Naruto locked in the Undead Apocalypse chapter 10

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Gaara had grown two more tails becoming a six tails and then his body became, engulfed in a golden light. Naruto who knew what was happening began to float higher into the sky and away from the area to allow his brother to fight at full power without getting in his away.

After the golden light died down, where Gaara once stood a giant Raccoon now stood, towering over the giant zombie.

The Raccoon then roared out as it allowed its six tails to lash out wildly around behind him as he stared down his prey.

Chapter 10

Naruto watched the battle with boredom as the giant tanuki demon known as Gaara rip the giant zombie apart using his tails and all the sand around him.

Gaara was able to defeat the giant with relative ease and allowed the body to drop to the ground. Gaara then changed back into his human form and descended down to the streets along with Naruto.

They then spent a few hours killing any zombie that wondered through the streets. After that was finished, they decided to rest for a while on the front porch of Rika's apartment.

"Well that was fast, it didn't take you that long to destroy that thing," Naruto says as he scanned the area.

"Do you scene that man anywhere," Gaara asks getting no from his brother. "It would seem that he had vanished right after you changed back into your human form," Naruto states.

"Then we should find the others soon before he or Madara finds them," Naruto says as he gets up and stretches his arms into the air until he felt a bones in his back pop.

Gaara sighs, as he stands up as well annoyed that the person who had sent the creature ran away right when he killed the thing.

"I left a Hiraishin seal on each of the girls so we should be able to get to them within a few minutes," Naruto explains as Gaara grabs his shoulder and they both vanish.

(Else where)

The man that had sent the giant after Naruto, Gaara and the others was walking through the zombie-filled streets heading towards a large building.

At the entrance, the man saw Madara and Tobi standing over the bodies of injured humans.

"Ah I see that your back from observing the nine tails and the one tails… Sasuke, Madara says noticing the man walking up to them.

Sasuke removed the hood revealing his raven black hair and his eternal Sharingan. "Yes and it would seem that Gaara is no longer a one tails and now has six," the young Uchiha explains as Madara and Tobi both allowed some zombies that where wondering the streets eat the four injured teens before them.

"I see and what of the nine tails, Tobi asks the young who confirmed this. "The idiot has obtained seven tails and is still getting stronger, things will get interesting once we make our move," Sasuke explains.

Oh and it seems as if Kabuto is after them as well, I watched as he sent a giant creature after the idiot and the Kazekage," Sasuke informs them.

"I see well it matters not, soon we will kill him eventually and then we shall deal with the Kyubi and ichibi," Tobi tells him.

Use these to make a stronger beast and go after them," Madara says as he and Tobi walked into the abandoned building. "As you wish Madara-san," Kabuto says as he watches them disappear behind the door.

"All I want is to battle the dope one last time and then I will kill you Madara and Obito," Sasuke says as his Sharingan began to spin. "Sasuke we are here so, what's next," Jugo asks as he and Karin arrived.

"We are going after Kabuto and this time he will die, then we will go after Naruto and Gaara," And with that they each disappeared going after their first targets.

(Elsewhere some hours earlier)

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream, Alice and Kohta sang as they sat on the roof of the truck that Shizuka was driving through a river.

After escaping from the apartments, leaving Naruto and Gaara to deal with that giant they had decide to head for Saya's house hoping that her parents where alive and safe.

Saeko and Yuuki were both asleep in the back seat, leaning against each other. Takashi and Rei who were both in sitting in the back as well had stared out the window wondering when Naruto and Gaara would show up again.

Tajima and Rika looked both apprehensive at what they had learned about the two teens they had left behind a few hours ago, wondering if they where still alive.

Saya who could not sleep worrying about the possibility of Naruto and Gaara dieing, choose to keep watch while staying in the truck but with her top half sticking out of the rooftop.

Alright Alice now let do a duet this time," Kohta suggests to the girl who agrees to this.

"Shoot, shoot, shoot your gun, kill them all right now, Bang, bang, bang, bang life is but a scream," Kohta sand as Alice laughed at him. Saya who was forced to listen to Kohta's bad singing had an annoyed look on her face as she turned to tell the boy to shut up.

"Hey you fat otaku don't teach a little girl a filth song like that, got don't bastardize mother goose," she says scowling the boy who had a scared look on his face as he apologized to her.

