Hello! :] This is my second KHR fanfic! I got the idea from a picture I saw when I was surfing the web xD It was just so cute, and I wanted that scene in my fanfic! So I came up with "Shy Policeman"! The scene is not in this chapter...probably won't be for until chapter 3,4, or 5... I'll tell you when it comes up! xD The title of this story was borrowed from a song too, because of a video I saw which so happened to be KHR and I thought it was hillarious xD The song is called Oshare Banchou by Orange Range! Anywho, please enjoy my story c:

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No No 22 Presents...

Shy Policeman

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Chapter 01: Odd Policeman

Something odd was going on. Something very odd. Tsuna stared blankly out of the window, ignoring the math lesson he should be paying attention to, because God only knows that he needed all the help he could get. Tsuna knew he should be paying attention, mostly because Reborn would kill him if he got anything lower than a 60% on his next test, But he couldn't tear his caramel gaze from the window, or rather, what he was watching below. Those large eyes were currently fixated on a certain dark haired, blue-gray eyed skylark, who seemed to be overlooking P.E. The brunette continued to stare with a concentration Reborn could only hope could be applied to school and training, that it wasn't a surprise to Tsuna when the prefect looked up and their eyes met.

Normally, Tsuna would've flushed and quickly look away in fear that he would get on Hibari's bad side and get bitten to death later on. But this time is different. Tsuna held a steady gaze as he stared into those blue-gray eyes. He wanted to see if his suspicions were right.

As he stubbornly stared at Hibari, the skylark stared back at first with a blank look, then with a uncomfortable frown, and finally, he looked away and marched off. As he walked away, however, Tsuna wondered if his eyes were deceiving him or were Hibari's ears really red. Tsuna frowned softly to himself as he watched Hibari's retreating back. This was exactly what he had been worried about. Something odd was going on with Hibari! His cloud guardian kept avoiding him in every single way possible. When their eyes met, Hibari would be the first to look away. When they were approaching each other in the halls, Hibari would make a 180 degree turn and walk in the way he came from. And if either one of them are in the same room as the other, Hibari would get up and leave the room. Even when it came to getting bitten to death, Hibari would avoid to be the one to give the brunette the beating. He'd have a lackey of his do it instead. This whole avoidance thing was driving Tsuna insane! What the hell did he ever do to deserve this cold treatment?

Tsuna chewed on the inside of his cheek, mulling over the past and any possibilities that could have triggered this strange behavior in Hibari, but he couldn't come up with anything! He's done nothing out of the ordinary at all! He always just barely makes it to school, fails his tests, trips over air, is a ball magnet during P.E., and is still the Dame-Tsuna that he's been all his life! So then what? What started this?

Tsuna frowned softly. Hibari started acting like this only about a month ago, or at least, Tsuna noticed him acting like this about a month ago. Maybe it was something during that time? Well obviously it was something back then, but what was it? For all he knew, it could've been the smallest of things, like perhaps he looked at Hibari funny. But Hibari wouldn't have been avoiding him because of that. If anything, he would've beat him to a pulp. Was it something he said? But Hibari didn't seem like the person to avoid someone because of something he heard.

"Then what is it!" Tsuna cried as he tugged at his hair, thoroughly frustrated.

"I just said that the answer is 3 Sawada-kun."

Tsuna's eyes bulged when he realized that he had thought out loud and totally forgot he was still in class.

"Ah, I uh still don't get h-how you got the answer, sensei," Tsuna stammered, trying to correct his mistake.

"Well, perhaps you would have understood if you were actually paying attention instead of staring out of the window day dreaming," the math teacher chastised. Tsuna's face flushed red when the class began to laugh at him. He tried to shrink into his chair, wanting to disappear from the embarrassment, even more when Gokudera began to yell at the class to not laugh at his Juudaime.

