Pairing(s): Harry/Luna

Warning(s): AU after Deathly Hollows, Luna insanity

Prompt: 82 Coconut of 100 Drabble Table

Harry loved his wife, with all her quirks, he really did. That didn't stop him from being baffled from time to time however.

"Luna?" Harry asked questioningly, stepping into the brand new nursery.

The blonde woman sat on the rocking chair, rubbing her bulging stomach fondly. She turned slightly to give him a dazzling smile. "Hello dear. You've come home again smelling of ash and toilets. If you come near me I will throw up on you like last time," Luna told him cheerily.

Harry nodded absently and gazed around. "I had to take the Floo home and it's exploding toilet season again. What have you done to the room?"

His wife looked around owlishly, as if noticing where she was for the first time. "What do you mean? I think it looks quite normal actually."

A familiar twitch in his eye was acting up again. "You've put coconut trees up everywhere. Real trees. And there's sand everywhere. Everywhere."

"Hmm? Oh that," Luna looked around again before shrugging absentmindedly. "I've always like the smell of coconuts. It wasn't all that hard to spell them up and the sand was even easier. Did you know that you can buy sand? I can't imagine that to be a very good business."

"I wouldn't know anything about that. Dear, is there any other reason why our future child's room resembles the beach?"

"Of course there is," the blonde stated as if it were obvious. Harry gave a small sigh of relief before choking when she continued, "It's for when I get tired of breastfeeding. We can just use the milk from the coconuts. It's quite healthy you know."

She continued to smile blithely at him while he tried to breathe properly. When he felt that he was no longer in danger Harry stepped closer and smiled. "Why would we give the baby coconut milk?"

"Well my aunt told me that her mother fed her only coconut milk as a baby and I believe she turned out not all that mad."

"This is the same aunt who screams obscenities at fruit?"


Harry sighed, shaking his head. "Love, I'm sure that the healers will give us something for when you get…tired…of breastfeeding. They are professionals and have nothing but the best interest in mind."

Luna furrowed her eyebrows slightly before nodding her head in determination. "Then we'll do that. As long as they keeping minding my best interest," she smiled at him, soft and gentle. "Love you Harry."

Harry gave a warm smile in return and moved forward to bend down and give a kiss to her forehead. As he straightened up he was promptly thrown up on.