Naruto Locked in the Undead Apocalypse Chapter 11

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Naruto x Saya x Saeko x Yuuki

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Takashi x Rei

Kohta x Asami

"Human speech"

"Human thought"

"Demon speech"

"Demon thought"

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"I guess you share your former masters obsession for little boy after all," he says shocking everyone there.

"It makes sense since you always looked up to Orochimaru, so much so that you even decide that after the pale fucker's death that you would implant some of his cells into your body which made you take on his image."

By know Kabuto was furious however, the group was all trying not to laugh. Seeing Kabuto's face Naruto went in for the kill. "Hey Kabuto the next time you want to bring up Sasuke in our fight how about I save you the trouble and bring him along so you can suck his dic-

"I'll fucking murder you," Kabuto shouts out as he ran towards Naruto ready to cleave the demon in half. As Kabuto ran at Naruto, the Rinnegan began to glow an ominous blood red and his fangs began to drip black acid.

Chapter 11

Naruto and Kabuto charged at each other, clashing their blades. Kabuto attacked by throwing senbon needles. Naruto parried the needles with a kunai.

Naruto then throws the kunai at Kabuto, who dodges the blade. Naruto then goes for a kick to the head. Kabuto dodged by jumping back.

Kabuto's snake appendage than began to lash out at Naruto, at a blinding speed, hoping to devour the last Uzumaki.

Naruto was able to dodge every attack with ease and then began a short chain of seals. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu" Naruto exclaimed in his head as, he fired a giant ball of fire from his mouth at Kabuto.

Kabuto slams his hands onto the ground, which creates a large wall of earth. "Doton: Doroku Gaesh" he exclaims as the wall stops the fireball.

Suddenly Naruto appears above the wall with a ball of chakra in his hand, aiming for Kabuto's head. "Rasengan," Naruto exclaimed as he rammed the ball of chakra into Kabuto's body sending the young adult flying.

"Is that the best you can do, I hardly even felt that," Kabuto said as he stood up and removed his torn cloak.

Naruto's Rasengan only seemed to have grazed the man's skin without piercing it.

"I see so you used Kimimaro's Shikotsumyaku to protect your vital organs from my Rasengan," Naruto states in disgust.

"That's right thanks to the DNA samples that I have injected into my system, I am able to use the Shikotsumyaku and a member of other abilities that where unique to some clans and those of the Sound five," Kabuto boosted.

"Just as I thought… you are a disgusting and cowardly piece of shit that can only steal from others in order to obtain power," Naruto states in a bored tone, which seemed to agitate Kabuto.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you and then I will take you're DNA samples and become even more powerful than Madara and Tobi," Kabuto ranted.

Suddenly Kabuto's dark chakra erupted from his body, as he got ready to charge Naruto once again.

"This place shall be your grave, Kabuto," Naruto said as his yokai also flared up from his body.

As Kabuto and Naruto clashed, Gaara began to destroy all of the zombies within the area. Saeko was just about to join in the battle when the others had called out to her.

Hey Saeko, we need to leave right now," Takashi said as the others got into the truck.

"Why don't you guys go ahead, I will help both Naruto and Gaara with killing the hordes of zombies," She tells him as she starts cutting down the zombies that Gaara didn't kill.

Rika-chan we need to go now," Shizuka tells her friend.

"No I will stay as well, I will take my revenge for Tajima's death, I need you to take those children and find out if any of their parents are alive," Rika said to Shizuka as she kissed her best friend on the forehead.

Shizuka was shocked after she said this and she was about to protest however, after thinking about it she understood that Rika would be save with Gaara and Naruto.

"Okay I will leave with the others but you must promise me that you will be safe," The nurse told Rika.

However, be before they could do anything, a few of the zombies managed to get past Saeko and moved to attack them.

"AH" Shizuka screams in surprise as a blast of water shot passed her and Rika, nailing the zombie that was about to descend upon the two.

