Chapter 1- A new beginning

As i look out my window on a nice snowy day, i see Zayn arrive in his new ferrari. I run down the stairs yelling "Stacey hurry up! Zayns here."
When i open the door as i suprise he yells. "VAS' HAPPENING?" laughing then gives me a bear hug."waiting for Stacey, like always" i replied.
"IM COMING IM COMING!" Stacey spoke coming down the hall. As she came around the corner Zayns mouth dropped.
Stacey and Zayn have been going out the past 2 months now, they have the cutest relationship, i hope mine turns out like that.
Though you could tell Zayn was speechless by the way he looked at her. It was becoming to awkward so i had to the break the silence.
"So are we all ready now? come on, chop chop." "Alright miss bossy boots" Zayn replied with a giggle.

As we were walking down the driveway, Zayn quickly ran and opened the passenger door for my sister Stacey.
"You're always such a gentleman." Stacey said as she kissed him on the cheek before hopping in.
Which sent Zayn red in the face. "Oh Amanda, be quiet!" Zayn said jokingly after he found me laughing in the back.
"So where are we off to?" Stacey asked. "You never got around to telling me." "it's a secret." Zayn replied smiling.

As 10 minutes past i couldn't help but think where were we going. I didn't think Zayn would take us somewhere that special if i was there.
"oh, we're here now" Zayn said suddenly. ", where exactly are we?" Stacey asked. "WHAT?" i said to Stacey.
"how could you not know where we are? We're at Liam's you idiot." So i quickly jumped out of the car excited to see Liam.
"woah, someones done their research" said Stacey laughing. I've had this 'thing' for Liam ever since we met, when i was 6 and he was 7.
So you could say he's a childhood friend/crush. "Are the rest here?" i asked Zayn. "yeah," he replied.
"Though Niall will be late, because he's bringing over a special someone" he said laughing.
As i saw in the corner of my eye, Stacey rolled her eyes and grabbed Zayns hand.

Liams' POV

"Amanda!" i yelled in suprise. "Long time no see, it's great to see you haha" i said while giving her a massive hug.
"i believe so, 2 months its been. I've missed those hugs." Amanda replied blushing. "you're not the only one." i told her smiling.
As i saw her blush harder then before on her way in, i saw Zayn and Stacey taking their time together outside, so i left them there.
"Alright, almost everyones here. Just waiting for Niall and his girlfriend" I said while everyone laughed.
"What do you reckon she's like?" Harry asked. "Who who's like?" Stacey interrupted coming inside with Zayn.
"Nialls' new girlfriend." Louis replied. "Well we'll just have to wait and see now won't we, because i think this is them now." said Stacey.

As we all ran to the door it just happened to be Niall and his girlfriend. "Heeey!" Everyone said running out of the door.
"Hey guys" said Niall. "I'd like you to meet Sophie, Sophie Hamilton." She was blonde and had brown eyes. 'Damn Nialls lucky,' i thought.
"Hello" Sophie finally spoke. 'Oh. My. God. She has the most beautiulest voice ever.' i once again thought.
"So Sophie this is, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Stacey, Amanda and Louis." Niall introduced. "Can you sing?" i asked her.
"Haha well, i don't know, i suppose a little." She replied. "She can, i've heard her.
We met at singing lessons actually" Spoke Niall gasing into Sophies eyes.
"Okay well, lets go and sit by the bombfire and have marshmellows and tell stories" i added with a grin.

Amandas' POV

As i walked over to where Louis, Harry and Liam were sitting, i could hear Liam talking about some girl he liked.
"She has the most sweetest personality you could ever find, Shes so beautiful, just everything about her makes me want to be with her all the time and hold her in my arms." "Who are we talking about?" i interrupted. "Oh, eh, just some girl i like" replied Liam.
"Can i know who?" i asked with a wide grin on my face hopping he'd say it was me. "Eh," Liam Started off.
"Who wants Marshmellows?" Louis quickly asked. "Yeah, thanks" we all replied.
Liam nodded at Louis as a 'thanks for saving me' way, and Louis nodded back.

As time passed by it was getting late and i was extremely tired. "Come on Amanda, i have to get up early for work tomorrow so we better get going."
"Okay I'll meet you out there" i told Stacey. So as i gave each of the boys a kiss on the cheek goodbye and welcomed Sophie into the group i couldn't help but wonder who Liam was talking about to the boys, he always tells me this stuff, why not now?

Sophies' POV

"Do you think they liked me?" i asked Niall nervously. "Of course!" he replied. "Who woudn't?" I laughed weakly.
"Oh come on, they're not judgemental people" said Niall. Standing by his word, he was right. As they told their goodbyes,
i was sure i was going to certainly miss those people. I had so much fun that night, i coudn't wait to do it again.