Naruto Locked in the Dead Apocalypse

My second story for this site and I am still working on the other one, as well, I just had to get this story started while I had the idea stuck in my head.

Therefore, this is a Naruto & High school of the Dead crossover

The parings:

Naruto x Saya x Saeko

Gaara x Shizuka

Takashi x Rei

Khota x Asami

Chapter 1

Naruto P.O.V.

I look at my surroundings all that would meet your eyes was death and the fresh sent of blood. "I failed to save them why couldn't save the people who fought for me" I whispered as tears run down my face as I fall to my knees in sorrow.

I turn to where my grand cousin turned adopted mother lifeless body that had countless scars and torn flesh. Her face while having three slashes along her left cheek to him she was still his mother and perfect the way she was. He then turns to his best friend Gaara and once of the eight people in his world that truly understood his suffering growing up. He was on his knees in front of three bodies that once were his brother, sister, and the women that had stolen his heart.

Naruto notice the tears that streamed down his eyes as he held his love while whispering "please come back my little Matsuri-chan I don't want to loss you like this" as he held her body close to his. 'I am truly sorry Gaara if only I could have been able to help' Naruto thought as he watched Gaara.

(Normal POV)

Naruto's heart ached for his adopted brother as he remember that same pain after experiencing it before when his love was murdered at the start of this Nightmares war with beings that were of the dead. It was all because of the man that went by the name Tobi who was also responsible for his horrible child hood and the death of his parents not even a day after he was born and having the strongest of the nine biju.

(Flash Back)

Naruto had thought that after all the pain, suffering, manipulation and endless battle he a thought he would have put and end to the fourth ninja war most powerful enemies' organization the Akatsuki.

After Naruto had finally been able to befriend his Burden the Kyubi that he was forced to merge with to become the demon and then helping Gaara free his from the man, then running damage control until Gaara was able to merge with the Ichibi.

What happened next was something that had spelled the end for their short-lived advantage, as Tobi was still able to gain something when he was able to strip the other biju or tailed beasts of fifty percent of their ability and energy with only the Kyubi and Ichibi Kurama and Shukaku.

And then once he finish absorbing the energy it turn him into something that could only be described as a nightmare with the ability to manipulate the dead and some selected mutation to the bodies. He then descended on to the battle filled and massacred Naruto and Gaara's allies while they fought the dead. The battles got to the point were Gaara and Naruto were the only two left alive while his army was gone.

Tobi was on the verge of defeat unit he had revealed a that he was only testing his new abilities and then somehow was able to temporarily bring them to their knees as he use his remaining corrupted chakra to open a rift then revealing that he new found goal.

Tobi had gain the ability to open time rifts, which he planed to use to travel three thousand years into the future where human a long since lost the usage of chakra and the tailed beast and the elemental nation were nothing but an era, lost in history.

Tobi then walk inside the rift then turn to face Naruto and Gaara the three black tomoe of his red sharingan spinning and the ripple-like pattern over the eyeballs, with a light purple iris and sclera of his Rinnegan eyes glowing as the rift closed.

(End of Flashback)

Naruto and Gaara had begun walking away from the battlefield after finally gaining the will to leave their decease comrades and made their way to the place where the other demons were.

"Uzumaki we need to do something about the monster Tobi or Madara or whatever the hell his name is we mustn't allow him to get away with this" Gaara told his best friend wanting to make sure that the war they had just survived did not happen again in the future were humanity would surely become extinct.

"I know Gaara but what can we do right now we don't have a way to time travel to hopefully stop this war" Naruto explained filling hopeless knowing that unless they do something millions will die as they had arrived to a clearing only to see the seven original tailed beasts waiting for them.

"Well it seems you were right about them wanting to go stop Armageddon Son" Saiken the six-tailed slug commented to the four-tailed giant red ape Son Goku that sat beside it.

"We have good news for you to as we have found a way for both of you to travel to the place were it will begin and the life that the people knew will come two an end" said Chomei the seven tailed horn beetle as he buzzed around the clearing in aggravation.

"That's good news but how exactly did you find away to travel in time and where the outbreak will start" Naruto asked in hope shinning in his and Gaara's eyes.

"We have gained all of our abilities when Rikudo the sage of six paths and created us by shattering the Juubi and separating its power then he took us in and help us with said power and treating us as family with the original kyubi being like a son to him" said Kokuo the five tailed dolphin-horse in her sad voice as the other tailed beats bowed their heads to honor their

After five minutes of silent prayer the Twin tailed cat Matatabi had pulled out two big scrolls from behind were it she was sitting on had the Uzumaki swirl on the front while the other had the kanji for love on it.

