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Chuck The Stranger Husband (6)

Meanwhile in the Buy More

"Hey man, I thought you're still looking for Sarah…" Morgan was greeting Chuck. "Wait…you found her, didn't you?" I can see the bright from your face"

"Yeah, I did, buddy. And I am just so happy. She's back, Man."

"Did you kiss her?" Morgan was so curious about the magic kiss he did suggest to Chuck.

"I did…I did kiss her" Chuck replied, He clearly couldn't hide the grin spread across his face.

"See…I told you, the kiss was going to work. She remembers you."

"No, she doesn't, buddy. Not yet. But she trusted me, and I got my wife back. That's good, right?"

"Yes, of course, Chuck. I am happy for you, man. Where'd you find her anyway?

"That's..Morgan…TOP SECRET. Ahaaaa…Sorry I can't tell you…"

"Are you kidding me? We've been friends since we were kids. And suddenly, now you're keeping a secret from me?" Morgan

"Yeah… just one, really. It's personal…" Chuck was looking around the Buy More.

"I got it…personal….oh yeah…." Morgan nodded. "Oh Crap! I almost forgot, Chuck. We have a situation. "

Morgan's Office

"Your step father did what?" Chuck shouted.

"Yeah, Chuck…Big Mike…Big Mike asked me this morning about the spy thing, and about the spy base underneath the Buy More. And he told me that you are a spy too." Morgan explained

"How could he possibly know that?"

"Jeffster, Chuck. Who else? They told Big Mike about their concert, and about the bomb, and you as a spy. But, they saved my life , Alex's, and Awesome's life, Chuck."

"Yeah, right. That's kinda emergency. And speaking of Jeffster, where are they now?"

"You are not gonna believe what I am going to say…"

"What's wrong? Chuck asked full of curiosity.

"They quit, Chuck. Because there's a record executive from Germany come down here just to hire them, he watched the concert and like them. He's making Jeffster rockstars."

"Whaaat? Wow, That's unbelievable…So, the Nerd Herd Desk is empty."

"I know right…insane…that's why Big Mike wanted the truth. Chuck, I think this is the time you told him and all the employees of The Buy More, that you're the owner. "

"I can't do that, they will not believe me, I still work for the nerd herd for a cover at least. And about the spy thing? Is there anyone else know about me as a spy?"

"Just Big Mike and Jeffster…I think…"

"Good…For now, maybe we just tell Big Mike. Do you remember our conversation about us quitting a spy life and maybe doing cyber terrorism?

"Yes, I do. What's wrong?"

"I am not really sure about that for now. Even it would be work behind the computer, no guns and bullets, it still is fighting bad guys, Man. I just want to focus in taking care of my wife. Casey's moving on, and you're going serious with Alex, Buddy you're moving in together with Alex. All I want is a peace life. No bad guys or enemies or super dangerous situations. I can't take it anymore at least for now. I think we need a normal happy life."

"Wow…Chuck, that's really a big move. How about, Sarah? I mean…will she agree with your decision?"

"I have not told her yet. In the morning, she woke up and wanted to call Beckman and need a mission."

"What…that's crazy. Did she call her?"

"No, she didn't" he said relief.

"Good. But in my opinion, you can't terminate Carmichael Industries just like that. You, Sarah, and Casey are the best spy."

"You're right buddy. That's our company, we would re-discuss in the time Casey's here and Sarah got better. But for now we can't do anything related to Carmichael Industries. Because, I am going to totally focus on Sarah.

"So, when will we tell Big Mike?"

"Today, actually. Yeah, mmm…. And I'll ask him to keep the information about me being a spy, just for himself, I hope he can keep a secret. Jeffsters and Big Mike are enough. But, I am gonna tell him that I quit a spy life, that there is still a base down there. And then, if there's another employee found out about our spy base, it must be from Jeffster's or Big Mike's mouth."

"What about the rest of the employees?"

"I think it's not going to happen any time soon. I don't know, maybe? Or should I talk to Sarah first? Yeah I should." Chuck said

And then Chuck called Sarah asking for some advice about the Buy More situation.

"Hey, Sarah…I need to talk to you about something" Chuck explained everything about the whole situation to his wife.

"Okay, then. Thank you, honey. Talk to you soon." Chuck hung up the phone.

