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Chapter 09: Worried Policeman

It's been exactly one day, seventeen hours and fifty-five minutes since Hibari and Tsuna's date. Who would possibly bother with counting all those seconds, minutes, and hours? None other than the cloud guardian himself, who's been thinking about the date since he woke up from his fainting episode at home. Even now as Hibari gazed out of the window in his office, his thoughts were fixated on that magical, yet embarrassing date. After waking up and feeding Tuna, the skylark had a hard time sleeping at all that night because he couldn't stop thinking about all the fun he had with Tsuna, and how he was able to hold the boy's hand without freaking out and pulling away. And, of course, he couldn't forget about the kiss that Tsuna had stolen from him. He had hugged his pillow very tightly and blushed beet red, and like an innocent school girl, he had rolled back and forth on his bed, unable to contain his excitement. This had gone for quite a long time, possibly hours, before the skylark had finally fallen asleep. It continued in the morning too, until the utter joy became utter horror.

Hibari turned his gray-blue gaze towards the clock in his office, noting that there were only three minutes left to the lunch bell. His expressionless features soon became a scowl as he turned to look out the window again. In three minutes the bell will ring and Tsuna will leave his classroom to come to his office to eat lunch. It would take at least five minutes for the brunette to get here, so that gave the skylark a total of eight minutes for him to think up of a way to keep his calm around the young Vongola boss.

After his joy became horror, Hibari had spent nearly all of Sunday freaking out and thinking up all kinds of scenarios that could possibly happen once Tsuna walks through that door. Will Tsuna be embarrassed about it like him, will he be calm, or will he be shy about it, or what?! Whatever option, the prefect knew that he will get the urge to jump through the window again. He knew better than to actually do that, but that didn't mean the urge wasn't there. Hibari was also afraid that he might act embarrassingly around Tsuna. Well, more than usual seeing as his shy side constantly made him feel like a fool. What if he was a stuttering mess and couldn't even form words to make a proper conversation with the boy? What if he embarrassingly started to excessively sweat and Tsuna noticed and gets grossed out? What if he passed gas out of stress and nervousness?! The mere thought made the skylark want to hide under a rock and die…

Hibari jumped suddenly when the lunch bell rang, and he felt his heart rate quicken a bit. This was it. In only five minutes now, Tsuna will be here, and he'd have to work hard to keep a disaster from happening. He knew that he was probably worrying for nothing and panicking over the same thing over and over, but he couldn't help it! He had to constantly tell himself to stay calm and be aloof like he was with everyone else, but every time he looked into those big doe eyes, he freezes and becomes unable to think correctly. Hibari sighed heavily and his shoulders slumped just a bit. If only he could at least hide his shyness…

"Well… I've tried that, but it ended with Tsunayoshi chasing me and crying…" Hibari murmured to himself, recalling those memories. He still felt guilty for making the boy cry that one time, which is why he doesn't try to hide his shyness anymore because he couldn't hide it without running away and avoiding the brunette.

The skylark glanced back over to the clock; it was seven after noon. A frown soon fell across Hibari's features; Tsuna should've been here by now. The brunette never before came a minute after five minutes to get here, so already being two minutes late, the prefect couldn't help but feel a bit nervous and worried. Did Tsuna not want to see him today or something? Was he displeased with their date? Hibari started to feel rather glum, but he quickly shook his head, and tried to think a little more positively. Tsuna was probably just a little late. Yeah that's it! Maybe the teacher held him back to talk to him, or may his friends held him back. For all he knew, Tsuna could be running a teacher or a senpai a quick favor and will soon be here after he does so! But…if Tsuna were running an errand wouldn't he at least send him a text message or something? Hibari quickly took out his cellphone and checked his inbox.