"It seems that we were suppurated from Naruto and Gaara," Rei comments as she turns to Takashi. "We also have to new members of our little group."

"I'm sure they will turn up soon," Komuro says. When the truck finally reaches the other side of the river, after waking up Yuuki and Saeko they all got out of the truck.

"Ok so we have successfully escaped from that thing back there however, we need to prepare for any more attacks on our way to Takagi-san's houses," Kohta tells them.

"What about Naruto and Gaara, how will they find us when they have never been to her place?" Rika asks the others.

"Well that's true that they have never been there before, however Naruto and Gaara shouldn't have any problems locating us so there's no reason for us to worry," Saeko says with the others nodding in agreement with the exception of Tajima and Rika.

"How can you be sure about those two finding us and while we are on the subject who or what are those two," Tajima asks with Rika wanting to know the same.

After Tajima brought this topic into the conversation, he realizes that it was not very smart as Saeko, Yuuki, Shizuka and Saya all had worried looks on their face.

"Naruto and Gaara are our guardians, they will find us once they can," Rei said trying to reassure the girls. Rika looked towards Shizuka, wondering about her relationship with the red head teen.

'I've never seen her connect to anyone but, somehow that boy was able to make his way into her heart' Rika thought.

"Right now we are going to get dress while you boys watch out for them to show up and also for Naruto and Gaara to reappear," Rei says as the girls went to change.

As the girls changed, Kohta tried to show Takashi how to use a gun. This however, Takashi seemed not to get the full concept of using a gun.

Tajima began smoking and entertaining the thought of sneaking a peak at both Rika and Shizuka however, he shot that idea down because of the other girls changing with them.

Alice then calls out to Takashi and the boys all turned to the girls. Saya, Rei and Saeko all wore their school uniform with a few changes that seemed to bring out their sex appeal a lot more then it normally is.

Shizuka wore a white long sleeve dress shirt and an orange skirt, while Rika wore a black tank top, some black pants and like Saeko, some combat boots.

Takashi gave out a nervous laugh while Kohta had steam radiating from his face and Tajima give out a whistle. Zero of course barked at the girls while his tail started to wag like crazy which no one seemed to notice.

"What's the matter you got a problem," Rei asks Komuro with a playful smile on her face.

"No actually you look good with it but, can you shoot it," Komuro asks her to which she just shrugs her shoulders.

"I'll ask Hirano to teach me and if worse comes to worse I'll just hit them with it," Rei says. Kohta then tells her to use the bayonet to kill the zombies if she runs out of bullets.

"Look their here, Alice suddenly exclaims as Zero the dog that Naruto picked up when he saved Alice began barking and growling as zombies began to appear from over the slope.

"Shit everyone gets back to the truck now," Saya exclaims as she and the girls ran to the tank. Rika shot each zombie that had gotten to close. Shizuka after everyone got into the tank step on the gas hard, going up the slope and then sped off.

Rika and Tajima sighed in relief when they no longer saw the zombies and sat back in the truck. Komuro and Rei both moved to sit on the roof after Shizuka slowed down.

"Aw man everywhere we go they just happen to show up," Komuro says while groaning in annoyance.

"Look on the bright side Komuro, it's not all bad at least it was only five of them this time," Rei comments trying to get him to cheer up.

Komuro looks towards Rei and then smiles at her. "I suppose your ri… "There right in front of us, distance three hundred meters," Kohta tells them.

"Take to the right now," Saya tells Shizuka. After they turned, again they spotted more zombies, which made Shizuka start to panic. Then Saya tells her to make a left however, they ran into more of them.

"Just keep going and don't stop," Saya tells her. Takashi and Rei had to hold on as not to fall off as they ran through the horde. Suddenly Rei starts shouting from Shizuka to turn back seeing that there was a roadblock.

Saeko noticed the wires blocking as well and told Shizuka to turn to the side. This made them slam the tank right into the blockade sideways crushing three of the zombies and then the tank began to move towards a wall.

She was able to stop the tank however, the stop sent Rei crashing into the hood of the tank and then to the ground where she could not get back up. Yuuki notices this as well a yells a Komuro to help while she looked for mags.