"So, what did she say, Chuck?" Morgan asked after Chuck finished his call.

"She said that I don't have to tell all the employees about us, they don't even know it yet. We just need to talk to Big Mike. See? I am on the same page with her. And she said when the time comes for me to tell everything about me as an owner, I should do it to the employees apart from the spy thing of course. I hate calling them as employees they're my friend, for God's sake."

"Alright then, let's do this"



Chuck, Morgan, and Big Mike were at the Morgan's office. Chuck told Big Mike everything about his ownership at the Buy More, where's the money come from, about the spy base, about Buy More as his cover job, about him as a spy who's planning to quit anyway, about his relation with Casey.

"That's it. I hope you will totally understand about my condition right now." Chuck said

"Son, you are my boss. Look, I promise, I will not tell anyone anything about what I just found out. Not even your mom, Son." Big Mike said to Morgan. "I am so proud of you, Bartowski. I know you always have something more than anyone else here. And as a good civilian, I want to say thank you for all of you've done for this country."

"Come on, Big Mike. Don't call me your boss. And thank you so much for your nice compliment. One more thing though, we know that the Nerd Herd desk kinda empty, and I can't always be here all the time. I…I want to spend time with my wife for a while now, kind of. We need to hire new employees for that position. So if maybe I late for work or maybe I don't come for work, you two guys have my back-up." Chuck said.

"You're the boss, Son. But, do you still want to work at the Nerd Herd? I mean as I said, you're the boss." Big Mike asked Chuck

"I still do. Honestly, I already have some plans, but maybe for couple months I'll be here. I can control the Buy More from here, without anybody knows that I am the owner, just like the old times. But I need friends at the Nerd Herd."

"I understand, Chuck. How many people do you need for Nerd Herd?" Morgan asked.

"2 or 3 people I think it's enough. You set up everything about the recruitment, and then I'll check their CVs and application letter, and. You are the one who's gonna do the interview. But, I'll decide which applicants are going to work with me in the Nerd Herd."


"And for last, now I need a brand new iPhone, for my wife."

Echo Park (Chuck Sarah's apartment)

It was 2 hours ago when Chuck called, asking her about Big Mike situation. The apartment was so quite without him. She already did dishes, watched tv, and looked around the apartment. And then she ended up checking the freezer.

"I'll go to the grocery store, then. Killing time. But, my car's still at the hotel. This is what a housewife does, isn't it?"

Speaking of hotel she remembered, that some of her stuffs are still there too. So she decided to call Chuck, informed him that she's gonna go to the hotel, took her car.

"Hello, Chuck" She said on the phone

"Hey, Sarah…how's your day at apartment?"

"Boring actually. But I might have a solution, I'll go to grocery store."

"Okay, I am going home now. Because there's no car there."

"That's actually what am I going say, that you don't need to go home just for accompany me. Because i'll go to the hotel room take my car and my stuff and then go to the grocery store. I'll take a cab to the hotel."

"Well, then…Be safe okay…Oh and I took the keys, and you can take the keys there, you know just in case"

"I will…bye chuck"


"No Chuck here. And nothing I can do here without him. How could I stand if I decided to separate room with him? Maybe that's a bad idea after all. Chuck Bartowski, how did you this to me?"


Chuck was working on Sarah's phone. His phone buzzed again after he ended his call with Sarah. He thought that was Sarah again, but he was wrong. Ellie's picture appeared on the phone screen.

"Hey, sis."

"Hello Chuck, where are you? I didn't see you this morning."

"I'm in Castle actually… I forgot that you're leaving Burbank, sis. But I promise, I'll make it up to you. cause I have a great news."

"Really? have you found Sarah yet?

Chuck smiled before he answer his sister question, remembering what just happened the day before, Chuck was thinking about Sarah, obviously. He was so grateful he had such an amazing sister, amazing family, and amazing friend who always care for him and his wife.

"Yes, I have, yesterday I did find her. And I am sorry I haven't told you, actually, I was going to call you after I finished my work. And she trusted me, sis. She's back with me." a tear dropped from his eyes.

"Oh MY GOD, Chuck. That's great news. How about her memories though? Did she get her memories back?" The concerned tone came from Ellie.

"No, not yet. But she did remember some pieces of her memory, but the memories came randomly, El. Do you know why?