Hibari's hand trembled just the tiniest bit as he held his phone while staring at his phone's screen, his expression becoming that uncomfortable frown of his. Tsuna hasn't texted him, and he was now nearly five whole minutes late. Maybe he really didn't want to see him after all! The skylark put down his hand glumly, unsure if he should take action or if he should just stay here and mope around while hoping that Tsuna will come to his office to have lunch. Suddenly, Hibari heard the door handle to his office start to wiggle. The look of pure relief and joy that washed over the skylark's face was priceless. You could almost say that he looked angelic and innocent like a child, something that was the complete opposite of how he looked when he pummeled miscreants around his school. As the door opened, Hibari felt his heart rate pick up. If he wasn't frozen on the spot, he would've briskly walk (run) to the door so he could greet his precious and adorable - -

"Kyo-san, I have the reports you asked me to bring," Kusakabe said as he opened the door and stepped inside the office while looking down at some paper he was carrying in his hand. The oblivious vice-chairman looked up to see what his head chairman would say, but next thing he knew, something black came flying at him at ridiculous speed and hit him square in the face. Kusakabe let out a painful shout as he covered his face with the papers and his free hand. What in Kami-sama's name did he do now?! All he did was walk in and report that he had the paperwork! "K-Kyo-san…! Wh-why did you- -"


Kusakabe was cut off by the quite seething voice of Hibari Kyoya who was glaring at his second-in-command, a dark aura radiating off of him in enormous waves that when Kusakabe pulled his hands and paper away, he could have sworn that Hibari was the unholy offspring of Satan himself.

"K-K-Kyo-san?" Kusakabe stammered, feeling the blood drain from his face as the aura seemed to intensify.

"Get. Out." Hibari ground out, promising that if he had to repeat himself one more time, he'd bite the other to death. Kusakabe didn't need to be told again as he quickly picked up the very papers he had dropped and ran out of the room and slamming the door shut behind him. Meanwhile, Hibari still stood there in front of his desk, his dark aura swirling around him like some tornado. He was just so furious that Kusakabe, of all people, had gotten his hopes up only to smash them to the ground by opening the door and revealing his ugly mug. It made him feel like a fool! Like a child who was excitingly awaiting a toy from Santa but got socks from mom and dad instead. And if there was thing that Hibari hated, it was feeling foolish or appearing foolish, and both applied to this moment. Stupid vice-chairman… He'll seriously make that twit pay for what he did.

The door opened again and Hibari immediately reached for another book to throw at the person who dared to disturb him for a second time and especially while he was fuming. Without even sparing a glance at his oblivious victim, Hibari chucked the rather heavy book at whomever appeared at the door. Instead of a yelp or shout of pain of one his subordinates, since he assumed it was one of the oafs, his ears were met by a startled "hiiiiiiiiie!" And instead of the loud smack of a book against flesh like he had been expecting to hear, he heard a loud thunk of the book hitting the wall. However, thank goodness he didn't hit the bull's eye because the person at the door, who had is large brown eyes shifting back and forth from the book on the ground to Hibari, was none other than Tsuna, the one person he was eagerly anticipating their arrival. Hibari stood his desk stunned from the realization that he almost hurt the brunette he wanted to protect more than anything. Tsuna could misunderstand his stupid aggressive attack as a, well, an aggressive attack…

"E-eto Hibari-san… Did I do something wrong?" Tsuna asked once he was over his initial shock that he had almost got hit in the face by a heavy—he glanced over to the book on the ground and gulped—dictionary.

"No!" was the skylarks immediate shout of an answer, which made the brunette jump from surprise. Hibari blushed softly before he cleared his throat and continued, "No. You didn't do anything wrong Tsunayoshi. I thought it was my vice-chairman coming to annoy me again…"

Hibari looked off to the side with a dark expression and that killer's aura radiating off him again. Both promised torture in Kusakabe's future, and Tsuna couldn't help but wonder what the vice-chairman possibly had done to deserve such a painful fate. Well, either way, he was just glad that his cloud guardian wasn't really mad at him at all. However, when the brunette's caramel brown eyes glanced over at the clock and saw the time, he felt guilt wash over him. He was late and had made Hibari wait. If it were the old Hibari, he would've been furious at him for being late and would've bitten him to death. But the Hibari now isn't like that towards him, and from what he's learned about this shy Hibari, he was more of a worry wart than a hot head when it came to him. Therefore, with that kind of logic, Tsuna was able to come to the conclusion that he probably made Hibari worry. And that was when the future boss noticed that the skylark was holding his phone in his hand.

