Naruto locked in the Undead Apocalypse chapter 12

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This chapter will be the long awaited battle between Naruto, Gaara, Sasuke and Kabuto.

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"I shall devour your bone and take you power for myself," Kabuto hisses at them.

"Dope Make no mistake, once I've killed Kabuto, Madara and Obito we will fight to see which one of us is the strongest," Sasuke said to his old teammate, who had a blood thirsty grin spread across his face.

"Wouldn't have it any other way teme," Naruto said in anticipation. "Here he comes," Gaara states as one of Kabuto's heads closed in on them.

Now on with the story

(How to Slay a Dragon… of the Dead)

The tension around the four beasts of nature was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

The eight headed serpent Kabuto hissed at the three Hokage level ninjas in distaste as they stood before the creature. Kabuto stared down at the three ninja as they each took one step towards the beast.

Kabuto began to leak out an enormous amount of Killing intent, trying to intimidate the three. While Kabuto thought that it was a good plan at first, Naruto, Gaara and Sasuke also allowed their own killing intent to slowly leak out until all three matched Kabuto's.

Naruto growled at the serpent as he tossed the Kusanagi to Sasuke who caught it without even turning away from Kabuto. Gaara allowed his sand to escape from the earth and gourd and began to pump his demonic chakra into it until it became black with a red hue surrounding it.

Saeko, Rika, Jugo, Karin and the two demon brothers Zen and Gen where all on the edge, as they waited for one of them to move.

Suddenly, Sasuke rushed towards Kabuto, ready to strike the serpent down with his sword.

Kabuto hissed again and began to flap his wings at a steady pace waiting for Sasuke. Sasuke then jumps in the air while holding Kusanagi above his head. Sasuke then surrounds himself and the sword in a blue lightning aura similar to the Raikage's Jutsu.

"Now you will die here… Kabuto," Sasuke proclaims as he vanishes in a strike of lightning. Kabuto's eyes widened for a split second before he felt one of his heads get cut off.

"AHHHHHH," Kabuto roared in pain and anger as the blue lightning coursed through where his eighth head use to be.

"You bastard… I shall kill you for that," Kabuto raged as his large wings began beading fast and he took to the sky. Kabuto then opened one of his mouths and began shooting fireballs at Sasuke.

Sasuke dodge each fireball with ease as he flew after Kabuto. Gaara and Naruto both flew after Sasuke, deciding to be the Uchiha's back up.

Sasuke then began to shoot out bolts of lightning at the serpent that were as fast as Ai the Raikage but with less power. Seeing this Kabuto flapped his wings, unleashing a powerful wind jutsu.

"Fūton: Daitoppa," Kabuto roared as the technique rushes towards Sasuke. The Jutsu negated the bolts of lightning that Sasuke created before slamming right into Sasuke, destroying his lightning armor and blasting him right past Gaara and Naruto, down towards the ground below.

Naruto went through a chain of hand-seals before he spewed out a torrent of Fire from his mouth.

'Katon: Karyū Endan,' Naruto thought as the flames took the form of a dragon made of fire and rushed towards Kabuto. Kabuto dodges the jutsu before he began shooting bolts of lightning from four of his remaining heads at Naruto.

"Fūton: Mugen Sajin — Daitoppa," Gaara shouts out as the sand below him formed a Shukaku head and blasted out a huge chakra-coated wind and sand cloud. When the two attacks collided, they canceled eachother out.

Naruto then vanishes in an orange flash before appearing right above Kabuto with a red Rasengan in his left hand and a blue one in his right.

"Take this… Rasenrengan," Naruto said as he rams the two chakra balls into Kabuto's seventh head. Kabuto roared out in pain as Naruto blasted right through Kabuto's head.

Sasuke then appears above Kabuto's sixth head, his lightning armor once again surrounding him and the Kusanagi. Sasuke then cuts the sixth head right down the middle, splitting it in two and incinerating it with his lightning.