"Get the ladder and get them out of there now," said the female firefighter that had saved Shizuka and Rika, as a group of people dressed as firefighters began to blast the hordes with hoses.

"What the… who are these guys," Gaara asked. 'I don't think they're from the fire department' Saeko replied.

"Come this way know and we will get the car later," the leader of the firefighter group told Shizuka and Saya as they help them get through the fence.

"Um… thank you for the help," Shizuka told the woman who decide to take off the helmet she was wearing. "Of course, after all she is my daughter… what was I going to do, leave her to die," the woman said after removing the helmet.

"Mommy you came," Saya exclaimed as she ran into the red haired beauty's arms. "Wait that's Takagi's mother… they're a little late though," Yuuki, said to Rei as she helps Takashi get her over the fence.

"Hey Saeko tell Naruto we're leaving the rest up to you guys and Saeko and Rika," Kohta told the raccoon demon as he began to lead little Alice away.

"But, Kohta we can t just leave Inari-sama, Gaara-sama, Saeko-neechan and Miss Rika here," Alice protested.

"It's Ok now and don't worry about them, they will find us after they take care of things here," Kohta said trying to reassure the little girl that everything would be all right.

"I'll be waiting… Come to my house on the hill," Saya exclaims hoping that Naruto would here her. Suddenly, something fell right in front of her.

Yuuki being the last to catch up with the others kept on looking back as she worried about leaving Naruto once again.

'Please be safe Naruto, after all you owe me a lot for making me worry about you' Yuuki thought.

As she picked up the object, she realized that it was a headband and it hand a note on it. After reading it, Saya turned to her mother who was staring at the battle in awe.

"Mom we are ready let's go," she tells the woman grabbing her attention. After they all had left, Saeko Gaara and Rika where able to crush every zombie there and they turn to watch the battle between Naruto and Kabuto.

"Rika you must stay back, Naruto has to fight Kabuto alone, no one is to interfere," Gaara told the woman as he noticed that Rika look like she was straining herself.

Startled by what he said, Rika look towards Gaara, wondering why he was not helping his friend.

"I suppose you are wondering why I'm not helping my brother, well Kabuto has always tormented Naruto for the passed three years and he will always choose fight him alone no matter what," Gaara explains shocking the woman.

"What I would like to know is what is what you two really are and what that bastard you call Kabuto is as well," Rika, exclaimed as she glared at Kabuto.

"Hm, Naruto, and I are the last of a dead race," Gaara said emotionlessly. Rika stared at him in bewilderment.

Our lives have been filled with nothing but pain, anger, despair, hatred and finally genocide… and Kabuto is one of the people who have tormented Naruto the most.

Rika was once again in awe by the enigma that was the two guardians of Shizuka's group. It seemed to her that the more se learned about them the more she questions she wanted to ask.

Naruto and Kabuto jumped away from each other, Naruto's clothes had rips here and there, while Kabuto had a busted lip and a few broken bones that he was pulling from his body.

"Hm, well this is disappointing… to think that you are stronger than I am t this current state," Kabuto said in amusement.

"It's amazing what three years worth of training and sage training can do for a ninja," Naruto said with a wide grin spread across his face.

"I guess I have no choice but to use this," and with that said, Kabuto's hand became a giant bone drill and he ripped out his spine which had became a whip.

'I remember this technique, Gaara told me that Kimimaro had used that against him during the Sasuke retrieval mission' Naruto thought as he dodged Kabuto's spine whip.

Kabuto then began to swing the whip wildly as he tried hitting Naruto who could do nothing but dodge each strike. Suddenly Kabuto vanished from view startling Naruto who realized that Kabuto was using sage chakra.

After appearing behind Naruto Kabuto tried to run him through with his bone drill however only succeeded in leaving a gash on his back as Naruto had gotten out of the way before he was impaled.

'Damn that was close, I almost skewered by that damn bone drill, if I don't take him out soon I might leave here with multiple holes in my chest," Naruto thought as he glared at Kabuto who had an insane grin spread across his face.