"Hibari-san… You do know that I don't have a phone, right?" Tsuna said as he smiled. He watched as he walked over to one of the couches in the prefect's office as the male himself looked up at him in alarm then at his phone before he flushed brightly in embarrassment. Tsuna couldn't help but let out a quiet chuckle since he could already imagine that Hibari had been checking his phone for messages from him as to why he was late. The poor guy completely forgot that he didn't even have a phone.

Tsuna decided not to tease the skylark about his embarrassment this time, and instead patted the spot next to him on the couch as he placed his big lunchbox on his lap. Hibari glanced over at him then away, and stood where he was standing by his desk and window. A few seconds ticked by as Tsuna patiently waited, before the cloud guardian finally sauntered over to him and took a seat next to him. By now his face was back to a pale color, but his ears were still bright red and poking out from his ebony hair. Tsuna stared at Hibari, observing him, and the older male noticed this and couldn't help but grow more nervous under the brunette's gaze that he started to nervously fidget and shift his eyes back and forth from Tsuna to down to his lap. After a while, the young Vongola stopped staring only to poke the skylark's cheek.

"You've been worrying about the date while you were waiting for me haven't you?" Tsuna said with a small pout. The slow creeping red across Hibari's cheeks confirmed his suspicions. Tsuna gave a soft sigh and lightly pinched Hibari's cheek, who jumped a bit at the action since he's never had his cheeks pinched before. No one would ever dare to do that, but apparently Tsuna would. "Silly, you have nothing to worry about. I really enjoyed having you all to myself for a day. You even held my hand, which made me so happy. And because I enjoyed our date so much, I couldn't help but steal that kiss even though I know you don't like being kissed very much."

Hibari looked at Tsuna a bit shyly as the brunette finished, and felt his heart stop for just a split second when he saw the brunette's adoring and happy smile. It was the same smile that he kept falling in love with over and over again, because it was just so sincere and beautiful. It always lit up Tsuna's face and made him more dazzling than he already was. Hibari bit the inside of his cheek as he looked away once again.

"I didn't dislike the kiss… O-or any of your other kisses…" Hibari mumbled, catching Tsuna a bit by surprise. The brunette blinked a few times before he opened his mouth, but it seemed that the prefect guessed what he was going to ask because he quickly said, "It's complicated."

Hibari was still not ready to admit to Tsuna that he faints from his kisses…

"Sure, sure. You almost make it sound as if you pass out from my kisses," Tsuna said, merely teasing, but he didn't realize that he hit the nail on the head as the skylark stiffened and glanced over at the brunette who was starting to unwrap his lunch. "And by the way… I'm really sorry for making you wait. The thing is, Kyoko-chan and I were working on the café menu for the Cultural Festival."

Hibari's blush vanished and his eyebrows lightly knitted together at the mention of Kyoko's name. He wasn't stupid, he knew that Tsuna used to have the biggest crush on the girl. And begrudgingly, he could understand why the brunette would have been interested in a girl like her. Kyoko was nice, sweet, very pretty, and most importantly, she would never hurt Tsuna like he has. Yes, the prefect was still having trouble letting go that he used to be so abusive towards the one person he's been in love with for quite some time but never realized it until just recently. Hibari must've been making faces, because before he knew it, his cheek was being pinched again by Tsuna.

