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I watched Demi squirm for a sunshine before slowly opening his mouth. "The women's rights laws, Young Highness." He said timidly.

My eyes widened slightly, but I continued. "Which ones, Young Knight?"

"Well, my top priority would most likely be focused on the same sex laws. My mother had been in love with another maiden, but the laws prevented her from being with that maiden, so she was forced to marry my father instead. Not long after they conceived me, my father died of heart failure. My mother may have still been in love with the other maiden, but she had developed a close friendship with my father. I just wish to make it that way for other maidens. They can be together freely without the criticism."

"Some maidens do not care." I told him softly. "My friend Belle has a girlfriend and everyone at the ceremony knew."

Demi looked at me in confusion. "You did not report her?"

"For three reasons. First, I never sell out a friend unless I am in trouble with them. Second, the laws do not say that two women cannot unite in a courting, simply marriage. And third, Belle and I used to be girlfriends once upon a time."

"But you said I stole your first kiss." Demi stated, still a bit confused.

"You did. One day, Belle and I were playing together and we were about to kiss, but my parents intervened. We were forbidden to see each other until one or both of us had moved on. Neither of us truly moved on, but these are our attempts."

I paused and stared at Demi speculatively. "You know," I said slowly. "You almost sound like a woman yourself. I have never heard a man talk so passionately about women's rights before and I think you are right; those laws need to be modified. Thank you, Young Knight."

"Anything for you, Young Highness."

We stared into each other's eyes for a sunshine before a servant told us that it was time for our private dinner. We were led to another private chamber with a table set for two. Demi pulled out my chair and we sat down. Two servants brought us our meals and left us. I slowly began eating and Demi did the same.

"Demi," I said after a few sunshines of eating. "Tell me about your family."

He swallowed quickly and began telling me the tale.


"My mother, Ariana, was in love with a maiden, but the law restricted her being with the other woman and her parents forbade her to see the other maiden. Instead, an arranged marriage was done with my father, Justin Russo. He was a kind man who worked as a carpenter before his heart failure claimed his life. Ever since then, my Aunt Victoria had been helping my mother take care of me.

"Then I saw the knights going to battle one day and wanted to join them. My family thought it would be a good opportunity for me and sent me off to the castle. I became a squire almost immediately and progressed quickly through my training.

"Shortly after I became a squire, Aunt Victoria fell ill and it worsened as time progressed. But now, with the help of the powers the wizard bestowed on her, mother is helping Aunt Tori get better. They are very supportive of everything I do and they were elated when they heard that I was to be courting you." Selena sighed and I glanced at her questioningly.

"Your life sounds so exciting compared to mine. Born a princess, do princess duties, study, act polite and do more duties. It has been roughly the same routine every day of my life since I was eight. I wish my life could be more like yours: interesting, exciting and somewhat dramatic." I chuckled.

"Trust me," I told her. "The way Sir Sterling punches, you definitely do not wish to be in my boots." I glanced up at Selena and saw that she had gone pale with the mention of Sterling.

"Yes," she replied hoarsely. "He seems to be quite aggressive, does he not?"

I reached across the table and squeezed her hand comfortingly. "Do not worry," I murmured. "I know he was not in your original choices. But Mackie, Frank and I will make certain he does not win your affections."

Selena smiled at me. "Someone else has already stolen my affections, so he cannot win them from me. The person who stole my heart would rather die before he gave it up. I simply hope he will keep it safe and not let it get broken."

My throat suddenly felt very dry, so I took a small sip of my wine to wet it before I began to speak. "He will try his best, Young Highness."

"See that he does, Young Knight."

I nodded and we continued eating. After dinner, I brought my sack of belongings to my new quarters off the princess' chamber. Just as I was getting into my cloth shorts and tank top, the princess arrived at my door and proceeded to ask the last question I ever thought I would hear from her.

"Demi, please sleep with me tonight?"

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