Authors Note: Yeah it's been a while, but what can I say, real life pulls the best of us away from the internet. I can't promise constant updates, but I can promise that I wont leave these stories unfinished. I'll end them all, eventually :)

READ ABOUT STORY LINE FOR THE NEXT FEW(between 3 and 6) CHAPTERS: So I'm kinda adding a little bit more conflict in here, because hell; in Supernatural there is never just ONE thing wrong with the boys, am I right? Then after some conflict is put in, a small element from episode 2x10(literally like, the first scene) and then we'll be pushing back to 2x6 for the H.H. Holmes "No Exit" episode. From there, we'll get some John-deciding-what-really-matters type stuff. After that, well let's see how we feel when it comes to episode direction while trying to get John out of the deal:)

Why am I telling you guys this? Because if I give you a very slight outline with specific details, then I gotta stick to it :)

P.S. WARNING: So during Deaf Hunter, like 2 or 3 years ago, I made a promise about keeping the fact that Dean was Bi a very side detail. Well, as of right now, I lied. At the time I didn't know there was gonna be a sequel when I made that promise. Also when re-working this story in my head, I realized that this little aspect of my story could have greater significance when it came to the struggling 'father son' relationship between Dean and John. You guys will start to see in this chapter what's going down, and I hope you guys will like where the story is headed.

"Words"= normal talking.

++Words++= sign language

"++Words++"=Signing and talking.

Words= thoughts

"Words"=Telephone conversation

Words=something written on paper/computer/cell phone

Chapter 6. True Colors. Bobby's Pov.

"Beers all around?" John asks as we all sit down at a table in some rinky-dink, rundown bar in Seattle. Me, Dean and Sam all nod our heads. He taps the table with his knuckles before walking towards the counter.

It's been three weeks and two relatively short hunts since the whole 'is Sam gonna go dark side' shit happened. After meeting back at the Salvage Yard, John decided to continue hunting (the whole family business thing) while he, Sam and Dean tried to gather more information on the psychic army yellow eyes was trying to form. I knew that Dean was still freaked out, so I decided to hunt with them to give Dean moral support. John, though he didn't say anything, hated the fact that I decided to come along, but once he saw the relief on Deans face he lightened up.

"++So I was thinking maybe we could stay here for a few days.++" Sam says, leaning forward. "++Get some rest for a little while and try to find ways to get Dad out of the deal.++" Dean nods.

++That sounds like a good plan++ he signs just as John comes back to the table; holding four bottles of beer in his hands.

"I say we start out with this, then we can go to the drafts later." He passes out the beers before sitting down. "So what's the plan?" he asks. "Look for another hunt?"

John knows we're looking for a way to get him out of his deal, but he's uneasy about it. He fears that if we somehow free him from his one way ticket to hell, that something will happen to Dean. I hate to admit it, but if I was in his situation I would fear the same thing; I would rather go to hell than have Dean die because of a fucked up car wreck.

"We're going to rest for a few days." I say after taking a swig from my beer. "I saw a motel on the way here so we should probably call and see if they have two open rooms." John nods and sets his beer down on the table.

"Two next to each other right?" he asks and I nod. "Be right back." He stands up and walks towards the exit.

++Where is he going?++ Dean asks with a confused look on his face, unable to read our lips clearly due to the dim lighting.

"++He's seeing if the motel down the street has any rooms available.++" He nods.

++He's been kind of…helpful lately, hasn't he?++ I shrug, looking over to see Sam's gaze fixed on the draft selections at the bar.

++I think he's trying to do helpful things to make up for being a shitty parent in the past.++ I sign, not wanting Sam to hear me.

For a while it went under the radar, bringing Dean and Sam's laundry to the local Laundromat, getting Sam a tub of his favorite ice-cream to snack on while doing research, bringing Dean a piece of apple pie when picking up food, just little insignificant things here and there to go on unnoticed. But after a while, he began to do more and more to the point that Dean started to mention things to me when Sam and John were gone. He started acting like this when I decided to hunt with them, as if to prove to himself that he can be a good father to both Sam and Dean. I honestly can't say if Johns sudden niceness is helping Sam at all, but I know for a fact that it isn't winning him any favors for Dean.