"What are you worrying about this time?" Tsuna said with a pout, which made Hibari blush softly. He stared at the smaller male for a few seconds before he shook his head and shrugged, silently telling Tsuna that it was nothing. However, the Vongola was still pouting at the skylark suspiciously, and didn't stop until he came to the conclusion that Hibari wasn't going to tell him.

"Maybe I'm the one that's worrying too much…" Hibari heard him grumble to himself as he finally opened his large bento and then handed the prefect's portion to the male. He had to admit, he felt bad that he was holding things from Tsuna, things that the brunette probably should know so he can be comforted and reassured, but Hibari was still his prideful self even in this relationship and refused to show too much weakness to Tsuna. Besides… Tsuna was pretty sharp despite his nickname "dame-Tsuna" and has caught onto things without Hibari realizing it in time. He had to be more careful around the brunette… And most likely, he was just worrying for nothing. Come on now, Tsuna wouldn't go out with him if he still had feelings for Kyoko. Hibari lightly nodded to himself as he ate his lunch quietly with Tsuna. Right… However… There was still the possibility that Tsuna stops liking him and realizes that perhaps he does like girls and Kyoko more than him and boys.


Hibari felt that if he kept worrying any more than this he would grow gray hair in no time.

-x- -x-

"Kyo-san, is Sawada-kun not coming today either?" Kusakabe asked on a sunny lunch hour about nine school days after Tsuna and Hibari shared lunch in the prefect's office. The vice-chairman was carefully observing the skylark who was glaring out of the window. He watched as Hibari glanced over at the clock; it read fifteen minutes after noon.

"Apparently not…" Hibari said in a cool tone as a dark aura started to radiate off of him. Kusakabe pursed his lips tightly, feeling that he should probably leave the room before the prefect decided to take out his annoyance on him. So with that thought in mind, the vice-chairman excused himself and left the office quietly, leaving Hibari to his thoughts. His worried and annoyed thoughts.

After that one time Tsuna had come late, the brunette had been coming late the next couple of days. Then he started to come to his office every other day. And now he hasn't come to have lunch with him for three days! And what for? All because of that stupid cultural festival. For once, Hibari found himself hating school festivities and wished they didn't exist. These days away from his beloved brunette was nearly torture for him! But what was even worse for him was the fact that he knew that Tsuna was spending his lunch hour with that Kyoko girl.

Hibari grimaced at the thought of the girl. He knew it was petty of him to hold an ungrounded grudge especially towards a girl that does nothing wrong to his precious school and always follows the rules. But it was just so annoying that she had Tsuna's attention more than he did. He was his boyfriend not hers, so the brunette should be spending his time with the skylark, his boyfriend. Hibari sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair in a frustrated way. He already knew why Tsuna wasn't with him, but for the millionth time, he kept getting so annoyed and irritated.

"So this is what jealousy feels like…" Hibari grumbled under his breath. He didn't like this irrational and annoying feeling. He felt angry and insecure every time he thought about Tsuna being with that girl, and with good and obvious reasons. He never felt this way before, or at least he was never conscious about it, so it was proving difficult for him to deal with this. Luckily he was more of a worried jealousy than a furious jealousy, or otherwise he would've already marched down to Tsuna's class and steal the Vongola away from that Sasagawa girl.

Hibari sat there in his seat for a moment before he face palmed his face. He would never do that! At least not when his competition is a girl because he was too shy and prideful to ever do something embarrassing! Now, if his rival were male like himself, he probably would be the furious jealousy and wouldn't give a rat's ass about his shyness and pride. For example, if it were the pineapple illusionist…

The mere thought of that heterochromatic eyed guy made Hibari's blood boil. He would murder that guy if he ever tried lay a finger on his Tsuna. Absolutely, guts and blood, murder him, and any other guy that so much as looked at his adorable boyfriend with ill intentions. Like those guys on their date. He had caught them looking at Tsuna in such a disgusting way and even overheard an inappropriate comment from them, and it just pissed him off so much that he couldn't control his anger and beat them to a pulp. When Tsuna asked why he did that, of course he wasn't going to tell the male that guys were checking him out and making comments about the smaller male's posterior. That was just unnecessary.

