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I was thankful that Demetri had won all of the duels; had Sir Alexander won the last one, I would have had to choose between them, though it would have been clear who I would have chosen. I had gone against Demetri's wishes and asked Rachel to make him some bed linens even though his mother may have been sending some as well.

Finally, it was time for bed. I was in a tight spot because I did not know whether to tell Demetri to go to his chamber in the knights' quarters or sleep in my larger than average bed with me. It was a hard decision to make because I think I was… in love with Demetri. After our kiss that noon, the feeling was growing stronger and I knew that he was the one I wanted to marry. So, if I let him stay in the knights' quarters, I would ache to see him and if I let him stay in my bed, the torture would be unbearable because I would long to touch him.

I sighed and walked to the knights' quarters; knocking softly on Demetri's door, I waited for it to open and looked at him.

"Sir Demetri?" I asked slowly. "Would you mind-?" I stopped and shook my head. "Never mind."

I turned to leave, but his hand on my shoulder stopped me. "Have a good night, Selena." he said softly. "My linens shall be here tomorrow and then I will be able to keep a closer watch on you. Just please stay safe for tonight?"

I nodded mutely and walked back to my room. Falling asleep almost immediately after my head touched the pillow, I found myself in the same meadow as before except the roses that were once red were now my favorite color: deep purple. I glanced down at myself and found that my skirt was rather short and the neck of my blouse dipped very low. I had no sleeves and no stockings so I felt extremely exposed. I looked around and noted that there was no one there with me so I moved out into the open. Kneeling to pick a flower, I heard footsteps and froze.

The footsteps slowed as they got nearer to me and the most beautiful voice in the world said, "Hello, Selena."


I had just finished examining my attire—a 'miniskirt' that was black with purple hemming and a black 'tank top' with purple lining the sleeve holes, neck and hem and a purple crown adorning the chest—when I noticed movement. Taking a closer look, I saw Princess Selena emerge from the shadows. Her miniskirt was purple with black hemming and her top was purple with black lining the sleeve holes, neck and hem and a black knight's helmet on her chest. She looked stunning and as she stooped to pick a flower, I walked towards her.

"Hello Selena." I murmured, stopping a little ways away from her.

She stood and beamed at me. "Demi, hello." She threw her arms around my head in a hug and I chuckled.

"What is so funny?" she asked, looking up at me.

"I am taller than you now." I told her. Selena stared at me for a moment before she began giggling as well. We laughed for a few more minutes before settling down in the grass and looking out over the purplish blue ocean. I relaxed as Selena leaned against me and I wrapped my arms around her waist.



"May I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Princess."

"Why do you always appear in women's clothing? I think you look beautiful, but why?"

I sighed. "Princess Selena, there are things about me that many people have yet to learn, but if the time comes, I will explain it all to you."

She huffed slightly, mulling this over. "If you say so, Young Knight."


"Yes, Demi?"

"May I ask you something? Well a few things?"


"First, your eyes. They are so dark that the pupil is barely visible and when it is able to be seen, it is a slit. Then, your nails resemble the claws of a woodland creature or predator. Actually, they remind me of a cat that I found when I was a child. You seem uncomfortable when you walk and you never let your hair down from its horsetail. Even though you seem uncomfortable walking, you move so gracefully. Why is all this?"

Selena did not answer for a long time, staring off into the ocean. "In due time," the princess said slowly. "Those closest to me will know my deepest secret. But for now, both our secrets will remain hidden. Is that fine with you?"

I smiled. "I can wait." I told her.

"How can we meet this way?" Selena inquired suddenly. "In our dreams?"

"My mother, Ariana, was blessed by a wizard whom she'd saved the life of. He gave her limited magical abilities which she uses to help others. I told her about you and I: how I am to court you, and that I am your new personal guard. She was very happy and she wished me good luck in winning your heart." It was not technically a lie. Ariana was one of my mothers after all. But both she and Victoria had wished me good luck.

Selena nodded. "Well, I wish you good luck as well, Young Knight."

"Thank you, Young Highness." We sat in silence for a bit, watching the waves and enjoying the company of each other. Regrettably, soon the scenery began blurring and I sighed.

"Time to leave, Selena."

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