Fumbled kisses and mistakes

The fire light caught the gold in Pippin's hair making it shine like the sun, the young Took was laughing his lips red and cheeks flushed from the warm mug of spiced wine. Merry could only smile along with the joke, confused and worried at the feelings he was experiencing looking at his cousin.

He drowned his ale and looked again across at the lad, Pippin's brilliant green eyes watched him back and he blushed.

"Merry..." Pippin began leaning close, Merry grabbed Pippin's wrist pulling him in to his lap, Pippin looked up in confused anticipation and then tilted his head back, pouting his lips and closed his eyes.

Damn Pippin Merry thought the little tease that he is

He licked his lips unconsciously and then gently pressed them to Pippin's.

The little Took's eyes shoot open, he hadn't expected Merry to really take his invitation and kiss him, he expected to be pushed and laughed at.

Delighted Pippin returned the kiss: winding his hands in his best friends hair and moaning a little.

Merry ran his hands up and down over Pippin's back and Stomach and under his shirt, he found the hard nipples there and ran his fingers over them making the younger gasp into his mouth and arch up.

When they broke the kiss Pippin panted for breath laying his head on Merry's chest, he felt Merry's heart beat and waited for Merry to kiss him again but looking up he felt tears spring to his eyes.

Merry looked repulsed and he shook almost violently, Pippin trembled.

Merry was repulsed with him self, he'd kissed Pippin, another lad.

There was something dreadfully wrong with him and he'd dragged his little cousin into it as well.

Angry Merry pushed Pippin off him and the young hobbit squeaked as he hit the floor. Pippin stood up and dusted him self off, he looked once at Merry begging for him to reconsider, not to push him away, but Merry had turned his head.

Pippin fled, crying and cursing himself.

And Merry curled up into a ball in the chair and cried.