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Ok so remember from the first story people, when I write Dean talking verbally when it's in someone else's pov other than his own I will purposefully spell words wrong to embrace the deaf accent; IT IS NOT MEANT AS AN INSULT! Also if you guys have any questions about this story, deaf culture, one of my other stories, future stuff you wanna see me write, or just to say hi feel free to PM me! You can also put your questions in a review and I'll answer that review question either in the form of a PM or an authors note.

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Words"= normal talking.

++Words++= sign language

"++Words++"=Signing and talking.

Words= thoughts

"Words"=Telephone conversation

Words=something written on paper/computer/cell phone

Chapter 1. Let's Get Started. Sam's Pov.

"++Oh god this is so fucking wrong.++" I groan in disgust. I look over to Dean to see him nodding his head in agreement.

"++Ou'r dad geing laid? Oh yeah++" just as he says this the curtains of the motel room are pulled open to show my Dad with his shirt off, giving us a thumbs up with a huge ass grin. We both return the gesture as a blonde haired woman wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him away from the window.

"Fuck." I mumble to myself, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"Just ignore it." Dean says, and I chuckle.

"++I'll try my best dude. Why don't you nap or something? When he's done in there we're hitting the road.++" he nods his head and gives me a smile.

++Fine. As long as you don't obsess over that book.++ he signs.

"++What are you talking about?++" I ask and he sighs, shifting his body so he's facing me.

++All you've been doing for the whole month I've been with you guys has been reading this thing. There is nothing in there about how to save John from going to hell.++

"++We need to find something Dea…++" he cuts me off.

"Li'en to me." He waits till I've put my hands down. ++We'll find a way to keep John on this earth ok but you need to rest for a minute man, you're no good to us dead on your feet.++ I sigh, hating the fact that I somewhat agree with him.

"++Fine; I promise I'll rest to.++" He smiles and pats my shouder.

"Good boy." He shifts around again until his head is leaning against the passenger side window, releasing a breath as he relaxes against the door.

Even though this last month has been hectic and stressful it's been pretty good to; after all these years Dean is back in our lives. He's not the same Dean that I grew up hearing about, but I'm thinking that I like this Dean better. He didn't have to grow up with this fucked up moral that hunting is the meaning of life, he's a relatively normal person, and even though he's deaf he takes it in his stride. The deafness is a part of his life, a part of his identity, and he is proud of it. I still have trouble understanding how he can love being deaf but if he wants to be like this then all power to him.

When I'm not trying find ways to save my Dad or hunting random shit I'm learning as much sign language as I can; Dean is my brother and to me it's my job to learn his language. I mean he put his normal life on hold to be with us, if he can do that I should make his life easier.

The vibration of my phone pulls me from my thoughts as I pull it out of my pocket. I look at the number and grin.

"Hey Bobby."

"Hey Sam, how's my Son?" I look over to a sleeping Dean and chuckle.

"Out like a light against the door." He laughs.

"That kid can sleep anywhere." We both laugh. "How has he been doing with you and John though? I mean I know we've been texting everyday but…" He trails off.

"But you don't think he's telling you everything?" he sighs.

"He's my Son Sam." I know I should be used to Dean being Bobby's son, but he was my brother first. I know it's juvenile but I wish Dean would become a Winchester again. "Sam?"

"Everything's been fine, I mean we're still trying to get used to each other but everything's been good."

"Well that's to be expected I guess." He's silent for a moment. "What's your Daddy doing?" I look to the window of the motel room and close my eyes.

"Pulling the electric."


"Never mind."

"I've got a job for you boys."

"Hold on one second Bobby." I pull the phone away from my ear as I shake Deans shoulder. His eyes slowly open and he looks at me.

"Wat?" I point to the cell phone in my left hand.

++Your Dad++ I sign and he sits up. "He's got a hunt for us." I say, then look towards the motel window. He follows my gaze and groans.

++You want me to get John don't you?++ I give him a sheepish look while lifting the phone slightly. He rolls his eyes. "++Fine, ou owe me.++" he rubs his eyes. "++Tell Dad to text me.++" I nod.

"Yeah ok." He places his hand on the door handle and stops to look me in the eye. "Good luck soldier." I say with a mock salute. He rolls his eyes and exits the car, walking towards the motel room door. "I'm back Bobby."

"A friend of mine called me yesterday with a case, she was holding the file for someone else but she heard that Dean was hunting with the Winchesters so she thought you guys could take care of it."

"Sure what is it?"

"It has something to do with clowns at a carnival; I'll email Dean the file in a little bit." I shutter at the thought of clowns.

"We'll take it."

"Good. Tell Dean I'll text him in a couple minutes, I just gotta finish something up."

"Sure Bobby. Talk to you later." I shut my phone and as I put it back into my pocket I see Dean walking back to the car with a grossed out look on his face. He opens the car door, drops down into the seat and slams the door shut. "++What?++"

"Ou'r Dad." He says shortly. He takes his hands and signs a few very graphic signs of 'Exactly' what he walked in on.

"EEWW!" God the idea of my dad doing…that…..EEWW! Dean shakes his hands and hits his head into the seat.

++Never again++ he signs with his eyes closed and a second later the back car door opens and Dad drops in.

"Hey you two." He closes the door. Dean opens his eyes and turns to glare at my Dad. He just laughs and pats Dean on the shoulder.

"It's a beautiful part of life son." He says, moving his hands in an attempt to sign but failing miserably.

This is one thing that really pisses me off; Dad isn't even making an effort to learn Deans language. Half the time he forgets that he needs to make sure Dean's looking at him before he talks, and by the time dean catches onto the conversation he's saying the last four words. Dean is his son, you'd think that after selling his soul to save the guy that he'd at least make an effort to communicate with him…

"++We've got a hunt.++" I explain and Dad nods, leaning back into his seat.

"Well what are you waiting for?" he says and I roll my eyes, turning to look at Dean.

++Your Dad's going to text you in a little bit, he just needed to finish something up first.++ he nods his head with a smile.

++Cool. Thanks for letting me know++ he signs then pulls his phone out of his pocket.

"Well." Dad says from the back seat as I start the engine. "Let's get started."

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