"Well now what are you going to do Naruto, I don't think that you can dodge me next time," Kabuto said as he pointed his index finger at Naruto.

A bone then shot from his finger like a bullet heading towards Naruto's head.

Naruto, who was startled by this, was only able to move his head slightly to the right, making the bone pass right by his face leaving a thin cut on his cheek.

As Gaara and Rika watch the battle, Rika seemed to get worried by the fact that Naruto seemed to be losing the fight and she wanted nothing more than to, help Naruto however, Gaara held her back from getting involved.

"Why are you holding me back, can't you see that, your brother is being pushed back he needs help or he might lose," Rika told the raccoon demon.

"Naruto will be fine, we mustn't interfere with this, it is his battle to win," Gaara told her. Rika stare at Gaara as if he had grown a second head.

"What are you talking about he is obviously in tro- "Watch carefully," Gaara said interrupting her in the middle of her rant.

"Naruto is allowing Kabuto to hit him, now then I believe that he is ready to use it," Gaara said as Naruto had stop jumping away from Kabuto and blocked the bone with his right arm, which now had blood running down it.

"Yes I can see that as well, Naruto seems to not be in pain even though he is covered in his own blood," Saeko states as she focuses all of her attention on the fight.

"What's this, you finally stopped running away like a scared little rabbit," Kabuto said taunting Naruto.

"Let's get one thing straight Kabuto," Naruto said as the blood on his body began to rise all around them. "I am not a rabbit," he says as the blood begins to harden into sharp blades on his arm and all around them.

Kabuto seeing this tried to get away only to be grabbed by Naruto's tails. "I am the nine-tailed Fox and I will DEVOUR YOUR SOUL," Naruto roared as the blades of blood tore through Kabuto's body.

AHHHHH," Kabuto screamed in pain, which echoed through the city. This seemed to startle the hordes of zombies, that where in other parts of the city.

(With Sasuke)

"We find everyone's favorite avenger and his group of renegade ninja, roaming the streets of the city looking for any sign of Kabuto when suddenly they sense a large yokai signature washed over the area.

"Sasuke, you felt that right," Jugo asked as he felt his curse start to respond to the yokai.

"It seems that Kabuto and Naruto Uzumaki have started fighting nearby," Karin states as she uses her chakra sensing ability to located Naruto and Kabuto.

Lead us towards them Karin, I want to see this battle before I fight Naruto once again," Sasuke tells her. 'Naruto you seem to get stronger and stronger each day' Sasuke thought as Karin lead team Hawk towards the battle.

After about ten minutes, they had come to the place where the battle was taking place only to see Kabuto attacking Naruto who seemed to be unable to fight back and could only dodge.

"It seems like we made it on time… however Kabuto seems to be way stronger than Uzumaki, shall we help him Sasuke," Jugo asks his leader who was analyzing the fight every carefully with his Eternal Sharingan.

"What are you talking about, Jugo Naruto Uzumaki is not going to loose," Karin states. "Jugo, Karin is right the loser is ten times stronger than Kabuto and is just toying with him," Sasuke tells the cursed ninja.

'Naruto Uzumaki just how powerful have you become,' Jugo thought as Naruto had ripped apart Kabuto right before team Hawks eyes.

(Back to Gaara and the others)

Saeko and Rika watched where at a lost as to what had just happened. Even though they had seen what Naruto had done, they still could not believe what just happened right before their eyes.

'What the hell just happened, did he just rip that guy to shreds with his blood' Rika thought as Naruto turned to them.

'It seems Kurama ways right when he said that Naruto would master that technique once he became a true demon' Gaara thought as Naruto walk towards them.

"So it looks like it's finally over," Saeko states as Naruto stood right before her. Suddenly Gaara noticed that Kabuto's body began to twitch.

