The next day Brian was heading to the elevator. He had just come from a fitting for his suit for the wedding. He was a little ticked off that he hadn't chosen the suit; Reggie had picked out a charcoal one for him to wear for the wedding.

Brian stepped into the elevator and pushed the number for his floor. As the doors were about to close a hand reached out and stopped them, they reopened and Dom walked in to the elevator. Part of Brian was scared, the other part thought Dominic looked hot all in black with his leather jacket. Dominic pushed the button for the top floor and stood on the other side of the elevator.

Both men were quiet for a while. Brian was the first to speak. "I kind of covered up how we really met, so I would of appreciate if you guys pretended the same thing if you run into Reggie."

"Just like you pretended that you loved me," Dominic said angrily.

Brian was hurt. "You're wrong on that part Dom, I did love you."

Dominic hit the emergency button. He eased closer to Brian. "Don't you fucking say things you don't mean," he breathed heavily.

"I mean it Dommie," he said, calling Dominic by the nickname he'd used years ago.

"Shut up! And don't call me that. That's bullshit. You never loved me. You used me to take me and my friends down!"

"Yes I used you guys. It was part of the job. What was not part of the job was falling in love with for you," Brian said the last part softly.

"No, that was a plus for you."

"Damn it Dominic I wish that you would believe me."

"How in the world do you expect me to Brian? Everything was a lie."

"Not everything. The first time I met you I felt an attraction."

Dominic wanted to tell Brian the exact same thing but at that moment he was too hurt and didn't want to let his guard down. "Yeah right."

'Dominic I'm telling you the truth…"

'SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Because everything you say is just a lie. Let me tell you something though. I loved you more than any man I'd ever been with. I wanted to spend my whole life with you. You remember after Race Wars I told you not to leave, to wait for me, I had something to tell you."

"Yes I do."

"Well before you ruined everything I was going to ask you to marry me."

Brian didn't say anything. He was shocked by Dominic's admission. He was so surprised that after knowing each other for only a few months Dominic had planned to propose to him.

"That's how much I loved you back then. I was ready to settle down. Stay out of my way while you're here." Dominic pushed the emergency button and the elevator started going again.

Brian was trying to come up with something to say to Dominic before he reached his floor. He needed to try his best to prove to Dominic that he had loved him with all his heart.

All of a sudden the elevator stopped between floors.

"What the fuck," Dominic said angrily. He tried the buttons but nothing worked.

'Good going Dom," Brian said sarcastically.

"You're blaming this on me?"

"Better than me being blamed this time. If you hadn't pushed the emergency button in the first place this wouldn't have happened."

"This is not my fault."

"Nothing ever is."

"Better watch your mouth O'Connor."

Brian made the mistake of getting into Dominic's face. "And if I don't, what are you going to do?"

Brian hadn't seen it coming. One minute he was standing, the next Dominic's fist was hitting him in the jaw and he was on the floor.

"That," Dominic said

Brian stood up and hit Dominic back. He figured two could play this game, and pushed Dominic back against the wall of the elevator. He was stunned for only a minute, then he growled and went after Brian.

Both men were shoving, pushing and hitting each other in the elevator. At one point they were holding the other by the collar. They were breathing heavily. Brian leaned in and kissed Dominic passionately. Dominic released Brian shoved him away. Brian fell back against the wall, holding onto the rail.

Dominic then stalked over to Brian, grabbed him and kissed him. Brian wrapped his arms around Dominic and opened his mouth. Dominic's tongue slipped in and caressed Brian' hands were all over the other's body. Brian had a leg wrapped around Dominic while Dominic squeezed Brian's butt. Brian moaned into Dominic's mouth.

Finally the elevator started up again. Brian and Dominic didn't realize it until the doors opened. They let go of each other and just stared. Brian walked out of the elevator not looking back.

When the doors closed Dominic punched the wall wondering what on earth had just happened.