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After the kiss on the beach, Sarah has to make a decision. Continue being a spy or being a wife to Chuck Bartowski.

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Chuck The Stranger Husband (1)


"Yeah?" Chuck turned his face to his beautiful wife

"Kiss me!"

It was not a first time she asked him to kiss her. But hearing this from his amnesia wife made him relief. He smiled. And then he kissed Sarah, hoping that the magical kiss could work. The kiss was soft not so demanding. Sarah felt her body reacted after his lips touch hers. She liked it and she didn't know why, and when he broke the kiss, suddenly she pulled him for another kiss. Chuck was surprised, he was so happy he could feel her warm lips again. And then she wrapped her hand around his neck.

"um…" Sarah was hesitated, and put her hands back to her previous position as she broke the kiss.

"So? Um... do you… um, did it work? The magical kiss? Because if it didn't, I would love to kick Morgan's ass…haha" Chuck tried to cheering her up.

"The kiss was magical for me, honestly, really. But the truth is…um… the truth is I still can't remember. I'm so sorry, Chuck. But…" She saw Chuck's face suddenly turned down and looked away.

He was disappointed because it means Sarah would go away, leave him alone.

"But?" He forced to reply her statement even though he knew this moment might be the last time he could ever close to his wife.

"But now I trust you. Before you came here to the beach, I've been thinking a lot about my life, about the spy life, about the assignment Graham gave me, about the intersect, but mostly though I've been thinking about you. " She put her hand on his hand, tried to comfort him.

"Really?" Chuck replied and turned his face to look her in the eyes

"Yes. How was my life with you, how I fell in love with you… You happen to be my husband Chuck, and I thought, I thought you might be the one who really knew me. We can't turn back the time, and if I want my life back, maybe I have to figure out it with you, learn from you. Maybe I do not remember about us, the last time I said I didn't feel it, but now after we kissed I know I can feel it, Chuck. I can feel there is something between us, and maybe it was a good start for me, for us."

"It was quite a speech, Sarah. That's great. I mean that's the best news I've ever heard… Oh my God, you don't know how happy I am right now. Was it mean? You still want to um…to be my wife and…and live with me? " Chuck was so happy, deep down in his heart Chuck wanted so bad to kiss Sarah, to showed her how much he loves her, but he just could not make a first move.

"Yes, Chuck. But, you know that I am not who I used to be. You still a "stranger husband" to me. I know it sounds silly but yes husband wife thingy kind of a new territory for me now. So um, I hope you understand about the situation."

"Of course, of course I do understand. Anything for you, Sarah. I will do anything in my power just to make you happy. Including husband and wife situation" he grinned at her

"Thank you, Chuck. And please, be patient with me. "

"I will, Sarah. We're gonna get your memory back. And we do this together. I will fight for you every day for the rest of our life, I hope you will always remember that."

And then Sarah hugged him so tight and kissed him.

"Wow… I love you, Sarah"

"I know…"

Chuck and Sarah smiled at each other.

"So…How on earth did you possibly find this beach, Sarah?"

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