Hibari sighed again, trying to rid himself of unpleasant thoughts and instead tried to think of something that maybe could help him get a little closer to Tsuna in a way that Kyoko could never do so. The skylark sat there grimacing at nothing in particularly for quite a while until it finally hit him. Of course, why hadn't he thought of this before?! And best thing about it is that he could give it to Tsuna tomorrow, during the cultural festival!

-x- -x-

"Welcome to Nyan Ca—H-H-Hibari-san?!" a cheerful girl dressed as a cat said before she shrunk away in utter fear when she realized just who she was greeting. "D-Did you get complaints about us? W-Were w-w-we too loud? W-we didn't mean to—"

"Table for one…" Hibari said, cutting the girl off coldly. He was growing tired of her babbling and didn't have time to waste on misunderstood ideas from an herbivore. Said herbivore squeaked and immediately lead the terrifying skylark to a table. The people seated in tables around the prefect fearfully watched him, and tried to be as quiet as they possibly could so not to make the dark haired male angry in any way. The bolstering café was reduced to hushed tones in a matter of seconds just from the presence of one very powerful person. And the poor girls that played as waitresses were grouped near the entrance, trying to figure out who was going to wait on Hibari. In the end, the very Kyoko volunteered to do so, seeing as she had no problem with it. So with the other girls blessing her brave soul, Kyoko walked up to Hibari to greet him.

"It's wonderful of you to join us Hibari-san, nya. I'm Kyoko-nya and I'll be your waitress today! Would you like to hear our specials or would you rather look at our menu, nya?" Kyoko said cheerfully, adding nyas at the end of her sentences to stay in character of her cosplay. Hibari looked up at Kyoko, and though he told himself a billion times she has done nothing wrong, gave her an icy stare that chilled everyone but the oblivious girl to the bone. He looked her up and down, and if his stare could get any icier, it probably would start snowing in the room. She was dressed in a very cute pink waitress costume that ended at her knees, with a cute white frilly apron tied around her waist. And to top off the costume, she was wearing cat ears and a cat tail that matched her hair color perfectly, and a collar with a big yellow bell tied around her neck. In one word, Kyoko was cute; very cute. And that's what really bugged Hibari.

"Where's Tsu—Sawada? Isn't he working in this café?" Hibari said, catching himself when he almost called the brunette by his name, but it seemed that Kyoko didn't notice, or she didn't care. She merely smiled and nodded.

"He's out advertising our café! If you'd like I can go look for hi—," Kyoko started to say, but then there was a crash from outside the class soon followed by a few annoyed calls of 'dame-Tsuna'. "Oh I think he's back! I'll go get him so he can wait on you instead."

With a final smile, Kyoko walked off over to the class café's entrance and stepped outside. A couple of moments later, she came back inside and was pointing over at Hibari's direction. The skylark narrowed his eyes at her, wondering why on earth was she pointing at him when Tsuna wasn't even in sight! But no sooner did he think that, the brunette poked his head through the door to look in the direction Kyoko was pointing in. In that moment, their eyes connected and Hibari stiffened significantly not because of the eye contact, but the way Tsuna looked absolutely thrilled to see him sitting at a table in his class's café. Before the prefect knew it, Tsuna was stumbling over towards him with that beaming smile of his.

"Hibari-san! You actually came!" Tsuna said in such a happy voice that Hibari thought his heart stopped more than just a beat. And soon after those couple of skipped beats, the cloud guardian's heart started to pound loudly and fast against his chest as he looked Tsuna up and down. Just like the girl were dressed in a maid's outfit, it seemed that the boys are wearing little butler suits but without the blazer. So it was just black sacks, a collared shirt, and a sleek black vest over it. It was simple, but it looked so cute on the brunette! Not only that, he was wearing little brown cat ears and a tail, and it just made the smaller male look even more precious than he already did.