"I think that's possible Chuck, but I don't know why. It means that she probably will remember her latest memory. That's good right? Sarah as a wife to Chuck Bartowski"

"Yeah…that's also what I thought. But, I just didn't get it, Sis. When she first came back, and then we were kinda in a mission to find Quinn. In Germany, I kept reminding her about our story. But it didn't work. We found a restaurant which was similar with our first date, and then we posed as a wienerlicious employee, but still…she didn't remember. "

"I think the answer is because you two were on mission. And Sarah need to focus on mission, at that time her brain worked so hard to focus on Quinn. So, her brain couldn't process another information except for finishing mission."

"That's kinda make sense. I think."

"Remember when I hypnotized Morgan?"


"Digging into brain's memory needs a relax situation. Not some rush situation like life and death mission you did together. You should know, you can't force Sarah to remember, she's not gonna take it. So, I guess she got the pieces of memories when she's relaxed."

"Yeah…maybe…when she was listening to our song…" Chuck remembered the moment in his nerd herd.

"But, I really surprise Chuck, when she was with you, even just for a day, she could remember some of her memories. Sarah is a strong woman, I mean she survived from the Norseman device, and I hope this time she will recover sooner."

"Yes, she really is special." Chuck totally agreed with his sister.

"Ok then, we have to celebrate this moment… before i leave Burbank the day after tomorrow…"

"Yeah…dinner tomorrow?

"Sounds great... ok, I think I'll see you later…I love you."

"Love you too, Sis…"

Chuck was so focusing on Sarah's phone, but somehow his mind flew away. He knew his life would not be the same as before. But for now, he was so relief that his wife wanted to trust him again. And he promised will always cherish every moment they spent together. He had to make his wife fall in love with him all over again, that's his new mission. He hoped that Sarah would get her complete memory, especially the memories they shared together. The first time she walked to the buy more, the first impression she met him, their first kiss, the first time she said "I love you", the first time they made love, or for the latest decision she made to quit spying. But, deep down Chuck must ready to the fact that might be some her memories would not come back, that's the worst case.

"I said, no vows in my wedding day, because words couldn't describe the depth of my love for Sarah, but I promised to prove my love for her every day for the rest of our life. I'll take care of her, from now on, like I did before. Maybe she doesn't need a protector to keep her safe from bad guys, but I am her husband, and I'll do everything to make her happy. It's not only for her good, for me. I need Sarah Walker, and I need my wife. Because honestly, I don't know how to go a day without her, she's my life."

Moment later he finished modifying Sarah's phone. So, Chuck wanted to do some tests with the phone, he decided to call Sarah. After several conversations, Chuck found out that Sarah was already in her hotel room, she said she wanted to spend some time in her hotel room. And Sarah told him, she was quite impressed with the new phone.

"Are you sure wanted to go to grocery store by yourself? I mean I can accompany you, we used to buy stuff together. And honestly, I do wanna go with you, I'm afraid you'll get lost too." Chuck said on the phone. His worrying tone was becoming a habit recently.

"I have GPS in my car, Chuck. I'll never get lost. "

"I know I know…but, my office hour's gonna be over soon, so I'm okay to go with you. Technically I don't have office hour anymore since I own the buy more." He chuckled

"No, I am fine, really. Besides I need to buy my stuff, you know?" Sarah insisted want to go alone, because she need time to go with women stuff. She would've uncomfortable if Chuck accompanied her.

"Your stuff?Ow…yeah yeah…I got it. You did it a long time ago, when we're still dating. You didn't want me to come with you. I understand, so…see you at home? You know the way home, don't you?" Chuck understood, Sarah used to live all by herself, the first time they went to the store together, there was an awkward moment when Sarah had to bought her women stuff.

"I know…" She smiled when she heard him said home.

"By the way…What do you want for dinner?"

"I don't know. any idea?"

"Order pizza or maybe you wanna cook together? i am a good chef by the way. And you used to love Chicken Pepperoni, but I am afraid you're the one who's gonna buy all the ingredients."

"You cook? Wow…okay then, that's kinda plan. I'll buy everything we need, and see you at home."

"See you…Be safe, okay!"

"Chuck, I am trained assassin. Don't worry. Goodbye"

"Yeah I will never forget that. But you just lost your memory, and worrying about you is kinda becoming a habit now. Goodbye, Sarah."

