Title – Karma Is A Bitch, As Are You
Author – Moonbeam
Rating – NC-17
Word Count – 3441
Where It Fits Into The Growling 'Verse – During Possessiveness, Miscommunication of Jealousy after chapter 8.
Disclaimer – Not mine, mainly because if it was mine they wouldn't show it on TV, it would have to be porn and you'd have to go behind the special curtain.
Author Notes – This is what was supposed to happen in the last one, but you got two for the price of one :)

These are too much fun!

Karma Is A Bitch, As Are You
by Moonbeam

"Stiles." Jasmine said coming into the kitchen behind him.

"Jasmine." Stiles kept his back to Jasmine and focussed on getting his tea.

"I was watching you." Jasmine pressed he body next to Stiles'.


"I know. You want him. You love him."

"Jackson? Yeah, he is pretty lovely."

"Not Jackson." Jasmine hissed stepping away with a shove to Stiles' shoulder making Stiles' hip hit into the counter painfully. "You want Derek."

"To do what?"

"Bend you over this counter and fuck you like the little bitch you are." Jasmine said in a low menacing voice.

"Jasmine, why don't you go back into the lounge room?"

"Because you think you are going to get him, you think if you do what he says and cook and clean and do whatever you can for him he'll throw you a bone and fuck you."

"Jasmine." Stiles isn't sure what he's warning Jasmine for she is obviously going to say whatever she wants so long as the sound of the dishwasher is loud enough to hide her words.

"Are you going to lie to me?"

Stiles shook his head and picked up the kettle which had boiled and poured the hot water into his mug.

"Not even going to say anything? He's not going to you know. He's straight. I know, he fucked me repeatedly out in nature under the full moon."

Stiles dunked his tea bag into the water again and again.

"Why would he want a scrawny little human like you?"

"Jasmine, who I want or do not want is none of your business. Derek is my alpha and my friend and I am being nice to you only because you knew Laura. You need to leave me alone."

Jasmine grabbed Stiles' shoulder painfully digging her thumb into the soft tissue beneath his collar bone. She stopped when Stiles hissed and she leaned close.

"Derek will be mine again," Jasmine said. "Don't get in my way. You might want him but I am going to have him."

"Jasmine get your hand off me." Stiles grit out around the pain blooming under her fingers.

"Or what?"

"Or I will make you." Derek said just as he yanked Jasmine's hand off Stiles' shoulder and Stiles staggered forward. Derek held out a hand and grabbed him. "Trust me," Derek hissed at Jasmine. "I am a much nicer option."

"Why, he's a pathetic little human."

"Who just boiled a cup of aconite tea." Derek chuckled and curled a hand around Jasmine's arm and yanked her away from Stiles, she stumbled into the other side of the kitchen. "Are you okay?" Derek asked when he turned back to Stiles.

"Fine." Stiles said pushing his cup of tea further back on the counter. "Sorry about that."

"It's good; it's why we bought it."

"Derek, how can you do this?" Jasmine said stepping forward and putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Do what Jasmine?" Derek asked when he spun around.

"Pick him."

"He is a member of my pack."

"You want him too?" Jasmine screeched.

"So what?" Derek said.

"He's weak."

"Jasmine, I think you need to leave my house."

"Derek, I'm just going to go home, you and Jasmine can catch up over Laura and when she's gone I'll come back." Stiles started to step around Derek but he span on Stiles.

"Do you honestly think I would let her stay here now?"

"She knows Laura."

"And you are my pack, and much more important to me than talking to someone about Laura, I knew Laura I don't need someone else for that. Don't you know how important you are to me?" Derek asked moments before he pushed Stiles back and sealed his lips over the younger man's. Stiles ended up pressed between Derek's large frame and the cool metal of the fridge door.

"Derek!" Jasmine screeched.

Derek and Stiles ignored her much more intent on exploring each other's mouths.

"What's wrong?" Scott said when he came in through the door. "Oh my."

"Alright Stiles, finally bagged the Derek." Danny said with a smile.

"I think we should leave if that hand is any indication." Lydia said watching one of Derek's hands slip beneath the fabric of Stiles' shirt to press into the pale flesh he found.

"Yeah, we should definitely leave." Scott said. "I don't want to see this."

"Jasmine, come with me." John commanded.

"No John."