"Of course… I said I'd come…" Hibari mumbled so low that Tsuna almost didn't hear him. The Vongola was just all smiles, and he stood there for a bit like an excited dork before he remembered he was supposed to wait on the skylark.

"Welcome to your café, Hibari-san, nya! I'm Tsuna-nya, and I'll be your waiter today. Would you like to hear the specials or would you rather have a menu to look at, nya?" Tsuna said, so glad that he remembered what he was supposed to say, even if it was a little embarrassing with all the 'nyas'. He looked down at Hibari, and saw him staring at him with a blank and calm face. At this moment, Tsuna would've blushed and stutter out of embarrassment, but then he noticed bright red ears poking out of Hibari's hair, and he couldn't help but giggle softly since now he knew that the skylark was actually embarrassed about something, though he didn't know what. "Hibari-san? I would recommend a cup of freshly brewed green tea, and some mochi to go with it."




Tsuna grinned at the very quiet reply from the skylark before he told him he would be back and ran off to tell those who are preparing the food and beverages Hibari's order. And because it was Hibari's order, the cooking students made sure to his top priority and ignored , who was working as a cook along with Yamamoto, angry comments about "favoritism". So in no time, Tsuna was carefully making his way back to Hibari and was quite proud that he didn't have a 'dame-Tsuna' moment.

"Here's your order, nya!" Tsuna chirped as he put down the skylark's tea and mochi down in front of him from the tray he was carrying. The brunette was going to walk off, but Hibari then grabbed his hand and gently forced him down to sit with him. None of the employees or customers dared to say anything about that. Tsuna didn't mind though, since he was tired of running back and forth down the halls like an idiot, trying to advertise their café. For once, he was glad that everyone was afraid of Hibari.

"Stop saying that…" Hibari suddenly said, before he took a sip from his green tea. Tsuna blinked curiously.

"Saying what?" Tsuna asked, a little baffled. Hibari stayed quiet for a long time, but Tsuna noticed his ears were still a bright red for whatever reason.

"Nevermind…" Hibari murmured as he took a second sip from his tea. Tsuna pouted softly wondering what could possibly have gotten the skylark flustered enough that he didn't want him saying something. Tsuna continued to pout at the skylark, who purposely avoided eye contact with him, hoping that perhaps the prefect would give in to his pout. However, the Vongola's eyes widened in realization.

"Do you mean this, nya?" Tsuna said, and when he noticed Hibari stiffen, a sly smile graced the brunette's lips. "Does this really bother you, nya? Is it annoying, nya? Ne, Hibari-san, nyaaa~"

The people around them, all had bulging eyes directed at Tsuna. Was dame-Tsuna more stupid than they thought? How could he have the guts to even think about annoying Hibari, much less actually do it! Everyone watched with held breath as Hibari turned to look at Tsuna with what looked like a glare. They all anticipated Tsuna's death, but instead, Hibari turned his head away from the brunette with a short, sharp exhaled breath, and Tsuna actually smiled and let out a soft chuckle. Everyone's jaws dropped in disbelief. Did Hibari just let Tsuna get away with annoying him? What was the world coming to now that the school's most feared person seems to be chummy with the school's lamest loser!? Everyone couldn't help but feel so weirded out and had no idea if they should believe what's happened or just consider that they were all dreaming.

Hibari, who had felt everyone's stares suddenly turned to give everyone a cold and irritated glare, which had everyone quickly looking down at their own table. Maybe Tsuna blackmailed Hibari…not like they were going to ask, that was like a suicide mission.

Tsuna chuckled again as he watched the skylark glare at everyone. He was quite impressed that the prefect hasn't said anything about being in a crowd. This made the brunette smile softly to himself, and blush a light pink.

