A/N – I know, another story, when I have so many already in progress (So many ideas, so little time, *sigh*) but I have recently found, and watched, my old Rescue Ranger VHS tapes (I'd forgotten how much I loved that show) which inspired this story.

First I would like to say that this is not a crossover story, for, really, one main reason, I could not figure out how to use the Rescue Rangers in the Harry Potter world, and make it believable, without wizard kind knowing that animals are in fact rather intelligent (Animagus transformation). That said, I am using Gadget, or at least a character based off of her same name, appearance, and personality. I thought about using the other Rangers, but I only really need, or for that matter want, Gadget. How I get her will be explained in story.

Now for the disclaimer, and I will only say this once, I do not own Harry Potter, Rescue Rangers, or any related characters.


Fourteen year old Harry James Potter double checked that he had the necessary ingredients for the potion he was about to brew.

Despite his just passing potions grade, the young wizard was actually a natural when it came to brewing potions. If Professor Snape would grade fair, and not look the other way when one of his Slytherins (namely one Draco Malfoy) sabotaged his work, he would easily be top of the class, he may even have been allowed to skip a year or two.

The fact that it was the only magic he was allowed to do outside of school didn't hurt. As long he didn't alert the Dursleys to what he was doing, he was fine.

The truth was that he found potion making soothing, and with the events that happened at the beginning of summer, he really needed the soothing.

Last summer, Sirius had sent him his mother's notebook. Lily, as a Charms and Potions Mistress, had been rather intelligent. And her notebook was filled with her own spells and potions that she had invented, or found useful. Some were incomplete, such as the potion recipe Harry was currently attempting, due to Lily not having found the proper combination of ingredients before her death. One of the more complex was an attempt to make a cure for lycanthropy.

The potion Harry was currently attempting to brew, or perhaps he should say create as he was trying to complete his mother's recipe, was a potion that would, hopefully, repair his eyes and remove his need for glasses.

Lily mentioned in her notebook that this potion hadn't even been tested, as she had never completed a first draft of the formula.

Which was why he had a mouse to test it on.

Satisfied that he had the necessary ingredients, Harry lit his small burner and, setting his cauldron over the flame, began to prepare the potion, following his mother's and then his own, instructions.

Three hours later, after letting the potion cool, Harry took a small portion of the potion and placed it in a small dish, which he placed in with the mouse. Bottling the rest of the potion, Harry then proceeded to clean up his small work area.

He checked the time, 12:46 am, and yawned. Taking one last look at the mouse, and confirming that it had drank the potion, Harry turned off the lights and went to sleep.


The mouse in question, a female house mouse, began to undergo significant changes while the young wizard slept, due to the potion she had ingested.

For one, her vision changed from black and white to color and sharpened to 20/20, which would be expected, as the potions was meant to improve her vision.

But the changes didn't stop with her eyes. Her body began to change as well, elongating to 5.67 inches, and becoming much more human like. Her hind legs, grew longer and womanly, while her fore legs, became arms. Her paws became feet and hands, complete with thumb, respectively. Her main body, became actually human like, growing breast as four of her five pairs of mammary glands disappeared.

The fur covering her body also disappeared, leaving smooth creamy skin in it's place. In fact the only places hair was left were the mouse's eyebrows, eyelashes, and the hair on top of her head, which grew down to the base of her tail and turned dirty blond.

Her face became a little more humanized, while still mouse like, and her whiskers disappeared. And her brown-eyes, common to most mice, became blue, though as the potion had put her to sleep while it worked, this would be unnoticeable at the moments.

But perhaps the greatest change that would happen to the mouse would be the increase in her brain power.

Of course none of this would be realized until both mouse and wizard awoke.


Hope you enjoy, and yes, I do have a plan for this story. As for what the mouse is supposed to look like, look up Gadget Hackwrench. I hope you all enjoy. And if you haven't figured it out yet, this story takes place after Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts.

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