"Yes Jasmine." John said letting his eyes change and stepping up to her, staring her down until she bowed her head and nodded. "We will find a motel for the night and come back tomorrow for our things."

"Yes John." Jasmine said walking from the room next to him but turning and watching Derek and Stiles still twinned together pressed against the fridge knocking all the magnets and papers from the surface.

The visiting werewolves left the house and Derek's pack stood in the kitchen for a moment.

"We should leave." Jackson said trying not to watch Derek molesting Stiles.

"But they are so lovely to watch." Lydia said Allison nodding next to her.

Jackson and Scott grabbed Allison and Lydia and pulled them from the room and the house with Danny trailing behind them.

Derek heard the pack leave but he was much more focussed on the man in front of him whose fingers were dipping into the back of his pants stroking the skin he found there while his other hand was buried in the fine hair at the back of Derek's neck. Derek ran his hand up under Stiles' shirt curling his hands into the skin over his ribs swallowing little moans and sighs he received in response. Derek dropped his other hand to Stiles' neck allowing his thumb to stroke at the skin over his pulse. Derek trailed his hand down and Stiles hissed pulling his mouth away panting.

"What?" Derek asked bending down to catch Stiles' eyes.

"My shoulder."

"Right." Derek gripped the bottom of Stiles' shirt and pulled it up. "I need to have a look."

"Okay." Stiles blushed and Derek pressed forward pecking at Stiles' lips.

Derek pushed the top up and off throwing it back onto the table behind him, with any luck Stiles wouldn't want it again until sometime next week. He took in Stiles' chest allowing himself to look as much as he wanted this time which he never normally did. His eyes caught on the red mark just inside of Stiles' shoulder. It had already bloomed red and Derek knew it would be bruised by morning. He touched the skin gently smoothing his thumb over the mark. Stiles looked down at it and grimaced.

"I should probably put some ice on it." Stiles said hesitant to move away from Derek's touch.

"Probably." Derek said pressing forward and kissing the red skin.

"That works too." Stiles muttered his heartbeat thumping in his chest and he could feel it beating in his hands and feet and everywhere in between.

"I would really like for us to go upstairs now and then maybe we could talk about this." Derek said.

"Or we could chat on the way up the stairs and have sex in your room." Stiles said.

"I like your plan better." Derek said grabbing Stiles' hand and tugging him out of the kitchen and towards the stairs.

"I am in love with you." Stiles said. "I could lie about it but truth is I just am and have been for a long time."

"You shouldn't get involved with me. People I love tend to die."

Stiles turned and stepped up onto the step above Derek. "Don't be daft."

Derek looked up at Stiles and lifted his eyebrow.

"I am not going anywhere so honestly being involved with you is so much better than just pining after you and wanking in the shower." Stiles rolled his eyes at his own mouth and Derek responded by lifting up to kiss him. "You are a complete dork."

"Thanks?" Stiles said not entirely sure that was a compliment.

"I wank in the shower too." Derek said. "This is a weird conversation; I always have the most surprising conversations with you."

"So we are in love with each other, apparently the entire pack knows and you are over thinking this is a bad idea."

"The whole pack knows?"

"They told me they knew about me the other day and none of them seemed surprised you had me pressed into the fridge a few minutes ago."

"No, but for a moment I was worried I might have to stop to kick Lydia out before she tried to come up and watch."

Stiles laughed and because he could he leaned closer and pressed his mouth to Derek's. Derek pulled him close running his hands along the skin over Stiles' spine before stepping up onto the step with Stiles. Stiles took the hint and they began walking up the stairs lips attached while Stiles buried his hands below Derek's shirt pushing it up until Derek let him go, pulled his mouth away and allowed Stiles to pull the top off and throw it over the bannister. Stiles grinned at him and turned walking towards his room. He was toeing off his shoes and pulling his socks off when Derek got to the door. Derek grinned and followed his example shutting the door at his back.

Stiles turned his eyes to Derek and grinned.

"Should we wait and take some time before we do this?" Derek asked when his feet were sinking into the carpet as he walked towards Stiles who had sat on the edge of the bed.

"God no. Take your pants off." Stiles said.

"Yes Sir." Derek dropped his hands to his belt and started to undo them pushing his jeans down his legs leaving him in nothing but his black boxer briefs.