"AHHHHH, I'll feast own your bones for that," Kabuto roared out in anger as he began to generate a large ball of fire in the mouth of his fifth head.

Suddenly, Gaara's red sand engulfed Kabuto's fifth head. This canceled out the fireball and began to slowly crush the fifth head.

"Sabaku Kyū… Say goodbye to your fifth head Yakushi," Gaara said as the sand surrounding the fifth head explodes into a torrent of blood and gore, causing Kabuto to scream in agony.

Kabuto then flaps his wings launching a sound wave at Sasuke, Gaara, and Naruto. "Your jutsu are just cheap imitations of the original, Kokuen no Tate," Sasuke said as he creates the skeleton of the Susanoo with the black rising off the ribcage.

"Katon:Gōkakyū no Jutsu," Naruto said as he spews an abnormally large fire ball that races towards Kabuto. The fireball and the sound wave then collided causing a huge explosion that blasted both Naruto and Sasuke back.

Gaara who had decided to uses his sand to shield himself from the blast, began shooting a barrage of sand bullets at the dragon.

Kabuto began dodging the sand bullets by flying around at high speeds. "Your sand won't be able to hit me, Sawarabi no Mai (Dance of the Seedling fern).

Multiple Bone spikes extended out from his body, before launching themselves towards the ground below.

Naruto dodged each spike with ease, while Sasuke burned them with his flame control. Gaara, who was familiar with this attack created the spear of Shikaku and knocked the bone spikes away.

Gaara then grabbed both Naruto and Sasuke with his sand and hurled them into the air.

"Ah what the hell Gaara, you could warn us next time you do tha-, before Naruto could finish, a sea of huge bone spikes extended from the ground destroying every building in the process.

"Ah well damn… he wait, where are the girls and Jugo," Naruto asked only for Gaara to point towards a building that was just out of the bone sea's reach.

"That was close," Naruto heard Gin say being able to hear him clearly even from how far away they actually where. The Fox and his brother stood next to Saeko with a tail wrapped around her waist.

"Is everyone alright," he and Gaara heard Jugo asked the others. "What the fuck was that, even Kimimaro couldn't do that with his version of that jutsu," Karin said.

"Damn we are too far away." Rika said as she released that she couldn't see from that distance.

Saeko remained silent as she held Sasuke's old sword, while she tried to see where Naruto was.

The raccoon brothers also stayed silent as they watched from beside Rika.

"Don't worry about the girls, your summons and Jugo will protect them from anything that Kabuto throw at us and them," Sasuke proclaims as he stares down the dragon.

The three warriors where standing on a platform of sand as they stared down the dragon.

"Heh Heh, well if that's the case, it's time that we kick it up a notch Naruto said while activating his Rinnegan.

"Hahahaha, so you've finally stop holding back, now I can show you my power," Kabuto laughed.

Suddenly, Kabuto body began to grow once again. As he grew, his body started to grow more heads and about eight separate tails.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," Naruto said as he, Gaara and Sasuke all watched Kabuto grow until his lower body touched the ground, destroying most of the bone spikes.

When the transformation was complete, Kabuto was as tall as a small mountain. His wings were large enough to shield his entire body and he had about twenty heads.

"This is the complete snake sage mode, Hydra mode," Sasuke said shocking Naruto and Gaara.

"Just how many more transformations does a snake sage have," Gaara asked Sasuke.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Kabuto roars. This roar created a huge shock wave that began destroying everything within a five mile radius.

"Fuck if we don't stop him here he will destroy everything… Sasuke, Gaara we can't hold back anymore, I'm entering Chakra mode," Naruto said as he was engulfed in red Chakra.

He grew eight tails from his tail bone as the red chakra outlined his body. Unlike his nine-tailed Chakra mode this was weaker and the form the other Jinchuuriki took once when he fought them along side Killerbee.

"This is Jinchuuriki mode level two," Naruto growled. 'Damn it, I haven't gained all of my powers yet I can only go eight tails in this form' Naruto thought.