Suddenly like a snake shedding it own skin, Kabuto shed his own to escape being seriously injured.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not through yet," Kabuto said as Naruto turned to the snake sage.

"Like Orochimaru, you just don't know how to stay dead do you," Naruto growled in annoyance.

"Kukuku yes it seems that way, and I'll admit you had me worried there for a minute, however it will take more than the blood of a demon to kill a dragon," Kabuto said as he adjusted his glasses.

"Now then it's time for you to die," Kabuto roared as he launches himself at Naruto.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu," Sasuke roars as he sets Kabuto on fire. "Well I must say that I am impress idiot, it seems that you are a lot stronger than you where when we last met," Sasuke said as he appeared before them.

'Who is he and is he friend or foe' was the thought that ran through both Rika and Saeko's head.

"It's been a while but why have you come… Sasuke," Naruto asked the avenger.

"Isn't it obvious dope, I am here to kill Kabuto, then I will fight you," Sasuke state as Kabuto once again sheds his skin.

"So you've arrived as well Sasuke," Kabuto said.

"Kabuto, last time I aloud you to live however this time I will burn you to a crisp," Sasuke states as his Sharingan eyes started spinning. Kabuto growled at this and activated Kimimaro's Blood limit.

"I'll kill every last one of you here and now," Kabuto growled as he began a chain of handseals. Suddenly, Kabuto's body starts to bulge out and get bigger.

"What the hell is happening to him… he's growing larger," Rika exclaimed in shock as Kabuto's body grew eight heads and two huge black wings.

"He is becoming Yamata no Orochi, it would be a good idea for you two to get a safe distance away from here," Gaara states as Zen and Gen once again appeared.

"Zen you, and your brother protect the girls, we will need to go all out in this battle," Gaara tells the two raccoon summons.

"We shall not fail you master, lets go brother," Gin said as he and his brother wrap their tails around Saeko and Rika.

"Hello again Saeko-sama how have you been," Zen asks the teens. "Hello again Zen, it's good to see you and your brother again," Saeko states as she pats the summons head.

"Hello there, are you the masters second mate," Gin, asks Rika who stared at the demon in bewilderment. 'An abnormally large talking raccoon… well I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this' Rika thought.

"Get going now," Gaara commanded as his tails began to last out behind him.

"Yes your majesty," both Zen and Gin exclaimed as they jumped towards one of the far buildings.

"Well dope, it seems that our fight will have to wait, right now we have to skin a snake," Sasuke said to the demon.

"Hm, this will be the first time we had to fight as a team in years, Sakura would be happy to see this day," Naruto said to the avenger as all of his seven tails began lashing out behind him.

"Yeah, just another reason why I will kill Madara and Obito," Sasuke says as his dark chakra began to rise from his body.

"Shall I assist you Sasuke," Jugo asked as he and Karin stood beside their leader.

"No this battle is for me the dope and the Kazekage, you two need to get a safe distance so you're not caught in the crossfire," Sasuke told them.

Karin who was about to protest to that idea jumped, when one of Gaara's seven tails lashed out right in front of her.

"I'd advise you to listen to your leader, as you will only get in our way," The Daiyokai says as he when to stand beside Naruto and Sasuke.

"We shall leave at once, Kazekage-sama… lets go Karin," Jugo says as he and Karin leaped away.

The eight-headed Dragon roared at the three god-like warriors as they face him in anger. "I shall devour your bone and take you power for myself," Kabuto hisses at them.

"Dope Make no mistake, once I've killed Kabuto, Madara and Obito we will fight to see which one of us is the strongest," Sasuke said to his old teammate, who had a blood thirsty grin spread across his face.

"Wouldn't have it any other way teme," Naruto said in anticipation. "Here he comes," Gaara states as one of Kabuto's heads closed in on them.


The Titan battle is about to began. Who will leave this battle victorious, which one won't leave the battle alive?

Find out this in more in the next chapter of Naruto and Gaara's undead Apocalypse.