Chapter 4 - mixed signals.

Harrys POV what a beautiful morning it was in London. despite how early it was, it was a great view, too see the sun rise. The wake was totally worth it. it was a nice summer morning when i heard Zayn on the phone talking to what sounded like Amanda.
"babe, do you realise how early in the morning it is? its 5am. what are you doing calling me up at this hour?" i heard him through the wall.
walking over to my closet to put some pants on i heard him starting to get frustrated, but trying to do it in a nice way.
"Look babe. i've only had 2 hours sleep, now can we worry about this later? cause im tired as hell and need the resst for work!"
... "what do you mean 'since when did i have work'?! i've been working for the past 5 months now!" ... "yeah, okay. alright babe. okay..yes-
i love you too..okay..good. bye" he said with more of a calmer voice. "Jesus!" i knew he had hang up before he said that.

walking out of my room and knocking on his door, i said "you alright man?"
"yeah course" he said then opened the door. "come on" i came in and made myself at home..even though it was my home. but i meant in the bedroom. "Lady trouble?" i asked.
"you have no idea" he said taking a deap breath.
"what happened this time?" starting to get curious. "uh the usual. not being able to see each other and sometimes she thinks im with other chicks cause i haven't called her back" "mm, makes me start to think she doesn't trust you"
Zayn stood there with his back on the door and started to stare into space as if i said something he didn't know.
After looking at him, i then came to think that he didn't know. i shifted my eyes side to side to the objects in his room.
He then looked at me in shock. "you're right, she doesn't trust me.." he kept staring at me and i was starting to feel out of place.
"what should i do?" he asked as if i had all the answers.
"uhhh.." i was startled. why is he asking me?! he should know the answer himself!
"what do you mean what should you do? you know her best.."
"yeah but you know more about relationships then i seem to do!"
"well..." i looked at him. "i don't know! next time she calls just say relationships about trust and if you don't trust me then i dont think we should be together!"
Zayn then took his eyes off me and looked around the room as if processing it in his head. "mm" he mummbled to himself.
His face lightened up with a smile, walked over to me and gave me a big hug.
"thanks a lot! that seem perfect!"
"uh, sure. anytime man..just want to see you happy"
"thanks man."
after we let go, i gave him one quick smile and i left the room. wow. i think i need to write him a relationship book from how much adivce i have to give him!

Nialls POV *beep beep* *beep beep* my alarm went off. it was 7:30 in the morning, i looked around to see Sophie wasn't there. Where was she?! How did she beat me out of bed? shes always the last one?! what is this! i quickly ran down stairs too see that she was making eggs and bacon for breakfast.
"wow. first one out of bed this morning. what time did you wake up?" i asked her.
"not long ago actually. probably 10 minutes before now. how did you sleep?" she looked up at me with a beautiful smile on her face. "it was fantastic, especially with you by my side" i said coming up behind her hugging her from the back. she looked around and gave me a kiss on the lips. 'mm' she said breaking free to check on the bacon. "looks yum" i said. "everything looks yum to you!" she said laughing.
"watch your mouth" i teased and kissed her on the cheek.
"mm, i love you" "i love you too" i said grabbing her tighter. "Leave it for the bedroom!" Louis said coming down. "shut up Louis!" i yelled at him.
he laughed sitting down on a bench stool. "whats this i smell?" he sniffed in. "i smell bacon" taking another sniff he said "and i smell eggs" "so i sense we're having bacon and eggs. Sophie and i just gave him a dull look. "yes we are having bacon and eggs." she said.
"you made some for all of us?" i asked.
"well of course! now go sit down so i can dish it up. Louis; go wake the others please"
"yes mum" he said walking away.

Louis' POV after breakfast everyone went up to their room. obviously they all had different plans for today. Zayn was going to see Amanda,
Niall was out with Sophie, and Liam was going to see Stacey and take her out for a picnic.
Then there was Harry. he just happened to want to go out and play soccer. He offered if i wanted to play, but i wasn't really in the mood to play anything.
To be honest, i wanted to go shopping.

