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Brandt gently opened Benji's door and peered in. The tech was still asleep so he slowly crept in and placed the glass of water next to the bed. He glanced down at the sleeping man, his eyes coming to rest on the two small, yet visible, puncture wounds on his neck. Sam had read him right; Brandt did not want to tell Benji what had happened. He wanted to shield his friend from the memories. But if it meant preventing him from having a breakdown in the future, Will was prepared to do it. He just needed some time to figure out what he was going to say.

He turned to leave the room, however as he reached for the handle, he heard a small noise from behind him.

"Will?" the groggy voice came from the bed & he turned to see Benji sitting up.

"Hey, Benj. How you doing?" Brandt slowly stepped back towards the bed, as he stepped into a clearer view, he saw the tech staring up at him in confusion.

"Brandt? What happened to your head?" Benji motioned towards the bandage covering the analyst's injury before feeling the same material on his own forehead. Lifting a hand to his own temple, Benji blinked a few times. "What happened to my head?"

Brandt sighed and sat on the end of the bed. He had hoped he'd have some time to figure out an approach to breaking this bad news, but unfortunately he knew he had to say something now. He couldn't exactly tell Benji to go back to sleep when he was in one of his inquisitive moods. "Look, Benji, something happened yesterday. Something really strange. You're probably gonna call me crazy and think that I'm lying, but I can assure you, I'm not."

"Brandt, just tell me…" Benji sat up further in his bed. "You're scaring me a bit right now."

"Benji…" gosh why was this so hard? "The other day you were attacked."

"A-attacked?" Benji raised a quizzical eyebrow as he waited for Brandt to continue.

"Yes. Now the person who attacked you was… not exactly… human…" Brandt waited for Benji's laughter to begin but it didn't, so he went on. "You then turned into one of these things and-"

"Wait, one of what things?"

"A…" he was terrified of the reaction Benji would give when he said it. "A vampire." He watched as Benji's brow furrowed and his cocked his head to the side. "Look, I know what you're gonna say, but you've got to believe me."

"You know what I'm gonna say?" Benji asked. Brandt opened his mouth to retort however he didn't know how to respond. "Brandt, ok, yes I think you're crazy and that this is incredibly far-fetched; however I know that you're my best friend and you wouldn't lie to me like this."

"Wow. Ok. Not the reaction I was expecting." Brandt stumbled over his words as he tried to figure out where he was. He continued to explain the events of the previous day to Benji as the tech listened attentively, taking everything in. By the end of it, Benji's jaw was wide, he was unable to fully comprehend what Brandt had just told him.

"Brandt… I…" he was completely dumbfounded. Had he really attacked his best friend? To him, that was the worst part of it. "I'm…"

"I know, Benji." Brandt put a comforting hand on his shoulder. It hadn't been Benji that had attacked him. It had been the creature that had taken over his friend. And he knew that Benji was sorry.

"What about these two guys that you mentioned? Sam and Dean?" Benji asked. "Where are they?" he tried to think back, hoping to remember something about them. According to Brandt, these two brothers saved both of their lives. He wanted to thank them.

"I'm not sure." Brandt explained. "But you had Sam's phone number in your pocket." Brandt handed him the piece of paper and Benji stared at it.

"Benjamin, wait. This is my cell phone, please call me if you need help. Things aren't gonna be pretty."

Benji heard the voice in his head and he suddenly remembered.

"I know where they are."


"There! That's the motel right there." Benji was out of the car before Brandt had even put the handbrake on, running across the parking lot and into the reception of the motel. By the time Brandt had followed him in, he could see that things weren't going to plan already.

"Are you absolutely sure?" Benji was asking. The tone of voice he used was immediately recognisable to the analyst as the one used when Benji was very, very confused. Which wasn't all that often.

"Sorry, sir. But like I said, we have no record of any 'Sam' or 'Dean' staying here."

"Definitely no one under the surname 'Winchester'?" Benji's question was rewarded a frustrated shake of the head.

Brandt walked up behind Benji, who was tapping his fingers nervously on the desk, and raised an eyebrow. "One of them was really tall, long-ish brown hair, the other one was smaller with short brown hair. Drove a black Chevy…" Brandt offered.

"Oh! You must be mistaken. Mr Stark and Mr Rogers were staying here for this past week however they checked out this morning." The receptionist replied cheerfully.

"Thanks…" Benji turned away and made his way to the door with Brandt following close behind. Once they were outside, Benji turned to his friend. "This doesn't make any sense."

"Well, it kind of does." Brandt saw Benji's confused look and began to explain. "I told you what these guys said they do for a living. Maybe they go by aliases when they stay places."

"Stark and Rogers? Seriously? You don't have to even read comics to know who they are." Benji rolled his eyes slightly.

"True." Brandt smiled.

"Now I feel more confused than ever." Benji sulked slightly, wandering back to the car. "Did you explain everything to Ethan and Jane?"

"Yeah…" Brandt rubbed the back of his neck as he remembered the dropped-jaw, wide-eyed expressions on his teammates' faces as he told them what had happened.

"Oh man, I can just picture their faces, hearing that kind of a story." Benji laughed, opening his door.

Brandt couldn't help smiling himself. "You have no idea."


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For anyone who doesn't know Supernatural, throughout the series, when the brothers stay at places or visit hospitals etc, they use alias' – often with names of famous celebrities/characters etc. They've had Agent Angus & Agent Young (Angus Young from ACDC), Agent Tyler & Agent Perry (Steve Tyler & Joe Perry of Aerosmith), Agent Ford & Agent Hamill (Harrison Ford & Mark Hamill from Star Wars), Detective Bachman & Detective Turner (Band called Bachman-Turner Overdrive)… The list is endless!

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