"I every item you two will need when you get to the timeline you will have an hour to prepare and make sure you're ready for the outbreak when you get there" Matatabi said.

"There is enough food a last you for a long time in there and its filled with all of your personal weapons, and other items you two use as well as clothes" Son Goku explained as and the other biju had surrounding the two former demon as they got ready to send the boys to the future.

Naruto and Gaara checked the scrolls and seeing that everything they would want and need for this mission sealed away in the scrolls once they were satisfied they look up at the tailed demons and gave the nod to show that they were ready.

"So it seems this is the beginning of your new journey we have faith in you and after we send you we will loose the ability to see into the future and travel there also you to should know that your chakra control will be shot to hell for three weeks so be prepared and I recommend meditation" Isobu the three tailed turtle finally choosing took speak to the two boys.

"When you get to the time line there is a group of humans five teens and an adult women that you have to join as their survivals will beside the fate of the world" Kokuo told them.

"They are the sword maiden Saeko Busujima Takashi Komuro, Rai Miyamoto, Saya Takagi, Kohta Hirano and their healer Shizuka Marikawa. The location they will be and where your mission begins will be the human schools," Son Goku continued as all the biju chakra came swirling out of them.

"This it is I guess we will do whatever it takes to win this war and make you proud thanks you for everything my friends" Naruto said as determination blazed a raging fire in his eyes as Gaara nodded with the same amount of determination.

"Ok boys get ready here we go" Son yelled out as all seven of the demons chakra towered high over all of them then shot down and glowed over Naruto and Gaara

"Biju Secret jutsu time gate!" the seven great Biju roared as the Aura that surrounded Naruto and Gaara Became a blinding flash before it disappeared taking the two with it.

(Two thousand years later at Fuijmi high school)

"Damn it we are surrounded on all side what are we going to do to survive this Takashi?" a girl with long, light-brownish hair with bangs and two strands sticking out above the rest of her hair said as she held a wooden broom pole at the ready. Rei had reddish-brown eyes and a slender figure with ample breasts and wore a school uniform.

"We do what we can to survive and we cover for one other and make sure we get out of this alive Saeko I will be behind you" Takashi a teen that stood beside the girl with a bat in his hand. He has brown eyes and spiky black hair, which can occasionally have a purple hue. In addition, Takashi's attire typically consists of his black school uniform with a red T-shirt underneath.

Saeko a girl with long, straight and shiny black hair that had a blue or sometimes indigo color to it held a bokken in a kendo-fighting stance as she to attack the undead that had them surrounded.

"Get ready here they come" Kohta a chubby boy that was standing beside Saeko and a pink haired named Saya who had a scowl on her pretty face as she glared at the horde of undead.

"Well it seems that you guys are in the need of some back up isn't that right brother" came a calming voice that seemed to come from all around them. This put the group more on edge, as they could not pinpoint the voice.

"It would seem that they are indeed in need of our help so how should we do this Uzumaki" a deeper sounding voice that also seemed to come from all around them.

Becoming impatient with the voices Takashi raised his bat and pointed it towards the horde in front of him "That's it come out show yourself are to friend or foe" he growled already thinking of the voice as another enemy.

"Well since you asked so nicely" said the deep voice that sounded sarcastic than wind started to pick up and a killing intent wash over the area that had the hordes of undead stop dead in their tracks and also made Takashi's group tense up out of fear at the filling.

"Ninpou Fuusajin" an unfamiliar voice called out that confused the Takashi's group even further.

A strong gust of wind came from out of nowhere and shot past the group getting shrieks of surprise from the girls as their skirts blew up with the wind as it blasted the hordes behind them over them and into the far wall.

"Suna shuriken" the deep voice from before called out as shuriken made of sand flew past there heads towards the horde in front of them and cut the heads from the body.

The boys and Saeko eyes widened and Shizuka and Rei gasped at this as the bodies all fell to the ground.

"Well that was easier than I had first thought oh well" the calm voice came from behind them and they turned to the sound.

What they saw made the girls of the group face heat up, as in front of them were a blonde haired boy and a red haired one that they have never seen before while to the boys they looked badass.

"Kon'nichiwa, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and this is my adopted brother Sabaku no Gaara and we came to lend a hand"


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