"I really am turning into a housewife, buying ingredients? Seriously? Sarah Walker used to buy guns or knives, not some kitchen ingredients."

The truth was she didn't know what else she had to do. So when she saw the freezer empty, she had to make herself busy, and all she could think about was groceries shopping, that's it.


Looking around in her hotel room, Sarah somehow felt really familiar with her room. Sarah sit on the edge of the bed, tried to remember things, but nothing came up. Except the latest memory when she met Quinn for the first time, when he asked her to kill Chuck Bartowski. She didn't know how, she didn't know why, but the memory of trying to kill Chuck made her heart so hurt. It felt really hurt, maybe because her heart didn't want to hurt Chuck as well. She placed her hand on her heart, she felt her heart beat so fast. How could this possible? She really felt sorry about what happened. She regretted for what she's done to Chuck. It's funny when she tried so hard to gain her memories, but on the other hand she wanted so bad to erase her memory about Quinn. Well it doesn't sound funny actually, she thought.

"Why is it so hurt?" Sarah whispered "And why on earth does it beat so freaking fast at the same time?"

Sarah got up from the bedroom, she almost forgot the most important reason why she went to her hotel room, it's not just to take her car, she wanted to take her rings. Her engagement and wedding ring. She kept it safely in a box together. She had not been wearing them for a while. Holding that box, her hand was shaking. Sarah remembered this morning when Chuck showed her his wedding ring, deep down in heart she felt bad because she was not wearing it. She opened the box and saw the perfect shiny ring with a diamond on it, and the other white gold ring with simpler model. She took the ring one by one, and put them on her finger. She smiled for a moment, mesmerized the rings. A small tear fell from her eyes. The rings felt so right in her finger, but she couldn't remember why she had them (yet). Of course she knew those rings were from Chuck, who else? But she still couldn't remember the memories behind it. Even though Chuck had told her about their engagement and their wedding. Sarah decided to put the rings back into the box, not because she didn't want to wear them, but because she wanted to remember their history first before she wears the rings again.

Sarah packed the box, and turned her gazed to her suitcase across the room. Only a suitcase, nothing more. Sarah had done the packing or unpacking things hundred times, but she had this strange feeling. Because she finally packed her things and was gonna go home. Home, with Chuck. She couldn't put the words behind her feeling. Was she excited? Because she finally had a place to call as her home. But she's terrified too, totally terrified.

Casa Bartowski

Chuck was right. He was the one who arrived first. The clock showed it was 7 pm. The apartment seemed empty, no sign that Sarah was there. Chuck decided to call Sarah, and it went to voicemail. Chuck felt little bit worried. He was pacing back and forth, wondering where Sarah was. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door, he walked toward the door.

"Hey, Sarah, I was just… Oh...hi, Sis… sorry I thought you were Sarah…"

"Hi Chuck, where is Sarah?" Ellie asked

"She said she went to her hotel room, pack her stuff or something… she didn't want me to accompany her. Honestly sis, I am worried. I know I am not supposed to be like this… but it's getting late, and she's not home."

"It's 7 pm, Chuck. it's not late…"

"I know… "

"Sarah is not here, so I think I will back to my apartment, re-checking the boxes and everything…"

"Need help?"

"No, it's fine, Chuck. I got it. Don't forget dinner tomorrow… with Sarah."



It's been 2 hours since Chuck got home. And Sarah was still not home. He had been calling her thousand times, but always went to her voicemail. Chuck got up from the couch, but then sat down again, holding his phone. Chuck called Sarah. After he heard a beep, Chuck left the message.

"Hi, Sarah… it's Chuck again. I don't know how many messages I have left in your voice mail…but…Where are you? Please call me back… are you okay? We're supposed having dinner by now…and I'm starving waiting for you… please come home soon…bye"

Chuck really devastated. His mind told him maybe Sarah was running away. He could not accept it. He certain that Sarah would come back to him. But, somehow his greatest fear came again… "What if Sarah is leaving him?"

"Please…please…it's not happening again…Where are you, Sarah?" Chuck said to her himself.


After driving for miles, Sarah arrived at a house with the red door and the white picket fence. She hesitated to get out from her car.

But then, Sarah got out from her car, and walked toward the house. Sarah knocked on the door. A moment later the door was open.

"Hi, Mom…." Sarah said.

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