Taking a stroll in Connors. i saw this girl, with swaying brunette hair. She flicked her hair facing my direction and i saw this beautiful face. She had lovely green eyes, with a charming smile, with a lovely face shape. she was the meaning of perfection..
i had to do or say something if i wanted her in my life! wow im starting to sound like Zayn. nervously rubbing my hands together, i could feel i was sweating. why was i nervous over someone i havent even met? she could be rude for all i know! "uh..hi" i said my voice shakened.
"Hi" she turned to face me and put a smile on her face.
"you shopping here alone?" What was i thinking? asking her that! "uh..haha. yeah" she said starting to look a little creepened.
"sorry. i bet its weird that i asked you that. 'cause we're strangers" i looked away nervously "hey." she said trying to catch my attention. i looked up. her eyes blew me away, and of course that smile; made me get butterflies in my stomach!
"just because you're a stranger doesn't mean i don't want to chat" "haha, well. if you insist. what i really wanted to say all along was that you're beautiful" did i really just tell her that! she must totally think im a creep now! no worst. a pedofile or something!
"why thank you" she said with a large smile on her face there was a pause then she said. "you know what. lets go for a coffee"
i agreed. we went to starbucks. my favourite place for coffees. "mm..favourite place to just chill out." i said.
"Same!" she said smiling large with one hand on her chest.
"favourite drink?" i asked testifying her.
"iced coffee"
my jaw dropped.
"oh my God." "same here"
"no way!" "yes way!"
"hahaha, oh God i feel like a school girl again"

After coffee, we took a stroll in another few stores and bought some clothes. and at the end of the day we finally stopped to a hault. "today was great. im so glad i met you" she said.
there was a minute pause. "here, have my number. if you're up for a day like this again. call me" she slipped some paper in my pocket.
"hey, i never got your name" i said testing her how hard to get she would be. "it's because i didn't give it" she said smiling and walking away,
damn shes good!

Harrys POV *a few weeks later*
it was 10:30am when i hopped out of bed. walking down stairs i saw that nobody was here. Until i heard Louis talking to someone on the phone in his room.
"mm, i guess ill be seeing you later than...haha alright...byeee"
Louis openeed the door and started to walk down the stairs until he catched my eye.
"Harry.." Louis said awkwardly. he's hiding something. i know him to well.
"Louis" i said in a more relaxed tone. "want breakfast?"
"uhhh no. i've already had some and im late meeting someone"
"someone as in...a girl?"
"im gonna be late. seeya Harry!"
Shutting the door behind him, i threw my hands up in rage.

AH. HE'S BEEN BLOWING ME OFF FOR SOME MYSTERY 'SOMEONE' FOR THE LAST FEW WEEKS. if he's getting a girlfriend i'll be the only one without one. ill be alone; because the boys are always with their girlfriends!
i mean, what happened to 'what ever happens we'll always be together?' cause it seems like 'what ever happens, i'll be with my girlfriend if you need me'
i just hope the boys have made the right decisions and girls. don't get me wrong, i like them. it's just us boys never have anytime by ourselves anymore. I could feel a lump in my throat forming, and i let out what has been locked inside of me all this time. A river of tears were strolling down my face, sobbing into my hands. Am i that jealous of everyone? Considering it to myself that i actually could be was terrible, i couldn't admit it, even too myself. Why must this be so difficult? The single life was fun! But i guess just like seasons, people change.
Maybe..Just maybe, i should go on a dating website to see how good it is to be with someone.

Booting up my MacBook Pro, i opened up Safari and searched for some websites. Great! i found one with free registration, finally. Within 10 minutes of finally setting up the account i had 3 requests. Holy cow!
Elizabeth Turner?
Macey Brown?
Or Faith Marilyn? Looks like im going to be a busy guy!

bzz bzz, my phone started to vibrate. bzz bzz, it kept vibrating. bzz bzz. ALRIGHT, SHUT UP. i thought it my head. Getting out of bed to answer or look at what was going on on my mobile.
it turns out 12 other people had wanted to meet up! wow!
Wanting to keep the people to a minimum, i still only went with Elizabeth, Macey and Faith. I had to meet them all today! Elizabeth is at 11am, Macey is at 2pm and Faith wants to have dinner already at 6pm! Im on a roll-llll. Smiling at the thought of it all.

"You must be Elizabeth?" i asked "So you must be Harry? You look so much like your picture"
"as to you."
She had calming brown eyes with brown, natural straight hair flowing down her back, Make up wasn't packed on, but you could see it.

Having finished a coffee and a bite, we took a stroll in the park. "You know, you look beautiful today" i complimented. She blushed. "thank you"
It was kind of awkward silence from then. I checked the time on my watch and realised it was 1:50pm. CRAP. "Sorry, i have to go" i said,
I gave her an apologetic smile.

