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Previously on Percy Jackson And The Reunion And The News:

The eight of them walked down to the Amphitheatre and sat and the edge of the Amphitheatre. Once the songs were over, the gods appeared and awaited the revealing of the Captains' identities.

"I am Captain Be, I am a son of Hephaestus, my real name is…

Percy Jackson And The Identities Revealed And The Plan

3rd Person POV

…Charles Beckendorf" Beckendorf says flipping his hood off revealing the once dead son of Hephaestus. All the immortal campers' and gods' mouths drop at seeing the long lost dead son of Hephaestus. Hephaestus has tears of happiness seeing his favorite son alive.

Once they come out of their shock, the immortal campers rush forward to reunite with their friend. Percy stops them.

"I know you want to reunite with him but first you might want to find out who the other captain's are."

They reluctantly agree and sit back down in their seats.

Bianca steps up, "I am Captain Bi, I am a daughter of Hades, and my real name is Bianca di Angelo and former Hunter of Artemis." She says taking off her hood

Before Percy could stop him, Nico runs up and tackles his once dead sister into a hug.

"Bianca, I can't believe it's you! I missed you so much!" Nico cries out.

"Nico I missed you too but can you get off of me?" Bianca asks.

"Oh, sure. Sorry Percy, it's just that I haven't seen my sister in a long time and-" he says while blushing

"No need to say anymore, I completely understand but please return to your seat."

"Okay" Nico says as he sits back down.

Ethan steps up, "I am Captain E, I am a son of Nemesis and my real name is Ethan Nakaruma." He says taking down his hood.

People start taking out their weapons until Percy says

"Don't hurt my Captains or they will hurt you and I really don't want to see anyone of you hurt"

They put away their weapons slowly as if Ethan's going to attack at any moment

"If they reacted like that towards me, I can't wait 'till they find out who Captain L is." Ethan murmurs to Percy.

"Yep, they'll be in one heck of a surprise" Percy whispers back.

Luke steps up, "I am Captain L, I am a son of Hermes and my real name is Luke Castellan"

You can see everyone trying their best to not reach for their weapons and attack Luke. A stray knife is thrown towards Luke but is deflected by Luke's own knife.

He looks where the knife was thrown from and sees Annabeth standing there with another knife in her hand ready to throw. Luke gets a better look at the knife she threw and sees that it's the same knife he gave her when she was 7.

"Looks like she doesn't like you anymore." Beckendorf says to Luke.

"You can say that again" he replies while deflecting another knife thrown by Annabeth.

"Permission to engage Commander?" Luke asks.

"For the last time, call me Percy! And no, permission denied even though I would like to see it." Percy replies.

"Whatever you say…..Commander." Luke replies while smirking. Percy turns around and looks at Luke and he's suddenly dancing like Bernie. (Link to Dancing Like Bernie video on profile page)

"Seriously Percy? Seriously?" Luke exclaims.

"Well you said you wouldn't do that anymore so I figured this would be punishment." Percy replies not really caring.

While Luke continues to Bernie, Silena steps up,

"I am Captain S, I am a daughter of Aphrodite and my real name is Silena Beauregard."

Aphrodite looks like she's going to cry and the Aphrodite cabin squeals in delight as they see their long lost sister.

"Please Percy, make it stop." Luke begs.

"Do you swear on the River Styx that you'll stop doing it?"

"Yes, I swear, now make it stop, my arms are getting tired and my back's aching." Percy lets go of him and he falls to the ground.

"Oh, get up you big baby, it doesn't hurt that much."

"Yeah it does." Luke complains.

"Whatever, Captain Z, your turn."

Zoe steps up, "I am Captain Z, I am a daughter of Atlas and my name is Zoe Nightshade, former lieutenant of Artemis." Artemis looks overjoyed seeing her former lieutenant and Nico and Thalia looked shocked. Percy claps his hands,

"Okay, now that's done with, you may reunite with your family/friends." He says to everyone. He turns to his captains,

"While you guys get reacquainted with your family/friends, I'll be in the cabin if you guys need me" Percy says to them

"I'll also be in the cabin if you need me." Bri says.

"Okay, but don't you two have too much fun while you're alone in the cabin." Silena says and Percy and Bri blush furiously.

"All right, see you guys later." Percy says and walks back to the cabin with Bri right behind him

"Okay, see you later" they reply while watching them enter the cabin.

Once they're done reuniting with their friends and family, they head back but Luke stops them.

"Hey guys, I have an idea." Luke says to them

"What is it?" Bianca asks.

"Why don't we spy on Percy and Bri and see what they're doing."

"Why would we want to do that?" Ethan asks.

"So we could possibly use it as blackmail" Luke explains.

"Oh, I see, but we're going to need like six copies if we each want to blackmail them." Beckendorf says.

"It's fine, I have my camera with me" Luke says and holds up a Nikon camera.

"Do you carry that camera everywhere you go?" Zoe asks raising an eyebrow.

"No! Other times I carry a Kodak camera" Luke says defensively

"Okay back to business, Operation: Blackmail Percy and Bri is now in action" Silena says.

They look at each other mischievously and go inside the cabin seeing the most unexpected thing…

That's the end of Chapter 5!

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