"Tsk I guess I'll just use my Susanoo (Tempestuous God of Valor). Once Sasuke activated his Susanoo, it seemed a little different from when he used it against Kabuto in their last battle.

Instead on only being a torso with arms and a head, it grew legs and was now as tall as a skyscraper. It had a more human look to it under the armor and it had another set of arms. Other than that it was relatively the same. It had an orb of black fames in his right hand and still wore the armor that it gains during his first battle with Kabuto.

"This is my true Susanoo, the power of my love, my anger, and all of my sorrow," Sasuke proclaims as he stood on top of the wild god of storms.

"Hahahahahaha, you think you can defeat me with something like that… don't make me laugh," Kabuto roared with laughter at the three godlike ninja.

"I think you have forgotten someone Yakushi," Gaara said as his yokai increase and his sand started turning blackish-crimson. Gaara's eyes started to turn black with yellow irises.

Gaara then grew seven tails as his sand began to gather and grow until Gaara was standing on a giant black-crimson raccoon replica of Shukaku.

Slamming his clawed hand down into the head of the Raccoon demon, Gaara unleashed an enormous wave of sand towards Kabuto, planning to crush the demon.

"True Sand Tsunami," Gaara roared as Kabuto rushed them. Naruto zipped through the air at speeds that surpassed Ai's dodging Kabuto. Naruto then was smacked by Kabuto left wing, which sends him flying into the few remaining bone spikes.

"This place shall be your grave," Sasuke proclaims as he meets Kabuto head on with Susanoo. The orb in Susanoo's hand transforms into the Flame control sword and the god uses it to cut throw three of Kabuto's heads.

However, this prove to be a bad idea as Kabuto grew three more heads for each head Sasuke cut off. The black flames that had stayed in the stops around the three head were still there, but they seem to not even faze the beast.

"Damn it, that was a mistake," Sasuke said as he went to cut Kabuto again. Kabuto then stops the sword by catching it in three of his heads mouths. "Not good enough Sasuke-kun Hahahaha," Kabuto states as he lifts Susanoo off the ground. "Oh no you don't, burn motherfucker Vermilion Rasengan," Naruto roars as he appear before between Kabuto and the Susanoo.

Naruto then uses his attack to drill throw the heads of Kabuto that held the Susanoo and a few of the other heads as well.

"Ah, curse you NARUTO!" Kabuto roared in pain and anger as huge bone spears extended from his torso smacking into Susanoo. Kabuto then grew more heads, giving him thirty-two in total.

Susanoo and Sasuke where sent flying back a few yards until they landed not to far from the building the girls and Jugo where standing on.

"Fūton: Mugen Sajin Daitoppa (Wind style infinite sand storm Devastation)!" Gaara Proclaims as the sand raccoon starts to inhale an enormous amount of Chakra and air.

It then unhinged it jaw, allowing it to open extremely wide and unleashing an ungodly amount of Chakra powered wind.

Naruto, who had been moving through Kabuto's heads and cutting through bone spikes, was able to shield his body from the Jutsu by hiding behind one of the heads long necks.

When the Daitoppa smacked into the head of Kabuto it destroyed six out them causing the beast to roar in pain. "AHHH… I'll devour you for that Sabaku no Gaara!" Kabuto as he grew eighteen more heads, giving him a total of fifty.

"Damn this is getting insane," Naruto said to himself as he began moving on top of Kabuto's body. 'I need to find another way to kill him or this battle my never end' the biju thought as he came to the area on Kabuto body where his wings extended from his body.

Suddenly Naruto came to a stop as a bubble of skin grew out of the hydra's body. "Well look what we have here." the bubble of flesh states in amusement as it morphs into Kabuto in his dragon sage mode.

"Kabuto Yakushi, the game ends here by the end of this battle you shall fall to my Samehada," Naruto proclaims as he wiped blood on a seal on his arm and the shark sword appeared.

"Kukuku… yes I have to agree with you however, it is you who shall fall at my feet," Yakushi said as bone spike extended from his body and two large bone spikes appeared out of the middle his hands.

