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"Selena dear, do sit up. It is unbecoming of a young lady to slouch."

I glanced over at Queen Miranda, my mother, and sighed. "Yes, Mother," I said, straightening my shoulders once more. "It is just that we have been through thirty knights already and none of them seem to be good suitors for me."

"I beg to differ." King Xavior, my father, objected. "I have seen four out of the thirty knights that have been suitable."

"Yes, Father, but none of them are kind and loving. They were merely after your crown. I want someone who actually cares about me and the kingdom."

Father huffed, but said no more on the matter. "Next!" he called.

In walked a knight in shining red armor with blonde hair and green eyes. He had a cocky smile on his lips and he stared hungrily at me as he kneeled.

"Your Majesty." The knight said; his voice was deep, but a bit gravelly and his eyes seemed glued to me. I slowly followed his gaze and felt unease build in me when I realized it was directed at my chest.

"Your name, young knight?" Father requested.

"Sir Alexander Sterling, Your Highness."

I was getting increasingly uncomfortable with his gaze and I shifted slightly, but his eyes stayed on me. As my father continued with the questioning, I finally came to a resolve: I would choose any other knight in the kingdom, as long as I didn't choose this red-armored one.

There were eight more knights that came after Sir Sterling before Father sighed. "That is all Selena. Have you come to a conclusion?"

Just as I opened my mouth to tell him my two choices, the door to the throne room burst open. All three of us turned with raised eyebrows to see two knights marching forward with a third knight in their grasp.

"What is the meaning of this?" Father demanded. I rolled my eyes at him; some of the time he could be too harsh at the wrong moments.

"My Lord," the knight in burgundy said with a swift bow. "We have found a knight that did not participate in the questioning. We have brought him here to you so that you can decide his punishment."

"And how," Father asked in a low threatening tone that wouldn't have even made a woodpecker shake. "Do you know that he did not participate in the questioning?"

"Two reasons your highness. One, he was training while the rest of us were in the hall waiting to be called. Two, he is the only night with armor that is black, a color none of the rest of us would have even thought to wear."

Father's face clouded with anger. "You dare wear that color in my-."

"Father, wait!" My request was softly spoken, but firm enough that my father actually hesitated. That gave me enough time to stand and lay a calming hand on his shoulder before turning back to the three knights.

"Remove his helmet." I commanded.

The two standing knights hurried to follow my order and soon the black knight's helmet lay at his feet. But I paid no mind to that because before me was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

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