"Glad to see you know your place." Stiles said just as Derek pushed him back onto the bed and undid his pants yanking them off his body before he was able to even finish the sentence. "Impatient aren't you?"

Stiles' voice turned into a deep moan when Derek settled down on top of him one of his legs sliding between Stiles' bringing their hard erections against one another. Stiles pressed his body up into Derek's curling one of his legs around Derek's and attaching his lips to the skin over his adam's apple allowing his teeth to graze over the stubble there. Derek's hand settled down on his hip curling around the bone and pressing their lower bodies together. Stiles thrust up into Derek his cloth covered erection sliding along the side of Derek's causing them both to move their hips harder and faster their mouths coming together in open mouthed kisses that was more breathing into one another's mouths as their bodies took complete control. Stiles hands gripped the skin over Derek's shoulder blades, one of Derek's hands still wrapped around his hip holding them together tightly while his other was next to Stiles' head trying to keep himself from squashing Stiles beneath him.

"Derek." Stiles moaned into his mouth. "I am going to…oh crap."

Derek increased the press of his hips until Stiles' entire body contorted and he shoved every part of his torso up into Derek's, his leg tightening until Derek could feel the hot wetness through both of their jocks.

After a while Stiles' body relaxed and he sank into the bed beneath him his leg still hooked over Derek's dragging the werewolf down with him his hard cock pressing into the space where Stiles' thigh met his cock.

Stiles breath was still coming out rough and Derek could feel the heavy beat of his heart everywhere.

"Stiles?" Derek asked kissing along his neck, kissing down to the red mark on his shoulder and along his collar bone nipping at the skin, sucking on the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

"Derek." Stiles gasped out when Derek's tongue licked into the hollow behind his ear.

"Come back to me yet."


"Good." Derek moved down Stiles' body sealing his lips over his nipple, trailing over his ribs still working hard to give him enough room to breathe. Derek licked at the salty skin, nipping at it mapping and learning; trying to find all the places that would make Stiles groan or beg. Derek reached the edge of Stiles' underwear pulling them off flooding his nose with the scent of Stiles' orgasm. Derek pulled them all the way down his legs throwing them over his shoulder towards the floor. Derek licked at the skin around Stiles' spent cock licking the evidence of his pleasure from the skin of his upper thighs and lower abdomen. Derek savoured the taste on his tongue before swallowing Stiles' cock feeling the member in his mouth beginning to fill again.

"Derek. Please come back up here."

Derek crawled his way back up his body letting his nose and mouth trail along Stiles' skin trying to find new spots to enjoy. Stiles hooked his arms under Derek's arms and hauled him up to seal their mouth together Stiles tasting the hint of his own come on Derek's tongue as he tried to flip them over. Derek planted his legs and arms and refused to budge.

Stiles pulled back to poked Derek in the neck. "Stop being difficult."

"No, if you start to touch me properly this will be over and I want to come inside of you."

Stiles closed his eyes at the words his hips involuntarily bucking up against Derek. "Okay, that's…that's an excellent idea."

Derek reached over and yanked the drawer out pulling too hard causing the drawer to bash to the floor. Derek swore and Stiles laughed before he squirmed out from beneath Derek to twist until he could reach mess, he hunted for the bottle of lube and handed it back to Derek.

"Condom!" Derek ground out mouthing his way along Stiles' back licking at the freckles he saw over the bump of his spine.

Stiles found a condom and handed it back to Derek before snaking back onto the bed and beneath Derek who let himself go so he was resting against Stiles again. Derek kissed Stiles slowly, licking his mouth open tasting him and waiting for Stiles to go limp beneath him before pulling away and tugging his jocks off. Stiles was looking at him so Derek held himself in place allowing Stiles' eyes to rake over his body while he took in Stiles'.

"How do you want me?" Stiles asked reaching his hand up to curl around the soft skin of Derek's wrist to tug his body back down until they were flush together again.

"Every way known to man." Derek responded kissing Stiles quickly and roughly their teeth knocking but neither caring.

"Well that's great but for right now?" Stiles asked with a grin.

"Like this, I want to see you." Derek said arching back to rip the condom from its case and sliding it over his painfully hard cock. He tightened his fingers around his base to hold off his orgasm as he looked down at the object of his fantasies wanton beneath him. "Are you ready?"

"Have been for about three years." Stiles grinned lifting one of his legs to open his thighs wider Derek's eyes flittering down to the space behind Stiles' balls.

