~He entered a dare, so he could get back with her~

Cilan and Iris were minding their own business, when Burgundy showed up. He was cooking lunch for Iris.

"Umm. We're closed," Cilan snorted. "We're not allowing any more people in." He turned around to notice it was Burgundy. "We don't allow stupid bitches in here. What are the likes of you, doing here?" Derision flared in his eyes. He didn't have enough time for the stupid girl. Iris snarled slightly.

The girl just waggled her finger. "I have a challenge."

"Challenge?" Cilan spat, retorting. "Well?"

"I pick five wines from the back of your restaurant and you have to guess which ones they are."

"Pfft. That's easy."

"If you lose, you have to go out with me. But if you win, you go out with Iris. Iris has to pick the wines. It can be any kind."

"I'd rather eat a Pokémon than go out with you!" he snapped.

Iris gasped, not knowing what to say. "Cilan… I-I hope you win."

"I will. I can't make a promise, but I'll try. Iris, go ahead and pick the five wines." The purple-haired teen walked off.

Iris returned with a crate of wine bottles with paper bags wrapped around them. Cilan found two wine glasses and handed one to Burgundy. "Let's start." Iris poured the first wine into each of their glasses.

"Cheers." The two clinked their glasses together.

The first wine was red. "Such lovely flavour – bright pale red, peppery aroma I'd say this is a cabernet franc, 1968." Cilan spat the wine into a bucket, so he wouldn't get drunk.

"I think it's a cabernet sauvignon, 1988," Burgundy guessed. She too, spat the wine into a bucket.

Iris took the bottle of wine out of the bag. "Cilan is correct. The bottle indeed reads 'cabernet franc, 1968'." She set the bottle down and poured the next bottle of wine.

The next wine was a darker red. "Dark red – plum flavouring – simply a stunning wine… I'd say it's a merlot, from 1990." Cilan looked satisfied with his answer.

"I say it's burgundy, 2005."

Iris repeated the action. "Cilan is right again." She set the bottle in front of the two.

"You're cheating, you bastard!" Burgundy suddenly stood up, surprising the other two.

"No. I'm not cheating. I've memorised every wine that's in my cellar. I can distinguish the flavours of several types of wines," Cilan replied calmly, but it looked as if he wanted to lose his temper.

"You told Iris which wines to pick!"

"Wrong again," he retorted. His eyes turned to slits. "Have you not been studying the wines, like our teacher told us to? You should at least know the difference between white and red wines," he condescended. "Now, sit. Let's continue."

The two continued their wine guessing/battle for another twenty minutes…

Cilan won, with flying colours. Of course, Burgundy stomped out, saying that he had cheated – leaving the two alone, finally.

"That was amazing, Cilan. I didn't know you knew your wines."

"Haha yeah, I amaze myself sometimes," he chuckled.

A/N: I didn't want to bore you with this, that's why I only showed two. The others are chardonnay, pinot gris and colombard.

I got the idea from a movie called Bottle Shock. The TV guide thing, sadly, said it was rated only 2½ stars. I think it deserved more than that. Watch it and find out how I got the idea!