I know I should be sad for poor Andy but this is the best news ever! He and his girlfriend are fighting!

Oh raptures joy!
He went all soppy and was telling me I was the only friend he's got left and the only one who'd miss him and love him and then he passed out (drunk sod ^_~ that's my best mate)

But I'm happy.

Oh and he finally realised I've been flirting with him, he's oblivious to everything.

I've eaten to many sweets and my teeth hurt!

I also found the song that made me fall of the chair and scream 'some one bloody read come what may and wrote that song'

After Race assured me that the song was written for the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack (I had it for a week lost it and found it again yesterday) a long time before a wrote come what may, I listened to it all the way through and thought yep this is it.

The first verse goes like this.

~ Well you may not see me when I come back

I could be sharing someone else's pillow

And my love for you is better than diamonds

To you everything I bestow ~

Gods the idea of Merry singing love songs I know Nova hates but………*drifts away in to happy land with a dreamy smile on her face* I wish he'd sing to me.

England! Go England!

Not much because of England fever!


"Pippin! Pippin I'm sorry please talk to me" Merry wept, on the other side of the door Pippin sniffed and buried his head in the pillows.

"Go away!" he said voice muffled.

Merry leaned against the door and tried to force it open but the door only shook slightly.

"Please Pippin, I'm sorry and I'm happy for you and Frodo, truly!" even to Merry that sounded a lie, his voice was filled with self pity and envy but the door was opened and Pippin threw himself out at Merry.

"you're a fool Meriadoc Brandybuck" he whispered into Merry's neck, hot breath tickling the elder of the pair "I'm in love with you"

"Oh Pip……."
"and I know you love that lass of yours but I can't get kissing you out of my mind even when it was with Frodo I kept seeing you and……." Pippin's ranting was silenced by Merry pressing his lips to his in a passionate kiss that made Pippin's head spin.

"I love you"

and with that he swept Pippin up and carried him back into the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him.


Frodo pressed his ear to the door and felt happy tears begin to trickle down his face.

He was happy for both of them, the loved each other so much but it still hurt him that Pippin would chose Merry who'd broken his heart over Frodo who'd help heal it.

and what was worse they chose to consummate their love in his bed!