The horde then start to advance on her until Takashi moved in front of her. "Ok pull the slider, aim for the head and fire," As Takashi says this he fires the gun managing to take down one zombie.

"Oh man what the hell, I aimed at the head but, I only killed one of them."

"That's because you don't know what you're doing, because of the recoil the gun mussel moves off target and the pattern shoots high," Kohta tells him.

"Shoulder the gun and lean into it, aim around the chest and you should be able to take them down."

Takashi was able to take out a few more this time. Rika and Tajima both got out the truck and began shooting them down only for more to show up.

Komuro then runs out of bullets and realizes that their supply was in the trunk. "Komuro go get her I'll cover but, you better move like you've got a fucking purpose," Saeko tells him as she takes down the zombies that got to close to the tank.

"You can't there are way too many of them to fight," however, Saeko them pulls Kusanagi out of its sheath and begins to cut the hordes down.

Saeko turns towards one that got behind her and cut its head clean from its shoulders. She then slices another right down the middle cutting it in half and begin to kill each that gets to close to her.

Komuro then moves towards Rei and notices that she has the gun that she asked Kohta to teach her to use. Once he grabs the gun, he apologizes to her, which confused her and uses her tits to balance the gun to help him aim.

"Hirano how do I use this gun," Takashi asks while ignoring Rei who started to protest. "Flip the lever in front of the trigger guard, you can disengage the safe and afterwards pull the slide to the right and you're ready to shoot.

Once he started shooting, Komuro realized that he was missing all his targets and started to become frustrated. "Dammit, I keep missing."

"Fuck the magazine is empty, someone hand me another one and hurry," Kohta exclaims as he drops the empty mag. "Right I help look for them and Alice you help as well," Yuuki says

"Kohta we're running out as well we need some more and fast," Rika says as she snipes the hordes keeping them at bay. "I'm on it don't worry."

"Alice hand me a magazine like this one," Kohta tells her as he shows her the mag. "Kohta here's some," She says as Yuuki hands him the mag though after taking it, Kohta loads the mag and shouts out kill them all while he begins to cut the horde down.

Shizuka meanwhile was trying to get the truck to stop but seemed to be failing. "What the… I can't get this stupid engine to turn over, wait Takagi what are you think you're doing."

"I'm gonna get Komuro's gun and use it," Saya tells Shizuka who began to tell her that it was to dangerous.

"Well we are about to find out," and with that she takes the shotgun along with some mags and leaves the tank.

Seeing Saya with the gun in her hand got both Kohta's and Takashi's attention. Yuuki seeing this wondered if it was a good idea but just let her use it.

"Do you know how to use that," Kohta asks her. "Of course I'm a genius after all," she says.

"Here's some fully loaded mags for you to use," Yuuki says while she passes both Tajima and Rika the mags.

"Just relax I know what I'm going," she says and then as she turns she comes face to face with a zombie whose mouth was wide open.

Saeko then cuts that zombie's head off. Some blood and bile gushed onto her face as a result, which seemed to piss her off. "Look at me, you bastards ruined my new outfit; if you weren't dead I'd kill you myself you nasty walking undead freaks," she screams as she kills more of the horde.

Soon they all realized that they were in trouble as more and more zombie appeared from out of nowhere and began attacking them. Fear began to set in Rei, Saya, Alice and Shizuka's mind.

Takashi and Kohta started to become desperate. Zero attacked one of the zombies although they seemed to ignore him much to Alice relief. Saya then tries to use her shotgun like a club however, Tajima and Komuro both stop her.

"Hey that's my gun," a scared out of her mind Saya says as Tajima takes the gun away from her.

"Oh don't worry little miss I'll take it from here," He says while offering her a smile as he lets out a battle cry and runs through the hordes using the gun as a club killing each zombie that gets in his way.

Saeko and Rika both follow him through the horde with Saeko killing them with Naruto's sword and Rika using two nightsticks she stole the other day from a dead cop.

As Tajima made it he turns to, he slams the shotgun onto a light pole getting the hordes attention. "That's right this way you motherfuckers," Tajima shouts as he slams the gun on the pole again.

"Tajima look out, behind you," Rika's calls out to him. Confuses the man turns to see what she was talking out only for an abnormally large white snake to clamp down on him and lift him into the air.