"Thank-you for coming, Hibari-san. It really makes me happy, you know, despite your hate for crowds," Tsuna said with that small but happy smile. This of course made Hibari want to blush and shy away, but he's already showed enough of this embarrassing side that his pride would allow him in public, such as his blushing ears and that shy turning of his head earlier when Tsuna was teasing him about 'nya'. The skylark then took that moment to take a drink from his tea and eat some of the mochi.

"Well…you're tea and snacks aren't half bad…" Hibari murmured, which earned him the sweet melodious laugh of Tsuna. Idle but comfortable chit chat continued between Tsuna and Hibari, with a few customers coming and going, and slowly, the Café went back up to a decent volume (or else Hibari would shoot them all death glares). Even after Hibari finished his tea and mochi, he stayed to talk to Tsuna, since he realized this is the most he will be able to talk to the brunette outside of lunch but within school hours. Which reminded him.

"Tsunayoshi… Would you step out with me for a few minutes," Hibari murmured low enough that only Tsuna would hear him call the brunette by his name. Tsuna of course smiled and nodded, before he stood up and stepped out his classroom with Hibari. Of course, no one dared to tell Tsuna that they still had a café to run, not with Hibari there, and it seemed like the two were friends, though no one still couldn't believe that.

"So what's wrong Hibari-san?" Tsuna asked once Hibari came to a stop down a more isolated hall in the school. The brunette watched as the skylark glanced around nervously, as if he was nervous someone was going to come interrupt them any moment, though it was very unlikely that was going to happen. Nonetheless, Tsuna waited patiently and smiled as Hibari finally let his shy blush spread across his cheeks instead of just the tip of his ears. Silently, the skylark reached into his pocket and held out a phone to his future Vongola boss. Tsuna merely blinked at it questioningly before turning that confused stare to Hibari who was looking to the side with a red face.

"This is for you… So I can reach you whenever I want to. My number is the only one in it, and it's on speed-dial… I prefer that you kept only my number, but if you want to exchange numbers with those two herbivores…fine…" Hibari finally said, with little pauses in between his words where the skylark would take a moment to think. Tsuna, rather surprised, slowly took the phone from Hibari's hand, and stared at it long and had.

"Hibari-san, this is very kind of you, but I can't possibly accept this! I mean! This is an expensive phone! My life isn't even worth as much as this phone! It's smarter than me, to boot!" Tsuna said, looking rather flustered now as he held up the phone, which was a Samsung Galaxy S4, and pointed at it. "This thing is like a personal television set! Hibari-san! I-I can't possibly…!"

"Tsunayoshi, I got this on a selfish whim of mine. I want you—no—I need you to have this phone with you at all times," Hibari said, quite seriously that it startled Tsuna into silence since it's been a while since he's seen this side of the skylark. The brunette even felt flustered as his cloud guardian took the hand that was holding onto his new phone, and gave it a gentle squeeze. "And don't say that a phone has more worth than you. It's because your worth this and so much more that I grew selfish enough to get you a phone… And don't think about paying me back."

Tsuna closed his mouth after he tried to tell the skylark he'd pay him back, but it seemed Hibari has guessed what was on his mind. The brunette blushed and chewed on his bottom lip as he looked down at the between is and Hibari's hand.

"Fine… But what made you selfish enough to buy me a phone?" Tsuna finally said with a soft sigh, before glancing up at Hibari with curious eyes. That's when the skylark seemed to realize that he was holding his hand so he pulled away, but instead of his usual hastiness, his movement was slower and shy. It was a great deal of improvement, and it made the brunette's belly fill with little butterflies. He quietly watched as Hibari ran a hand through his hair, his pale cheeks blushing again and he made that frown he always did when he was embarrassed and uncomfortable.

