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All characters are property of NCIS and CBS. This story is very much Tony and Gibbs Centric and rather AU I fudged Tony's age a wee bit I'm assume Gibbs would be 55 and Dinozzo 35 in modern 2012 NCIS. What happens when Gibbs reverts back into little Gibbs and has No recollection of ever being more than a boy?

Retired Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs had been working for NIS ( Navy Investigation Service) for fifteen years, quite a long time. Some would say almost a career. He'd seen Mike Franks move on to an NIS consulting position in Hawaii. Franks overcame his smoking problem but he still had his eyes set for bikini clad women. Ducky the quirky coroner had found love with a blond named Thelma and had taken early retirement and settled down in his native homeland. Gibbs was happy for the two men however he couldn't say the same for his life. Gibbs felt so alone.

Things were not the same at NIS with out Franks and Dr. Mallard the new senior agent who transferred from Rota was a complete douche. He clearly favoured any agent who wasn't Jethro Gibbs thats why Gibbs found himself walking through the frozen streets of Baltimore after his so called boss left his ass behind because it took a little too long for the Barista to make his coffee. The weather wasn't particularly bad, the wind wasn't strong but it sure was cold, lost in thought Gibbs slipped on a patch of ice whacking his head on the fire hydrant. He tried to fight the on coming darkness but still over took him.

Little Jethro Gibbs was really cold. When the little boy woke up he had no idea where his was, it certainly was not his bed. Jethro was really scared, he couldn't see his mommy or daddy anywhere. He remembered his daddy saying if he ever got lost, he was to stay exactly where he was until he saw a police man or him or mommy. So Jethro huddled up inside the really big coat and stayed by the hydrant and tried not to cry.

Twenty- Five year old Detective Anthony DiNozzo was on his game this week. He was on a complete high even though his Mustang was in the shop and he had to walk home, he was happy; He busted a drug ring and gave closure to widow. DiNozzo didn't give a damn that his co-workers just thought it was dumb luck and he was a complete screw up.

Tony almost missed it, had he had his iPod on he certainly would have. The faint sound of snuffling whimpers could be hear. Listening carefully Tony followed the noise and was shocked to discover a little boy. The little thing was no older than three. He had very short black hair that was soaking wet and his blue eyes where filled with tears. Tony quickly went to pick up the poor child and was shocked when a tiny little fist punched him square on the nose.

" I not go wif you, you not Dahdee" the little boy yelled.

Stunned Tony stepped back, held his hands up in surrender and showed his badge.

" I'm a police officer, where is your mommy little guy"

" Doh No" The tyke said. If it wasn't for the giant tears in the boy's eyes Tony would have called his face stoic.

" Alright I'm going to pick you up. Take you to my place so we can look for your mommy and daddy in the morning. That Ok?"

" uh huh" the boy sniffled a bit and wiped his eyes.

Picking the boy up Tony smiled when he popped his thumb in his mouth and started to shut his eyes. Looking the boy over Tony said. " You look like a little Mark Harmon" and was very surprised when a little hand slapped the back of his head.

" I not a Mah-ark hamen, I'ma Jeffer-Ro Gi-Hibbs! Who You?"

" Alright little Gibbs, I'm Tony DiNozzo" Tony said and the boy nodded obviously content.