The man yells out in pain as the snake's fangs pierce his skin and he starts coughing up blood. "What do we have here, a group of humans that got separated from their guardians how very unfortunate you."

When Saeko realized that, the snake was coming from the man who kept his face hidden under his hood they knew they were in trouble.

However, Rika became furious at the sight of her partner at the mercy of this man. "You bastard I'll kill you," Rika growled.

"Oh really you kill me, I doubt that however, you're welcome to come and try," Kabuto says as he removed his hood revealing his zombified snake face. Shocking Saeko and the group who see what was happening because the zombies had moved away from area when they sensed Kabuto.

'Another person who can control the horde, just how many more times are all these freak going to come after us' Saya thought.

"Die you bastard," Rika roars as she attacks Kabuto, who just smiles a psychotic grin. As she, pulls out a knife to stab him, Rika misses the fact that his hand started to glow a disturbingly purple color.

Saeko tries to warn her but it was too late as Kabuto cuts her in two. 'No it can't be, this is not supposed to happen," Shizuka says as she leaves the tank only to fall to the ground.

No Rika-chan you can't die here, Gaara come back to me please SAVE RIKA," Shizuka screams as tears run down her eyes. Everyone else was frozen with horrified looks adorning their faces.

Kabuto sported that same psychotic grin as he thought. 'I taken those closes from you again Kyubi brat and next time I'll be taken your head.

"Hey Snake bitch you need a new pair of glasses if you think you've killed Rika." Suddenly everyone turned to where they all heard the very familiar voice.

"Who they saw made the group feel complete again and make Shizuka's tears of sorrow turn into tears of joy.

Both Saeko and Rika noticed that they where in the arms of the protectors of the group. "Naruto, Gaara you're finally back," the group all exclaimed at the same time. "Are you hurt Saeko-chan," Naruto asks, as he looks the woman over noticing that she only had a few rips in her clothes.

"Yes I'm fine don't worr- ouch," she cries out as she drops Kusanagi. "I see you have been gripping Kusanagi sword too hard, luckily I've sealed its poison away or else you would be dead right know" Naruto says teasing the beautiful woman.

Gaara flew towards Shizuka bring Rika to her. Lady Shizuka I apologize for being late in getting here," Gaara says while he sets Rika into the passenger seat in the tank.

Shizuka give Gaara a kiss on the cheek and thanks him as she whips the tears from her eyes. Naruto sat Saeko on her to feet and began to lick her wounds much to her embarrassment.

Saya, Kohta Komuro and Yuuki all thanked both Naruto and Gaara as they ran to they moved towards the truck. Naruto then moves to stand between the group and Kabuto with his fox features visible to the world.

"So you have finally showed up Namikaze and Kazekage," Kabuto hisses at the two great demons. "We would have been here sooner, however you left your mindless army wondering the streets, so being the good Samaritans that we are we decide to clean up your mess," Naruto tells him.

Kabuto looked annoyed by this however he than grinned at the blonde haired demon. "Hm I'll admit that you have come along way from being that no name loser orphan three years ago, however Sasuke is still leagues ahead of you in skill and power," Kabuto says trying to mess with Naruto's head.

However, instead of Naruto exploding and attacking Kabuto did something that was contradictory to his personality.

"Ok seriously why do you have to bring up Sasuke very time we fight," Naruto asks shocking even Gaara who expected his brother to attack Kabuto in a fit of rage but this Naruto surprised him.

"I mean seriously when we first fought you said I had no skills unlike Sasuke and how I could never beat Sasuke and then when we met up again after three years you said the same thing you said to me just now," Naruto points out to Kabuto.

"I guess you share your former masters obsession for little boy after all," he says shocking everyone there.

"It makes sense since you always looked up to Orochimaru, so much so that you even decide that after the pale fucker's death that you would implant some of his cells into your body which made you take on his image."

By know Kabuto was furious however, the group was all trying not to laugh. Seeing Kabuto's face Naruto went in for the kill. "Hey Kabuto the next time you want to bring up Sasuke in our fight how about I save you the trouble and bring him along so you can suck his dic-

"I'll fucking murder you," Kabuto shouts out as he ran towards Naruto ready to cleave the demon in half. As Kabuto ran at Naruto, the Rinnegan began to glow an ominous blood red and his fangs began to drip black acid.


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