I just arrived at the movies on time. "i thought you weren't going to show up for a second" Macey said,
No greeting. No hellos. a statement of relief as an introduction. "ha, yeah. Sorry..So, we redy to see the movie?"
"yeah! lets go!" We went and saw The Avengers.
"mm i did't really like that movie.."
My mouth dropped opened, was she serious? That was the coolest movie EVER! Right, we has an opinion. Okay calm down.
"Why not?" i asked finally.
"ah well, violence isn't really my thing you see.."
Well why did she choose that movie then? "oh" I didn't really like her that much to be honest, she was out of my league. Pretending i had to be somewhere else i looked at my watch, it was 5:21pm. If i go now it gives me about 35 minutes to get ready and be there on time.
"uh i have to go, thanks for the movie!"
"We should try this another time?" she asked.
she looked disappointed.

Last but not least of the day was Faith, please be good!
Meeting her at Waters Diner, she was in this gorgeous dress, she had beautiful hazel eyes, with curly brown hair; which seemed to have a few tones lighter foils in it. It definately looked natural!
"Are those tones in your hair natural?" i asked quickly.
"Haha, yes."
"Wow.." you could say i was speechless; she was just plain beautiful. She wasn't wearing much makeup. well to be honest, she was only wearing mascara and lipgloss. I like her already!
She blushed. Going into the resturant, i saw Louis and some girl dining by the window! CRAP. Why did we both have to be here?!
The waitress assigned us to our table, a few tables away from Louis.
"please dont see us, please dont see us." i kept begging under my breath.
"Pardon?" Faith asked.
"oh, nothing" i said, keeping my voice down.

We ordered red wine to go with our pasta.
"Excuse me. i need to go to the toilet" i told Faith.
"Oh sure"
I got out of my seat and went for the restroom, i swear i could feel Louis' eyes staring at me.

Coming out of the toilet, Louis was there to which looked expressionless, i couldn't tell if he was mad, or if he was just waiting for the loo.
"Louis?" "Harry" His voice was angry. I walked passed him to get soap and wash my hands. He didn't move.
I looked at him through the mirror, he was just staring back at me. "What's your problem?" i snapped.
"What do you mean what's my problem, What's YOUR problem?"
"Well why ask me whats my problem then?!"
"well you're the one staring at me!"
"Because you're in the same resturaunt as me!"
"How was i ought to know which resturaunt you were in? YOU haven't told me ANYTHING for the past few weeks. So you tell me!"
He was speechless. Yeah, that's right, back away. I dried my hands and got out of there. In the mean time, it looked like Faith and Louis' girl were talking and getting along.
WHAT? HOW? Louis came by my side. His jaw also dropped.
We both had a stare down. We now knew, that this meant war. "Come on baby, lets go" Louis said "What? but.."
"Sorry, something just came up. we have to go"
"oh alright; Seeya!" she waved to Faith.

"How do you know her?" i asked Faith, when i was walking her to her car.
"Who? Eleanor?"
So that's her name..
"Uh yeah"
"oh we knew each other ages ago, we went to high school together"
"oh" We reached her car,
"well thank you very much for dinner" She said.
"no thank you"
we both giggled. There was a moment when we both looked into each others eyes, and a shock of elecricity went through me, and i know it wasn't just me.
Went started to kiss passionately, i pushed her against her car. Wow! this felt amazing!
It felt like minutes rushing by, i didn't want to stop. But i know we were making a scene in a parking lot. I let go, "wow" she said puffing.
We both started to laugh.

Weeks and Weeks went by when i kept seeing my gorgeous Faith. We would go to the movies, have picnics, take photos, go sight seeing. This is life! bzz bzz. my phone was vibrating in my pocket. It was Louis. i sighed.
"uh, hi.. Harry"
"Can we talk? like face to face?"
"like now?"
"i would prefer it to be sooner than later"
I considered it for a moment.
"okay, our place in 30?"
"yup. ok"
and we hung up.
"Who was that?" Faith asked.
"Sorry babe, but i have to go. You could say it's important, and it was Louis" I gave her a kiss on her forehead and left.

"Hey" Louis said when i walked in. "Hey" now this was awkward. "uh, what i really needed to say in person was.." he cut off, he was playing with his fingers, he seemed...nervous. "What i wanted to say was..sorry" He slowly tilted his head to look at me. I went over to him give him a tight hug.
"I'm sorry too man"
"No it was all me"
"No don't blame was both of us"
We hugged in silence for a bit.
"I missed you" I said. "Missed you too mate"
It was so good too have him back "Hey, where's your misses?"
"She's working"
"well how about we go on a double date?"
"GREAT IDEA!" we jumped up and down like little kids on Christmas day.

After Eleanor finished work, Louis went and got her. While i got Faith.
We went to Waters Diner, because that's where both of our REAL dates, you could say, were first there. Looking around the table to see everyone happy, just made the night a whole of a lot better, and made me realise how lucky i am to have them.