This story as a whole will be a series of unrelated ficlets related to the Growling Verse that are not verse compliant. Basically if I write more it will just be a series of smutty little fics when someone lost their cool and forced Derek and Stiles to confront their feelings. I can't say this will ever be updated so it will be marked complete regardless, though I do have something planned with Jasmine catching Stiles and Derek going at it. Anyway, enjoy.

Title – The Plan
Author – Moonbeam
Rating – R
Word Count – 1456
Where It Fits Into The Growling 'Verse – After Five Times Part 04 – Mary, before they moved in together.
Disclaimer – Not mine, mainly because if it was mine they wouldn't show it on TV, it would have to be porn and you'd have to go behind the special curtain.
Author Notes – This is for lowlifetheory, I know printing the document was good but I thought something else to make you smile, not the Jasmine one you suggested but maybe next time :P

The Plan
by Moonbeam

Lydia was sick of it all, horridly sick of it, if they didn't get over this soon she was going to throw herself-no she was going to throw THEM off the roof…not high enough she was going to drag them to the Grand Canyon and throw them off that. Something had to be done; they were so painfully oblivious to the other's affections and as cute as they were and as good together as they would be Lydia wanted desperately to strangle them both.

Something had to be done!

But what?

Something drastic that neither of them would be able to get out of unless they broke down and fucked like the horny little bastards they are. The stench of pheromones and all the other things that mixed together to create the unmistakable smell of horny was over powering whenever they were in the same room or within sight of each other, hell sometimes when they were apart she could tell when they were so much as thinking about the other since the smell was unmistakable, she needed them to have sex for her sanity and for their physical health.

She needed a plan!

It took her three days to come up with the perfect plan.

She had a contact at uni who could procure anything…she got enough for fell a rhino hoping it would take down a fully formed alpha.

She stabbed him in the back of the neck when he was busy with something else. He half transformed and turned to her growling just before he dropped on the floor completely passed out. She smiled as she threw the syringe away and changed so she was stronger to manhandle him down the stairs and into the panic room she threw him onto the floor and pulled out her phone.

"Stiles!" Lydia cried as soon as he answered the phone.

"Lydia, what's wrong?" Came Stiles' panicked voice through the phone.

"It's Derek, I don't know what happened can you come?"

"Where are you?" Lydia could already hear the Jeep roaring to life through the phone.

"His house, the panic room. Hurry please."

"Yes." Stiles dropped the phone and Lydia could hear him swearing before she disconnected and grinned at herself in the mirror just visible through the bathroom door.

She ran upstairs and retrieved the plastic bag from her car and went into the bathroom and dumped the contents out into the sink. She sorted out the last of the things she had brought down with her and looked around with an evil grin. She didn't think they'd need anything else.

She went back out to stand by the door wringing her hands and giving the performance of a lifetime. Moments later she could hear the Jeep in the distance. The jeep hadn't even been turned off before the door was open and Stiles was half out the car. Lydia could not understand how Derek was missing this, missing how much Stiles was lost to him – stupid bloody oblivious alphas.

"Lydia! What happened?"

"He just passed out. I don't know."

"Where is he?" Stiles asked striding into the house.

"Panic room."

"Why?" Stiles asked as he started down the stairs to the basement.

"Seemed safe in case someone came knowing he was passed out, in case it was deliberate."

"Okay." Stiles saw Derek on the floor and rushed into the panic room allowing Lydia with an evil smile on her face to close and lock the door behind him. She bolted the door and then pulled the camp chair out she'd been hiding along with a book while Stiles having realised she'd locked him in started banging on the door.

"Lydia! What are you doing, let me out." Stiles demanded banging on the door.

"Stiles, sweetheart when Derek wakes up I will explain everything, there are a couple of books in the cupboard - entertain yourself until he wakes up." Lydia said finding her spot in the book and reading.

"You know what's wrong with him?" Stiles called.

"Yes. I drugged him." Lydia called out with a grin.

"Oh God, you've finally snapped, gone evil and are going to kill us both to take over the pack."

Lydia gave that idea some thought but decided against it, more fun to just sit back and manipulate others. "I will explain when Derek wakes up."

"How long?"

"No idea, I just gave him everything I bought."

Lydia could hear Stiles hefting Derek off the floor and onto the bed. She grinned, he was nothing if not predictable - he would fuss over Derek until he woke up.

An hour later Lydia jumped when she heard Derek bellow her name; she blinked down at her book for a few moments and then slid the bookmark back in and sat waiting.

"Lydia!" Derek bellowed as his senses came back to him.

"Derek, calm down." Stiles said suddenly appearing over him.

Derek forced himself to sit up, he looked around and saw that he'd been thrown into the panic room, they were both in the panic room and the door was bolted.

"What is going on?" Derek asked standing up and making for the door before the effects of whatever Lydia had given him reared their ugly head and he stumbled. Stiles was there straight away sliding himself under Derek's arm and getting him back to the bed.

"It's locked and you said it was alpha proof. She said she'd explain when you were awake."

Derek pulled Stiles onto the bed next to him so they could both sit with their backs braced against the wall.

Lydia smiled at the door relaxed now that they were both in the room and there was absolutely no chance that they would be able to get out until they did what she wanted.

"Lydia." Stiles called out. "We are up, can you explain now."

"Derek." Lydia started. "There is something wrong with Stiles."

"What?" Derek demanded from the other side of the door.

"Smell his neck; you should be able to tell." Lydia prompted biting down on her lip.

"He smells normal." Derek said after a long time.

"You call yourself a werewolf and seriously cannot smell the arousal pouring off him. I can smell it out here."

"Lydia!" Stiles screeched followed swiftly by "Derek!"

Stiles flinched away as Derek leaned in again to sniff at his neck, Stiles' cock twitched at the feel of Derek's nose sliding along the long line of his neck.

"Is she right?" Derek muttered into Stiles' neck.

Stiles couldn't think of a single thing to say. Derek leaned forward and sniffed at the other side of his neck, his hand on Stiles' thigh to keep his balance.

"Is that the smell that is always there, lying dormant under the smell of berries and the ocean?" Derek asked his hot breath ghosting over Stiles' neck.

Stiles bit down hard on his bottom lip to keep from moaning.

"I've been very silly." Derek said grabbing one of Stiles' hands and pressing it into his crotch.

"Uh." Stiles grunted before launching himself at Derek forcing the werewolf to land on the floor before Stiles chased him down, settling on Derek' thighs and pressing their erections together. He stared at Derek for a moment before leaning down to attack Derek's mouth, their teeth smashed together and Stiles' nose pressed into the side of Derek's but neither could pull away to correct anything, they just pulled one another closer as Stiles rutted against Derek his hands braced on the floor either side of Derek's head. Derek's hands reached down gripped Stiles' backside firmly and pressed them together tightly rutting up against Stiles.

Stiles ripped his mouth away from Derek's, his back arched as he came with a grunt followed moments later by Derek.

Stiles collapsed forward onto Derek who wrapped his arms around Stiles' feeling completely boneless but unable to let him go.

Lydia grinned; she wished she'd been able to actually see what the two of them had just done though the sounds were enough to give her a healthy flush. Lydia grabbed her camp chair and her book figuring they'd find the note tapped to the mirror when they went to clean up, and the sink full of lube and condoms. Hopefully she'd provided them with enough she wasn't letting them out for a while, she'd made sure they had enough food to get by. She needed to go and call Allison to tell her all about it. That was when Lydia remembered that Derek had set up a video so they would be able to see what the werewolf was doing in the panic room. She cackled and rang Allison before going upstairs.

The End

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