What was different about these bones in his hands was the fact that they seemed to be dripping with acidic poison.

"Now let us begin," Kabuto said as he and Naruto jumped at each-other ready to end this battle once and for all.

(With Jugo and the girls)

"What the hell is thing, it's huge," Rika proclaims as the group stare in slight fear of Kabuto's final form.

"It seems that man Kabuto is truly not human… I can't even say he's a demon either," Jugo explains to the girls.

If this Kabuto is not a demon like Naruto-san, Gaara-san and Sasuke-san than what is he," Rika asked the cursed one.

"It doesn't matter what he is," Karin said grabbing the others attention. "All you need to know is that Kabuto will be killed by Naruto-san, Gaara-dono and Sasuke-kun." Karin said as she adjusts her glasses.

Suddenly the group was brought back to reality when Sasuke and Susanoo was send flying in their direction landing right in front of the building they were on.

This knocked them all off their feet and onto their faces. "Ouch…. that hurt," Gin groans holding his mouth with tears in his eyes. The fox had apparently bitten his own tongue.

"You guys alright," his brother asked the group being the only one who hadn't hurt himself.

"We're good over here," the Saeko states while Jugo and the girls all stand up. "It would appear that Sasuke-san is alright as well," Saeko tells the other as they watch Sasuke's Susanoo stand up with him on top of it and uninjured.

'Tsk, I wasn't expecting him to man handle the Susanoo like that' Sasuke thought with an annoyed expression across his face.

'Oh well it's not like I'm even going all out anyway, and Naruto is somewhere on his body so it won't be long before we win.'

"Hey, Sasuke… would you like to use the curse seal yet," Jugo asks his leader gaining his attention.

"That won't be necessary Jugo… Kabuto is still not strong enough to beat any of us," Sasuke proclaims as his Susanoo walks towards the battlefield.

As he walked towards the battle, he watched as Gaara fought Kabuto's body. 'Gaara seems to be way stronger than he was at the summit, not surprising since he became a demon like the idiot and I.'

"This thought seemed to cause Sasuke to grin as his E.M.S tomoe began to spin. "I guess I should get ready to end this," Sasuke states as lightning began to crackle in his hand and a huge dark cloud appeared upon the area.

"The jutsu I will kill you with has only been seen and used against one person since the day I created it… you should be grateful that I choose to kill a weakling like you with this technique," Sasuke said as black markings spread across his body.

The lightning that he held in his hand start to change color from a bluish-white ball of lightning into a pitch black ball of destruction. The chirping sound that the jutsu gave off started to sound more like a lions roar.

The clouds above the area began to spark as black lightning coursed though the heavens. 'Dope, I hope you can get away before I gather enough chakra to destroy him with this' Sasuke thought as he continued to pump chakra into the Kirin.

Gaara appeared beside Sasuke upon the Susanoo while his sand Raccoon fought Kabuto's body. Casting a quick glance at Sasuke, Gaara gives Sasuke a nod telling him that he knew what the Uchiha was planning.

Sasuke nods back at Gaara before placing all of his focus on his task.

(With Naruto and Kabuto)

Naruto swung the Samehada at Kabuto hoping to shave the white skin from Kabuto's body. Kabuto blocks the attack with his bone blade. Kabuto had for a spilt second grinned at this. However this proved to be a bad idea as he ended up paying for it when the spikes-scales from the sword expended towards him.

"AHHHHH," Kabuto screamed in agony as the spike-scales pierced his chest and right eye.

"You let your guard down Kabuto… a foolish mistake," Naruto said as he vanished from in front of Yakushi.

Kabuto eyes once again grew wide and a horrified lookspread across his face as he suddenly, felt Naruto's demonic signature appear right behind him and the fact that Naruto's demonic pressure had descended upon him.

"This is the end Kabuto," Naruto said as he skewered Kabuto with Samehada. Kabuto's mouth opened as he out a soundless scream.


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