Chapter 3

Harry and Gadget's new home in the walnut tree, was ready to be moved into at the end of the day, now that Harry had his new wand. And while there was still a lot to be done, the basic layout of the tree was done. And thanks to magic, the home they had built was much larger than what would have been possible without it. There were five levels to their home so far.

The top floor housed a large hollow for Hedwig, that was plenty big enough for her to stretch out her wings and still fit two more owls. The duo also figured it was big enough for Hedwig to bring in packages if necessary, which could then be shrunk down as necessary. Gadget and Harry planned on adding a refillable water dish, and food bowl for when she didn't want to hunt, or was too busy. Gadget was also reading up on runes, so that they could make the room temperature controlled for the owl. But for now, it was plenty sufficient and Hedwig was very happy about it.

The next floor down, which would be labeled the second floor, contained a master bedroom, which was still rather bare, only having a shrunken down to fit, king-sized bed so that the two mice had a place to sleep while they worked on everything else (It had taken Gadget giving Harry their first kiss, leaving the young wizard rather stunned, and pointing out that they already slept in the same bed, just in different forms, to get him to agree that it would be easier for them to just start sleeping in the same bed rather than moving into the same room later as their relationship progressed.). Attached to the bedroom was the unfinished master bathroom, which so far contained only a toilet and sink that Gadget had worked all day on, looking up and carving the appropriate runes for Harry to charge so that they would have a working bathroom. There was also a room that was designated to be another spare bathroom. As well as three spare rooms that had yet to be decided, one room that would be turned into a library, and two rooms that would be turned into offices, one for Harry and one for Gadget.

The second floor down from the top would be the main floor and contain a kitchen, the main living area, another bathroom, and a recreation room. Outside the main floor, Harry would be doing some of the more difficult spell casting, widening and strengthening branches at specific points to create a large patio and landing pad.

What would be the first basement would contain a potion lab for Harry, a gym, an indoor pool and hot tub, a dueling room, and two more bathrooms.

The last floor, which would be the second basement, would contain Gadget's workshop, another bathroom, and a hanger/garage that would, hopefully, have two entrances, one at ground level, and one that would actually be at the same level as the main entrance, assuming Gadget could carve the correct runes at the desired locations. It would also, hopefully, have a door that would allow Gadget to go from the workshop to the second floor without having to traverse three flight's of stairs.

It had taken most of the day for Harry to expand the inside of the tree to such proportions. And tomorrow, while Gadget began the long process of building and carving runes into various furnishings, so that they would actually work as the tree had no plumbing or electricity, Harry would be casting spells on the tree, inside and out, to keep their home alive and well, as well as charging the runes Gadget would be carving.

So as Harry laid in his and Gadget's bed, magically exhausted from work, dressed in a plain-white tee shirt and red plaid pajama bottoms, he didn't notice Gadget enter the bedroom from the bathroom, wearing a long white tee, which came down to her knees, over a pair of pink panties that Harry had actually bought before shrinking down for his girlfriend.

"I'm sorry it took so much out of you today," Gadget said, drawing his attention to her.

When Harry noticed Gadget's sleeping attire, more specifically her lack of pants, he blushed. "It's okay," he mumbled shyly, earning a giggle from the blond mouse.

"What's the matter Harry?" Gadget teased. "You don't like my PJ's? I can always take them off if you'd prefer."

"Uhh...," was Harry's only response.

Gadget smiled and slipped into bed, giving Harry a quick peck on the cheek. "I'm only teasing Harry," she assured him. Noticing he was still a bit tense she said, "Relax. We're just going to sleep, neither of us is ready to go any further yet."

Harry smiled, but remained tense. "I know. I'm just not used to being so close to someone when I sleep. Give some time and I'm sure I'll relax." He leaned over and shared a chaste kiss with her. "Goodnight love."

Gadget smiled as she replied, "Goodnight Harry."


As Harry and Gadget were falling asleep in their new home, Albus Dumbledore was convening an emergency meeting of the Order of the Phoenix.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice," Albus said, beginning the meeting. "I'm afraid that earlier this evening, dementors attacked Number 4 Privet Drive. "He shot a glare an Mundungas Fletcher. "We were not alerted in time due to the fact that our guard abandoned his post to make a back-alley deal."

Fletcher flinched under, not only the headmaster's glare, but the glare of several other Order members, especially those of Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, and both Arthur and Molly Weasley.

"All three of the Dursleys were kissed," Dumbledore continued. "Fortunately, Harry was not home at the time. Moody is watching the house, waiting for him to return so that we may bring him here."

"He won't be returning," Moody said, entering the kitchen. "I just finished examining the house, I was trying to see if I could find anything indicating where Potter went. His room was cleared out, no trunk, no owl, nothing," the grizzled former auror explained. "Wherever the lad went, he wasn't planing on returning for some time."

"That is troubling," Albus mused aloud. Turning his attention back to the gathered Order he said, "We must find Harry. Severus, do you know if Voldemort ordered the dementors to Surrey?"

Severus Snape shook his head. "If he has, I do not know of it."

Albus sighed. "The only good thing that has come from this is that, after being informed, Madame Bones has started an official inquiry at the Ministry, into finding out why two dementors were so far from Azkaban. But I fear, even if she finds some connection to Voldemort, Fudge will simply sweep it under the rug. Unfortunately, the Ministry is also aware of Harry's disappearance, which means that it is likely that Voldemort, if he doesn't already, will know Harry is missing very soon."

"Then what are we waiting for," Sirius demanded. "We should be out looking for him."