-x- -x-

"Haaaah," Tsuna sighed deeply as the last bell of the day rang. Today was an incredibly long and slow day, more than usual. Perhaps it was because in all of his classes he was laughed at when he made a fool of himself. Or maybe it was the fact that he had to stop Gokudera from blowing up the school every time. Or it could be the every time, Yamamoto would only make Gokudera angrier with his care-free attitude instead of making things better. Speaking of which, Tsuna glanced over at his two bickering friends who were approaching him so they could walk home together.

"Ready to go Tsuna?" Yamamoto said, with that infectious smile of his. The brunette couldn't help but smile back before nodding.

"Yeah, lets go," Tsuna said as he slung his bag over his shoulder. The three of them then left the classroom together, chatting with each other as they walked through the nearly empty halls of the school. They were talking about the upcoming math test and their problem areas (which was pretty much everything in Tsuna's case), when something, or rather someone caught the brunette's eyes. Walking towards them, with prideful strides, was Hibari, seeming to be on his patrols. Tsuna's brows knitted together and a pout fell on his lips as he stared intently at the skylark. When was he going to notice him? And when he did, was he going to turn on his heel and utterly avoid him again?

"Oh look, it's Hibari-san," Yamamoto said, instantly catching Hibari's attention at the mention of his name. At first, Hibari seemed like he was going to march over to them, no doubt to bite them to death for still being on school grounds after school hours, but those blue-gray eyes locked with caramel for a moment before quickly looking away, turning on his heel, and walked away from the three boys. Just as Tsuna had predicted.

"Bastard! He didn't pay his respects to Juudaime!" Gokudera fumed, before looking at his beloved boss with a smile. "So as I was saying Juudaime, we should have a study session today, or perhaps tomorrow and - -"

"Yeah, sure thing... Uh I'll be right back, I forgot something," Tsuna said, cutting Gokudera off. With that said, the brunette started off in the direction Hibari had left, ignoring Gokudera's shouts of where he was going, but waving an ok when Yamamoto said they'd wait for him at the front gates before the baseball player dragged the reluctant Italian bomber away. Tsuna was determined to catch up to Hibari and ask him why he was avoiding him. It was bothering him so much to the point that it is all he ever thinks about day in and day out. So one could imagine how happy and giddy Tsuna felt when he had Hibari in his sights, but how alarmed he felt when said skylark looked back at him for a split moment before he started running away. Actually running away. As in, when Hibari realized Tsuna was chasing him, he broke into a full out sprint down the halls. The Hibari Kyoya, strongest and most feared Vongola guardian, was running away from Dame-Tsuna. Tsuna would have laughed if he wasn't trying so desperately to catch up to the skylark and his long legs!

"Curse these short legs of mine!" Tsuna muttered under his breath and pushed himself a little harder. But he was already loosing his breath, and his legs were beginning to ache from all this running. He's never ran this fast or this much before in his life! Well...at least not on a normal day and outside his mafia activities. But either way, Tsuna didn't want to give up, at least not yet. All he had to do was catch Hibari! But as he turned a sharp corner after Hibari, Tsuna knew he wouldn't be able to get his answers today when he saw, or rather, didn't see Hibari anymore.

Panting heavily as his lungs greedily sucked in as much oxygen as they could, Tsuna crouched over, completely worn out. He knew Hibari had escaped, probably into a classroom, but Tsuna wasn't going to check every classroom just to find the cloud guardian, because Yamamoto and Gokudera were waiting for him. Plus, he had a feeling that Hibari probably escaped through a window, seeing as he could sneak in through a window. So reluctantly and dejectedly, Tsuna turned around and trudged out of school and all the way back home with Yamamoto and Gokudera. Tsuna's dejected attitude remained during their study session as he half-heartedly participated. His two best friends tried their best in cheering up the brunette, though they didn't know why he was so glum, but it seemed that their attempts were in vain. Not even Reborn's verbal and physical abuse got much of a reaction out of him. All Tsuna cared and thought about was a certain dark haired prefect, and his retreating back.

'Why' Tsuna thought to himself for the hundredth time. 'Why is he avoiding me?'