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"Just admit it, Dean, I won fair and square."

"I will not admit it. The only thing I will admit to is that you clearly cheated." Sam couldn't help the laugh that escaped his lips as his brother proceeded to sulk. The pair had been out for a drink while in town and Dean had got this crazy idea that he could kick his baby brother's ass at pool. Little did he know, Sam was a lot better now than he had been as a fifteen year old and stunned Dean as he managed to pocket every one of his balls and then the black.

"Just be glad you didn't make a bet on it." Sam snickered as Dean kicked a stone into the road. They were in town on the trail of a vampire. As far as they knew, there was only one, but they couldn't be certain that there wasn't a nest there too. All they needed to do was stop the creature before it fed and turned any innocent people into vampires. As they made their way back down the street to their motel, they passed an alleyway, from which they heard sounds of a struggle.

"Do you think we should…" Dean began.

"Yeah." Sam answered before Dean could finish and within seconds the brothers were sprinting down the alley. When they reached the source of the noise, they saw what they had feared.

A blonde haired man was pushed up against a wall by a female whose mouth was attached to his neck. Most people would assume that it was merely a couple making out, however the brothers knew better. One of her hands was pinning both of the man's arms above his head while the other covered his mouth, effectively silencing any cries for help and pushing his head to the side in one go. Glancing at his face, the brothers noticed that the man's eyes were semi-open as he barely held on to consciousness.

"Hey!" Dean shouted, pulling out the knife from his jacket. They may have been at the bar, but they were on a job so needed to be prepared. The vampire turned to them, fangs dripping with the man's blood as she launched herself at Dean. Sam rushed to the man's side as he slid to the ground in an unconscious heap. Lifting his head, he checked for a pulse and was relieved to find one.

Dean hurled a punch at the vampire, who recovered quickly and tried to bite him. Dean was too fast, though, and threw her to the ground, hacking at her neck with the blade. It took a few goes, but soon she was dealt with and Dean threw her body into a nearby dumpster before kneeling next to Sam.

"Is he ok?" he asked as he watched Sam search the man's pockets. When he saw his brother pull out a wallet, he looked over his shoulder. "He from round here?"

"No. Must just be visiting. Maybe for work."

"Not our kinda work though, right?"

"I highly doubt it." Sam shifted as he moved out of Dean's way. "Can you lift him? We should get him back to the motel; explain everything to him when he's awake."

"Sure. Let's just take the newly turned vampire back to the motel and try to sweet talk him into not killing people?"

"Dean…" Sam spoke with a firm voice and Dean gave an exasperated sigh.

"Fine, whatever. But you're the one who's gonna talk to him." With that, he lifted the man into his arms and threw him over his shoulder. "Now, let's go before someone sees something."


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