they couldn't figure out what was happening soon people would start to question why they weren't heading up closer for a better look.

"That's disturbing. However it definitely doesn't lead us to a creature. I found this information on a historical website." Sam said. "Peverell Manor and the town of Abbott below was once a large, wealthy and well known region. Known mostly for the excellent yearly harvests, they were also awarded numerous titles for their contribution to science and religion. However Peverell Manor and the town were burnt by a neighbouring village during the 17th century in the belief the citizens of Abbot were resulting to witchcraft to achieve their miraculous harvests."

That caught his attention immediately.

"Did anyone survive?"

Sam nodded. "Yes, the Peverell Family survived the ordeal but they moved to England after that, abandoning the Manor."

Usually books on witchcraft and their lore were kept in the family. Demon deals would only allow a witch to live for ten years after the deal but the books were still kept within the family. If anyone knew how to torture souls and were connected to Peverell Manor it would be those that held the books.

"Did you trace the line down to see who the descendants are?"

Sam simply handed a stack of papers to his brother. They listed everyone who had ever been born into the family and ended…

"Sam, this ends with three brothers who have been dead for ages." Dean complained.

"I know. As far as I could find out the brothers had children but they encouraged the wife and their children to keep the maiden name who they married and who their children are, aren't listed because of this."

Dean cursed. They had been so close but had hit a dead end. Well at least they knew one thing for certain.

"Witches… we're going against a group of witches…"

Sam nodded confirming what he'd already begun to suspect. It really couldn't be anyone or anything else.

"Are they even strong enough to resurrect an entire Manor?" Dean questioned.

"Dean, if the other villagers were accurate at the time then they had an entire town to keep healthy. I don't think raising a Manor from its burnt foundations would have been a difficult task."

Dean couldn't quite believe their luck. There was really no way for a witch to be defeated. One either had to steal all of their sacred books on spells since they couldn't remember them all or they had to be shot the good old fashioned way. He hated witches for that reason alone. They would be forced to kill actual human beings even if they had sold themselves just for a bit of magic mumbo jumbo.

Sam could see how pissed Dean was. He wasn't exactly pleased about this turn of events either. But if witches were torturing people for their sacrifices then they needed to do something. They needed to put a stop to their practice.

"So… tonight then?" Sam asked.

Dean gave a weary nod.

"Tonight we see who exactly is leading this thing."


When Harry woke it wasn't what he expected. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in Grimmauld Place knowing that Teddy and Andromeda were planning to visit the next day. Nothing could have brought him so much joy. He always enjoyed seeing his godson smile up at him with the joy that he'd never been able to have. This… this however was definitely not Grimmauld Place.

White marble shone around him. It was so bright from the added torch light that Harry wondered if he could be blinded by this. A quick glance outside revealed that it was indeed night. But he felt as awake as if he'd been sleeping all night and it should have been morning. It was very strange and Harry couldn't help but wonder if he wasn't still dreaming.

Yet the feel of the cold marble beneath him seeping into his bones was definitely not a dream nor were the freakishly white dress robes he was wearing. Sitting up, he carefully got to his feet, still feeling lethargic from his sleep.

There was only the one window which didn't help him at all. He needed more of a view than dense forest to have any idea of where he was. Forest stared back at him with no sign of life anywhere in the vicinity. That was all he could see for miles. Harry couldn't even hear any birds chirping. It was like all life had been sucked out of the forest and left silent giants in their wake.

Turning around, he garnered a better look at the room he was being held in. He attempted to ignore the white marble slab in the middle of the room. It didn't leave him with the best of impressions. There were a few grooves in the wall but all they held were white burning candles. Nothing else was present within the room except for a single mirror by the only door. Curious, Harry stepped closer until his appearance stared back at him.

"I look like a sacrifice." Harry moaned.

The white robes were traditional in every sense of the word. Essentially he was wearing a dress with ridiculously long sleeves. A tassel of white brought the robe in at the waist but that wasn't what caught his attention. The stitching along the sleeves trim and the neckline was so intricate that Harry saw the design immediately. They were runes for a spell, a ritual to tie one person to another in a ceremony of Dark magic. Without more instructions Harry couldn't begin to imagine what ceremony that was meant to be and it worried him greatly.

Thankfully, his hair hadn't been touched in anyway. It was still as striking and ruffled as ever. The inky blackness of his mess of hair only stood out in contrast to the white robes. His emerald eyes glinted at him without his glasses and he realized that someone must have fixed his eyesight whilst he slept. Harry distinctly remembered going to sleep with his glasses by his side. His skin appeared a slight bit paler than what he remembered but that was hardly an issue at the moment.

The only other piece that startled him was the crown decorating his head. It was something meant for kings yet had a feminine design about it that threw him off completely. It was a contrast of so many things that he just didn't know where to begin. The crown was silver with emeralds inserted at particular sections giving it elegance. Yet the crown that decorated his head looked strangely familiar. The base design of it at least anyway. However he didn't know where he could have managed to see it as there weren't any type of crown within his vaults at Gringotts.

Harry sighed. This was ridiculous. He'd had many people attempt to kidnap him before what with his single status and the wealth at his fingertips but no one had ever succeeded to his degree before. Harry had to give them points for that. No one had ever managed to get him in this situation before. They'd tried to get him away from Grimmauld but hadn't managed it before. The fact that this psycho had also managed to change his clothing was something else entirely.

Harry shook himself. Now wasn't the time to be thinking of these things as he needed to get away before they returned. That was the first thing he always learnt. It was easiest to get away when they were out since nothing could stop him then.

The door was thankfully unlocked so he began heading down the marble stairs and into the first room that was beyond the marble slab he had awoken from. Harry's eyes widened at the sight before him.

"What have I gotten myself into now?"


Night had fallen swiftly for Sam and Dean. They weren't entirely ready for this trip up into Peverell Manor but it was all they had left to do before anyone became suspicious.

Going up against witches wasn't what they'd had in mind for their first job after opening Hell's Gate but it was what they'd been dealt with and what they had to work with. Besides they weren't just about to leave whoever was being tortured up to those sick bastards anymore. If they had to kill the witches to achieve this then that is what they would do.

"Ready Sam?" Dean asked as he gathered his favourite gun from the trunk of the Impala.

They were standing outside the Manor and so far weren't feeling any effects from the mind erasing. So they assumed they were good to enter for now. After this however they probably wouldn't get a second shot. Witches learnt too fast to allow that hole to remain in whatever they were doing.

"Yep." Sam replied.

Looking up at the looming Manor, they gave each other a nod before moving in. Whatever was waiting for them within would be dealt with even at the risk of their lives or their memory.

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