Whats up everyone, thanks for the reviews. I decided to do a bit update a little scene if you will.

Tony was having one of the best sleeps he'd had in a long time. He'd called in and informed his boss a family emergency had arisen and he'd be watching over his God Son for for a couple of days. Of course everyone laughed and made their remarks but the Detective did not care, he was given his time off and sue him if he wasn't going to enjoy it and sleep in. After all the little kid gave off such a large amount of body head it was like falling asleep with his laptop, just safer.

Mean while a little red head girl sat on a sofa watching the little boy on the TV. She lived in heaven with her mommy and her Grandpa Jackson. Gampy J was new in heaven, he'd only been there for seven months but she loved having him around. He always gave her an extra cookie before bed when her mommy wasn't looking. Her mommy had been walking the other day and met a very special angel his name was Simon and he granted her one wish and thats why she was looking at the little boy on the TV.

" Gampy J, Mommy come look! Daddy's silly"

Jackson and Shannon came and watched the TV little Jethro was sitting on Tony's tummy while Gunny sat on his chest. He was trying everything to wake the detective up. All three people in the room started to laugh when Jethro fed up with trying to wake Tony up nicely grabbed his nose making Tony jump and poor little Jethro got thrown off the bed only to start laughing from the floor. Shannon chuckled Gibbs was quite a silly man when they were married and clearly a sillier boy growing up. She had made her wish. She wished that Jethro could have a second chance to have a happy life and not always have hurt in his heart. Though she wasn't sure if Gibbs' would remember her or even Kelly they boy were happy he'd get to be happy again.

Back in Baltimore Tony looked over the side of his bed at the laughing boy.

" What are you doing down there? You silly boy"

" I maded you jump and I wanded here" Jethro got out between his giggles.

" Wook what ta-hime it is" " You pos'd to be Uppity Wozzo"

Tony peered at the clock realizing it was only 5:30 and clearly not time to be up yet. Rolling his eyes at the crazy little kid who'd come into his life Tony patted a spot beside him on the bed.

" Wanna hear a story sport?"

" uh huh" Gibbs said excitedly and clambered back onto the bed with gunny and settled down beside Tony. The detective began to little Gibbs the single most boring story he could. He recited the trends of the stock market. Needless to say young Gibbs was fast back asleep and Tony not far behind him