First of all, if John really wanted to take a step in the right direction of being a father figure to Dean, he shouldn't have told him to 'kill Sammy if he goes dark side'. Second of all, he would try to learn how to sign, even just a little bit, to be able to speak to his son in his language. And finally, he'd actually try to learn about who Dean really is; hell, the only reason John knows Dean loves apple pie is because I mentioned it to him. John doesn't know what his favorite color is (green), what his favorite beer is (Oberon), that his favorite TV show is Doctor Sexy MD (Dean's crush on Doctor Sexy is borderline fan-girlish, and it's hilarious to see) or the fact that Dean is Bisexual (I'm really scared about how John will react to that one).

The point is, he doesn't know shit about his son; he hasn't even really made an effort to know Dean on a personal level. John bases his knowledge of Dean from when Dean was four years old, and images he created in his head as he lived his life believing his son was dead.

"Benny?!" Dean's shocked voice pulls me from my thoughts, and I widen my eyes at the sight of the familiar tall man.

"++I saw you from over there.++" Benny says with a strong southern accent; his sign language slow and rusty. "++And I wanted to come and see ya .++"

"++Wat are ou doing in Seattle?++" Dean asks, and Benny shrugs. Out of the corner of my eye I see John coming back into the bar.

"++I opened up a diner.++" he signs, then rubs the back of his neck nervously. He looks over towards me and gives me a small, hesitant, smile. "Good to see you Bobby." I sit back in my chair and cross my arms over my chest.

"I wish I could say the same thing son." His smile dies down, and Dean reaches forward to punch me in the arm.

"Bobby." He says warningly, and Benny laughs.

"++I kind of deserve it.++" Dean rolls his eyes. "++So are you guys hunting or…?++" he trails off.

++Resting++ Dean signs. Dean and Benny just look at each other for a few moments before Dean looks over towards the Winchesters with an apologetic smile.

"++Benny, dis is my brother Sam.++" he says, pointing towards Sam after quickly finger spelling his name. "++And dis is my birt father John++" Benny's eyes widen as Sam and John nod their greetings.

"++How did you end up finding them?++ Benny asks, and Dean shrugs.

"++Long story++" Benny bites his lip nervously.

++Do you maybe…wanna catch up a bit?++ he signs, wanting this part of the conversation to be solely between him and Dean. Dean looks to me with a questioning look and I shrug. Dean rubs the back of his neck nervously for a moment before nodding.

"++I'll be back la'er k?++" Dean tells John and Sam as he stands up, knowing I've been following along closely since Benny first stepped up to the table. It looks like John wants to protest, but Sam beats him to it.

"++Go and catch up with your friend man++" He says with a smile, and Dean smiles at him before walking with Benny to a more private end of the bar.

"So why do I get the feeling that they're more than friends?" Sam asks, grabbing his beer from the table and bringing it to his lips. I roll my eyes as I sit forward.

"Benny is Deans ex-boyfriend." Sam spits his beer out all over the table, and Johns eyes widen.

"Wait." Sam chokes out, beating his chest with his fist. "Dean's gay?" I snort a laugh.

"No he's Bisexual."

"Why didn't he say anything?" Sam asks, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. I shrug.

"I don't think he saw a reason to tell you guys right away, hell it took me a year to find out he was Bi." I take a small sip of my beer. "Fuck, when I found out he was scared that I'd run him out of the salvage yard with my shot gun or something. It took me a good hour to reassure him that I didn't give a shit if he liked to bump uglies with men or women, as long as he was happy. " Sam processes the information for a moment before nodding as he grabs some napkins to wipe up the table.

"So I guess I'll need to point out men and women to Dean from now on then." Sam states with a small smile, and I can't help but feel momentary relief at Sam acceptance; but that happy feeling is crushed instantly when looking at John. Anger and disgust cloud his eyes as he tightens his grip on his beer.

We've got a problem.