"And how exactly were you planing on searching for him Black?" Snape sneered. "I'm sure you're aware that the Deatheaters know your animagus form."

"It's better than sitting here," Sirius growled.

"ENOUGH!" Albus commanded, before Snape could make another retort. Casting glances at both men, he continued to speak. "Sirius is right, we do need to search for Harry. Arthur, if you would, take Remus with you and wait at the Burrow, as he is unaware that you and your family have moved here, he may make his way there."

"Of course," Arthur said, sharing a look with Remus, who nodded his head in agreement, before the two left.

"Alastor, take Nymphadora and check Diagon Alley, specifically the Leaky Cauldron."

Moody nodded, as Tonks hair turned red, though she refrained from reprimanding Dumbledore for use of her name as she followed her former mentor out.

"I ask that the rest of you keep your eyes open for any sign of Mr. Potter," Albus told the rest of the Order. "Molly, perhaps you should speak to the children, Harry may have, or possibly will, write them with information on his whereabouts."

"Of course," Molly agreed. "I can speak to them after the meeting, unless you'd rather I go speak to them now?"

"This meeting is over," Albus told the group. "So feel free to go speak to them now," Albus told the matronly woman.

As the Order filtered out of his house, Sirius Black remained seated at the dining room table, his hand running worriedly over his chin. "You better be alright Harry," he mumbled to himself. "Merlin you better be alright." As he stood up, he didn't bother to wipe away the tear of worry that was falling down his cheek.


Gadget awoke first.

It took a few moments for her mind to follow her body, but when it did, she smiled. Harry was spooned up behind her. One arm rested under her head, as his warm breath caressed her neck. His other arm was wrapped around her stomach, just under breast. Her tail rested between his legs, which were intertwined with hers, and curled together with his own.

Sighing in content, Gadget gently snuggled back into Harry. She smiled when Harry's arm tightened around her.

Closing her eyes, she relaxed and let the sound of Harry's heartbeat sooth her. She didn't fall back asleep, but she didn't want to get up and break the moment she was having either.

About twenty minutes later, she felt Harry's breathing change.

Moments later, Harry mumbled, "Good morning," into Gadget's hair.

Gadget grinned. "Morning Harry. Ready to get to work?"

Harry groaned, and gently laid a kiss on her neck, sending shivers down Gadget's spine. "What if I don't want to get up? I'm incredibly comfortable right now."

"As much as I would love to just lay in bed with you all day," the blond haired mouse informed him, "we have to finish getting our home set up so we can enjoy it." She was silent for a moment. "I'm glad you're comfortable waking up holding me. I enjoy it," she admitted.

"So do I," Harry reassured her.

Smiling, Gadget removed herself from Harry's arms and sat up on the bed. Stretching out her arms, she said, "Come on, the sooner we're done, the sooner we can enjoy our home."


When Harry and Gadget sat down for dinner, there was still a lot of work to be done, but the tree was finally beginning to look like a home.

All of the bathrooms, as well as the kitchen and dining room had been set up, as had Hedwig's floor. And, after a brief trip to the nearest muggle city in the plane, which Gadget had newly dubbed as the Ranger, to do some salvage from the local junkyard, Gadget had begun construction on a generator to provide electricity to their various appliances. Harry had finished the patio/landing pad, as well as, briefly turning human, cast fireproofing, anti-rot, and vitality charms on the tree. As well as charging the various runes Gadget had carved, for various reasons.

There was still a lot of work to do, but most of the major jobs were done.

Gadget, being relatively hopeless in the kitchen, sat at the table as Harry served dinner, macaroni and cheese, with garlic bread-sticks.

"I think we should name our home," Harry said, as he seated himself. "I know my best friend's family call their home the Burrow."

Gadget smiled, before taking a bite of her macaroni. She moaned in pleasure as she ate. "This is amazing, how do you do it?"

Harry smiled, pleased that Gadget enjoyed the food. He shrugged, "I just add more than one type of cheese."

"However you do it, keep doing it," Gadget said. She smiled ruefully. "Sorry about not answering your question, but this is delicious. Did you have anything in mind for a name?"

"Not really," Harry admitted, as he took a bite of his own food. "Plus, I kinda figured that I named you, so you should name our home."

Gadget smiled. "Thank you Harry. I appreciate the gesture. I'll tell you when I come up with something."

The rest of the meal passed in pleasant conversation.


After dinner, Harry went to the top floor to check on Hedwig. He was surprised to see a letter setting off to the side.

He turned and smiled at his oldest friend, "Looks like you've kept yourself busy. Do you like our new home?"

Hedwig bobbed her head once, before nuzzling him gently with her beak.

Harry smiled and patted her. "I'm glad you like it, it's much roomier than that old cage I had to keep you in at the Dursleys." He turned to the letter and pulled his wand. "I suppose I better take care of this though."

Hedwig hooted her agreement as Harry pointed his wand at the letter.

"Reducio," he said softly.

The letter slowly shrank, until Harry turned his wand away, breaking the spell. Picking up the letter, he opened it, and began to read as he left Hedwig to her devices.


Where are you? Your relatives were attacked by dementors, and we're worried about you. All of the Dursleys were kissed. Just tell us where you are, and someone will come get you, and bring you to safety. Please Harry, I need to know you're safe.


Harry had stopped moving down the stairs as he read. The Dursleys had been kissed. Sure he didn't like them, but he wouldn't wish the kiss on anyone, except maybe Pettigrew and Voldemort.

Sitting down on the stairs, he sat silently, absorbing the information.

He was still sitting there when Gadget came to find him twenty minutes later.


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