Derek dropped his mouth down sealing it over Stiles' swollen head while he opened the lube and coated his fingers with too much of it before trailing them down over Stiles' balls, over his perineum making Stiles buck up into his mouth and then down to swirl around Stiles' entrance.

Derek pulled his mouth away and caught Stiles' eyes. "I haven't done this to anyone else before. If I do something you don't like tell me?"

Stiles nodded his teeth creating an indent in his lips too tantalising not to kiss so Derek pushed himself up and kissed him, nibbling on his lower lip as his fingers swirled around Stiles' opening pressing forward until the muscle relaxed and Derek pressed his forefinger into Stiles causing the younger man to pull away and throw his head back in a silent moan. Derek pressed in further the lube allowing him to slide into the hot tightness of Stiles' body. After a moment Stiles came back to Derek pressing his mouth to Derek's in a hungry, desperate kiss as his hips bucked. Derek moved his fingers as Stiles' tongue mapped his mouth and his fingers dug into the skin of Derek's upper arms.

Derek abandoned Stiles' mouth as he pressed a second finger in dropping his mouth back down to wrap around Stiles' cock scissoring his fingers and twirling, pressing, crooking and thrusting them until Stiles' hands tight in his hair yanked his head away from the hard cock in his mouth so Stiles could look in his eyes as he begged for more.

Derek watched Stiles as he pressed a third finger in, Stiles' eyes widening at the intrusion. Derek's fingers paused for a moment until with eyes that were almost completely black with need Stiles met his eyes and asked for more. Stiles ground his entrance down on Derek's fingers and alternatively thrusting his hips up to try and find his way back into the wet heat of Derek's mouth. As Derek's fingers pressed into the bundle of nerves inside of Stiles he swallowed him to the hilt again humming around his hard cock as his fingers worked hard to open him up. Derek knew if he didn't bury himself in Stiles soon he would just paint the bed beneath him with his come.

"Derek." Stiles panted. "Derek." Stiles' hands gripped Derek's ears tugging at him. "Derek."

"Mmmm?" Derek asked around Stiles.

Stiles responded by bucking up it took him another couple of heartbeats to remember what he had been trying to do.

"Derek. Stop, please. I need. I want. Please I need your cock."

Derek pulled his mouth away from Stiles. "You need my cock?"

Derek's croaky voice made Stiles' cock twitch. "I want you inside of me please."

Derek twisted and turned his fingers inside of Stiles a few more times before pulling them free and pouring more lube on them coated his cock. Derek gripped Stiles' knee and moved him until he was more open before settling between his thighs his blunt head resting against the stretched and begging muscle of Stiles' entrance. Derek caught Stiles' lips again as Derek pressed in, he felt Stiles tense around him and once his thick head was enclosed in Stiles he paused pulling his mouth away from Stiles who chased his lips while his hands found Derek's hips and coaxed him to push in more until Derek was balls deep in Stiles and he stopped to give himself a moment to come to terms with all of the sensations pulsing around of him.

Derek's hips tried for a rhythm, found one fast and desperate but before long his thrusts became erratic, his cock sliding and dragging in and out of Stiles his mouth sealed over Stiles' mouth, and his neck, the curve of his shoulder biting down hard when Stiles tightened around him and his hips stuttered. Derek reached a hand down between them, curled his fingers around Stiles and pumped him with the same frantic, needy pace as his cock inside of Stiles. He had wanted this too long, needed to be inside of Stiles for too long for this to be anything but fast and when Stiles bit down hard on the juncture between his shoulder and neck and came coating both of their stomachs with his white seed Derek saw stars as his balls tightened, his body tingled and his hips thrust up roughly one last time as he came harder than he could remember having come before his body sinking down onto Stiles without a thought.

Sometime later, enough for the seed on them both to have cooled and Derek's brain to have solidified again he pulled from Stiles gently and tied the condom off throwing it in the bin as Stiles grabbed the closest piece of clothing he could find to clean them both off. When they were done Derek curled up around Stiles and they pressed together as their hearts settled and they fell asleep.

The next day Jasmine looked at Derek's door her ears picking up the sound of grunting from upstairs, Derek's voice floating down to her hypersensitive ears begging that human to fuck him harder already. Jasmine shifted and growled moments before John grabbed her arm and shoved her back into the car.

The End