"Because… You weren't coming to spend lunch with me as often, and instead you kept being with that girl…" Hibari reluctantly admitted. "Afterall… She's pretty and she's never hurt you like I have…"

Tsuna's eyes widened in surprise at hearing what Hibari had to say, before it was replaced with a compassionate look and a warm smile. Slowly, so not to alarm the shy skylark, he reached out to hold the guardian's fingers with his own. Then he took a cautious step forward and gave him a peck on the cheek. Hibari of course flushed at the kiss (he seemed to be okay with their fingers touching) and quickly looked around to see if there was anyone around that could've seen. When he saw no one, he calmed down a bit, but was still quite pink in the face. He gave Tsuna a questioning but shy look, silently asking him why he would kiss him after revealing such a petty side of himself. Tsuna chuckled, and if Hibari wasn't so shy, he would've given him another peck on the cheek.

"Hibari-san, it's true that I used to like Kyoko-chan a lot," Tsuna said. Hibari looked off to the side with pursed lips, not liking how this conversation was starting out. "But I like you now. More than I've ever liked her before. Otherwise, I wouldn't be dating you. So you have no reason to worry about my feelings changing or getting insecure."

Hibari felt butterflies flutter around in his stomach from the Vongola's sweet words, but then he frowned softly at the end.

"I wasn't insecure," Hibari grumbled under his breath, denying the mere idea of being inferior to a girl. Tsuna merely chuckled in a good natured way before he lightly leaned against the taller male's arm, feeling him stiffen under his weight.

"Insecure or not, you were worried that I would come to like Kyoko-chan more than you…" the brunette said with a smile on his lips. "It won't happen. I promise, Hibari-san."

Hibari pursed his lips together, his blush still intact with his cheeks as he looked down at his most precious person. When Tsuna looked up at him, probably waiting for an answer, the skylark merely nodded to show that he understood. Strangely enough, he did feel a whole better after hearing from Tsuna's mouth that he was more liked than Sasagawa. It was like a huge burden was lifted off his shoulders.

"Thank-you, Tsunayoshi," the dark haired guardian murmured under his breath, before he quite hesitantly, rested his forehead against Tsuna's, which made the brunette quite happy and silently giddy. They stayed in that sweet position with an aura of affection surrounding them for a couple of minutes, before Hibari said he would escort the brunette back to his class. Everyone seemed more weary than scared of the skylark when they saw him coming back to the café with dame-Tsuna, and were even more suspicious of how good of friends the two were when they realized that the prefect was only escorting the brunette back. Of course, no one verbally spoke these questions out loud, at least not while Hibari was still standing right there within the ear shot. Hibari said good-bye to Tsuna and watched him go back inside his classroom with his ears just a bit red. He was just turning to leave when he was called back by the last person he wanted to talk to.

"Hibari-san, may I have a brief word with you?" Kyoko said as she approached the once happy prefect. Hibari turned to look at her cooly. Even though he was reassured by Tsuna that nothing was going to happen to their relationship, he was still weary of the cutesy girl.

"What?" he said in that curt tone he used with everyone but Tsuna nowadays. Kyoko smiled sweetly before she patted the skylarks back reassuringly, which made Hibari narrow his eyes at her suspiciously.

"I just wanted to tell you that I hope you treat Tsuna-kun right, and that you guys have my full support!" she said with a bright smile. Hibari's already pale face paled even more, however, as the words processed in his head.

"…Did Sawada tell you…?" he asked, his lips pursing together. Kyoko blinked innocently before shaking her head and hands in a negative way.

"Oh no! I just kind of figured it out myself. It's hard to miss with the way he talks about you so fondly and with this look in his eyes I've never seen before. You're very lucky, Hibari-san!" she chirped, before she bid him farewell and ran back to her class. Hibari watched her leave before he turned and started walking back to his office. He was quite quiet, and didn't seem to be aware of his surroundings. Almost as if he was distracted. Once in his office, the skylark went to his couch, grabbed a pillow, and then hugged tightly to his chest and buried his face, where a blush was starting blossom, into the pillow.

"He…talks about me?" Hibari mumbled under his breath, a slight giddiness hidden under his tone.